Why is a government task much better than a personal job?

  • You are asking to select in between jobs, however there are countless individuals outside having a hard time to get a task

    My daddy typically says, government task is peaceful and permanent task. You will have security for life time.

    When my life is not permanent on this planet what should I do taking long-term job? Huh?

    Federal government job is like a lovely lady. Everyone craves for it, however only couple of get it.

    I have seen people taking 4 – 5 years of their time to split the federal government task after their graduation. Most of individuals return back from the fight of federal government task by losing few years preparing for it.

    Government job is not everyone’s glass of whiskey. It not just requires constant hardwork and perseverance, but you need to have great luck too.

    Don’t step on 2 boats at a time. Don’t lose time for getting ready for a government task after your graduation. Each and every day counts after you step out of your college. Plan prior to you’re stepping out of college.

    Have you seen the movie “pursuit of joy”?

    What a fantastic motion picture, isn’t it?

    Nowadays, it’s a trend to join training for IAS after their graduation. Some individuals kill time in the name of preparation. There are lot of fluke individuals are trying their luck in government tasks. The candidate number is touching the sky.

    There is a lovely line in Bhagavad-Gita,

    What is entitled for you in life, you will certainly going to get it. No matter what.

    Do not stress over future. Just go with the circulation. Worth the job which you have now.

    Government task is serene, but at the exact same time it’s includes boredom.

    There must be a consistent struggle in your life. Struggle makes you grow.

    Once you enter federal government sector you will be paid with lots of advantages. No troubles at all. No ups and downs in career life. Your life ends up being boring. Life ends up being utter flop show. You might get respect from your next-door neighbors, but life becomes uninteresting.

    In private, you never know when the recession strikes. You will never know which business you will be leaping next. Life is cool and travelers. Life will be like a roller coaster ride. At the end of your career journey look back and say “ What a hot flight of life?

    In federal government job, you will end up work at sharp 5 or 6 PM.

    Where in, economic sector, you may wind up work at 10 or 11 pm. What about family? Do you think you will have work life balance?

    Take a task that makes you delighted and comfortable.

    If you hesitate to face business ups and downs, do not like to upgrade with patterns and require time for family, then choose federal government task.

    If you are all set to deal with the ups and downs in life, pick economic sector. At the age of 60, you will have a lot of stories in your life’s memory. You can share with your grandchildren’s. How you survived after the massive hits.

    Life is an adventurous. Never ever settle for serene life. Have the nerve to eliminate everyday.

    I know at the age of 20 to 26 we will have boiling blood to do anything. Work for straight 12 hours, however when you turn 30, life and mind requires rest. At that time, mind whispers “I should have tried for a government job instead of taking Task in private sector.”

    It’s all right not to plan about life. “Peace v/s money” choose sensibly. Both are equal.

    You need to not start preparing for federal government task coming out of your college. You must start when you remain in fourth semester itself. Do not waste time and cash.

    By the way, you know what? Whether you have a government job, private task or no job at all, Life goes on with it’s momentum.

    Both sector have equivalent benefits and downsides. Whatever it is, it is feeding thousands of households everyday. Let’s thank the task which we have now and let’s not forget to get the much better one.

    ( Your little appreciation and sincere feedback make me compose a lot more. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than anticipated.)

    Thanks for reading, Yours,

    Rakshith Akira ✍

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