Why would 15mg of broad spectrum CBD gummies make me tired …

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    2 possibilities, in my experience, I have seen wide disparity in dosing, so while companies are claiming a 25 mg dose, it may be less, AND I have seen instances where it is substantially more. Why is that important? Cannibinoids, particularly THC is biphasic, meaning, whatever your response may be to a lower dose, for example it may make you sleepy, a higher dose will tend to have the opposite effect and may stimulate you, and vice versa. Secondly, and I think more likely, the two products are likely derived from different strains and thus the Terpene profile is likely different and possibly substantially so. The Terpene Pinene has shown to induce and improve sleep quality. If one strain had a notable Terpene profile, say the Gummies, and the drink did not, this alone would explain your reaction.

    You may be allowing the saliva in your mouth to dissolve the gummies which leads to quicker absorption by your mucous membranes.

    When you take a drink it is processed through your digestive system which may cause you to loose some of the CBD’s strength.

    Everyone who has used CBD has had to discover their own dosage..the good news is you can’t overdose on cld,

    If you want to improve your mood and you’re a mature adult, Id suggest a THC/CBD gummy that you let dissolve in your mouth.

    I prefer then Oregon brand WYLD that has a pomegranant flavor THC/CBD. They have about 5mg of both THC and CBD per gummie.

    It doesn’t seem like a lot and its not//I usually suck on 2 in a row.

    Last, you’ll get the best result that act the quickest by finding a good, US made tincture that that from the combines at the bottom here. Im not associates with either.


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    One of the more common “side effects” of CBD is somnolence (feeling tired or sleepy).

    While fairly uncommon, and actually sought after from some of us, the feeling of drowziness is considered a negative side effect by researchers of CBD.

    In my opinion you either are someone who feels drowzy when taking CBD or there were other factors.

    A terpene found in broad/full spectrum, myrcene can do this as well but it’s usually not found in 15mg doses of CBD because it doesn’t occur in high amounts with such a small CBD dose (unless it was formulated to do so at the manufacturer) This is one possibility.

    As for the drink: no research has shown that CBD beverages provide effective absorption or any kind of medicinal benefit.

    A good way to test this is to take another form of CBD and maybe from another brand. If you take a similar strength in a different form and it creates the feeling of drowziness, then you know that’s just how you react.

    Hope this helps!

    CBD is not going to do a lot to improve your mood. I can tell you what will improve your mood but be forewarned phenibut can be addictive you can get it over the counter in the little corner stores it’s called sleepwalker half of one of the bottles should get you nicely motivated in about a half an hour. Don’t make it I have it you will build tolerance to it very quickly. Get yourself some green kratom and alternate back and forth and that way you won’t be building up a tolerance to one or the other

    This can depend on when you take the CBD . The dose you mentioned could be used in the evening or just before bedtime. Taking it in the daytime can make some people feel drowsy.

    Just a few questions, where did you buy it?

    Did you actually discuss the CBD with a doctor?

    There’s lots of brands on the market, some good quality and others are mixed with other things to get an impact.

    Talk to someone about the brand /dose and if it’s right for you.


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    Quality and how quickly it’s getting into your system. You probably chew the gummie and swallow it, vs drinking terr water over a longer period of time.

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