Why do I imagine scenarios in my head all the time and talk to …

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    i do this too, i take people from real life and imagine them and me in a scenario before i go to sleep or i’ll make a whole story with dialogue and different characters. i don’t know if it means i’m crazy or if this is normal. i asked my boyfriend and let’s just say i’ll never ask another person about it again

    I can totally relate the crazy thing is I’ve always thought I was alone in doing this. My scenarios are with people I wished I had relationships with. My social anxiety and shyness kept me from actually having this in real life. It’s crazy!!! Maladaptive daydreaming is what I do all the time sometimes it’s really bad, lol

    You, my friend, are a maladaptive daydreamer. As long as you are aware that you’re in these daydreams (which you clearly are), you are perfectly fine — in regards to this, at least.

    Maladaptive daydreamers tend to suffer from depression and/or anxiety (including social anxiety), but not all. It is a way for us to escape.

    Try turning your scenarios into something creative:)

    Absolutely not. If you’re ill then so am I and the thousand people around you. When I was a kid, I had that weird and cringy moment with my mother. My dad was away and I was sharing the room with her. At night, I’d usually imagine crazy stories before I sleep, sometimes I’d start talking ( as a character) and that what happened. The cringe was that the scene I was at when I started talking was romantic, so imagine a 7 Years old imitating crying and repeating she loves an imaginary character. My mother just didn’t know what to say but I was honest and told her my little ritual. Now, I’m used to talking to myself and starting discussion and sometimes debates on my own in my room. What’s wrong with that? You know it’s your imagination being active right? So no. You’re not ill. But sometimes creative people need to express it in original ways. That’s all.

    i pretend i am a different peorson who’s an actor and he plays in a show that really exists and works with real people that exist. i’ve thinked everything about his life literally everything. Every time i am alone i “recreate” some parts of his life and it kinda makes me happy. I always think i am him i can’t escape it. i think i first did that when i was 9 but with an other person and i couldn’t stop till i was 11. two years ago i started living a new life. I even made him an instagram account am i mentally ill

    Based on what you have said, no, you are not mentally ill because you “daydream”. This is a common psychological reaction to your social and physical environment. We do this for several reasons .One of these reasons is called “partial avoidance.” This is when you avoid situations mentally instead of physically and functions as a psychological defense mechanism against anxiety provoking situations and painful realities. We all deal with unpleasant realities. The more common reason we day dream different situations is the essence of the minds function, which is to solve problems. Our mind is always working on problem solving. Our mind function is like a hammer and everything is a nail. We imagine ourselves in situations that may or may not unfold, When we imagine total fantasy scenarios our mind is simulating an experience to gain knowledge. We may not even be aware of the reason our mind is doing this, it may be something within our subconscious mind. This can give rise to a feeling that you have no control and cause one to question the source of the thoughts. When we are imagining a scenario that will likely unfold we are “war gaming” to better prepare ourselves. Imaginary dialogue is often employed,Sometimes we even speak to our “imaginary self” in the scenario to learn something.When we are psychologically stressed we escape to thoughts of the future and past. The fix is to try and live more in the present and less in our imaginary scenarios.The only time to have concern is with obsessive repeating thoughts of the same scenario for an unusually extended period of time, or when you feel compelled to act out dangerous or unhealthy scenarios you have fantasized about. If this happens you should consult a professional. If you feel overly concerned you can always seek professional help at any point. What you have described sounds to me to be par for course.

    I do this all the time and have been ever since I was a child. I never thought of it as a mental disorder because I know that there is no actual person and it’s just me talking to myself pretending there is someone. I even look in a particular direction as if someone was really standing there. But there have been times when I was simply curious whether such behavior is okay and I guess, many people actually do that, some more often than others. When it comes to me, I know why I do it. It’s simply because I have no one else to talk to so I just talk to myself. I have so many things on my mind and there is no one to share them with, sometimes I am really angry or frustrated so I ventilate by talking out loud. I remember when I was a child, I didn’t have many friends and I used to play by myself all the time. I started to talk to myself a lot and my family caught me doing that and started laughing because I probably looked really ridiculous. I got embarrassed back then. Growing up and even now I never do it when there is someone else around me, maybe only whispering to myself so no one can hear but I usually only do that when I’m completely alone. Try thinking whether you also experience feelings of loneliness and if that isn’t the case. I am an introvert and I just don’t have and never had many real good friends who would listen to my ramblings and whatnot so I guess, I kind of became my own friend in a way.

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    I’m 17 and I’ve been imagining myself in scenarios ever since I was little. But over the past few years I imagine scenarios like, all the time. I imagine myself doing something but at the same time it’s not me, it’s like an improved or ‘dream’ version of me. It doesn’t look or sound like me at all, yet I still feel like it’s me. It’s gotten to the point where I made up imaginary friends that are in the scenarios with me. I create scenarios in my head but with different versions of myself. For example me as a teenager, or adult me who is married and has kids. It can vary depending on how I feel. Is this normal?

    I think it’s just a symptom of introversion and anxiety. When I am in my car driving or alone in the house, I will do this. I think it’s a need to have a conversation and you still don’t want someone else with you. I’m serious, I will have an imaginary conversation with an imaginary person instead of myself. Maybe it was the ideal friend I wish I had. I think I am creating my own friend in my mind.

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