Why do I forget things immediately after thinking of them?

  • The matter can mean many things or it could also mean nothing depending on many factors whether directly-related or not at all to the you at that time and at that situation.

    As some Quorians have suggested, it could be a mental-related or brain-related disorder of some sort… I am no expert to give advice on this matter, but please note that these two disorders are of complete nature even if they deal with the brain.

    But before jumping off your chair and heading out to the nearest neurology center please read this answer to the end (trust me when I say that neurology centers will cost a bomb just by setting your tiny pinky toe in it)

    Now, when I said depending on the situation you are in as well as the condition you are in it can come in many different ways as well, and I pray to God I can shorten it.

    First let’s have a look at the situation you are in, were you in the moment:

    1. In a loud environment?

    2. In a quiet environment?

    3. Had just came out of your pajamas?

    4. Just had your meal (regardless of size or portion or calories)?

    5. Just had a bad day?

    6. Just got screwed or trolled?

    7. Just came back from a relaxing drive in the country?

    8. Just came back from a hectic drive through the freeway but was stuck in it for over 1 hour due to a couple’s argument in the middle of the road?

    9. Was arguing with your significant other (regardless of relationship, meaning could be parents, siblings, lovers of any genders)

    10. etc etc etc.

    Now depending on the situation you were in, your mind could be either unprepared to receive the stimulus required to record something or was too prepared or was just right.

    What I meant by ill-prepared is of course it was not being stimulated enough to perform much brain activity, because believe me when I say remembering something is hard work….don’t believe me, what’s the name of your country’s 4th president or prime minister or monarch or dictator or supreme leader?

    The same can be said for being too stimulated; when our brain is too stimulated the chemical hormones released by our pituatory glands will force our brains to specialise in one thing and one thing only when needed, that is the reason why, when we are in school answering questions using mathematics formula, we would face the great mental wall when asked what is the full name of mathematician attributed to the Planck equation. Which is why if our brain is over-stimulated in doing one thing like driving on a stalled freeway, we may find it hard to remember something afterwards.

    Ok, now on to how were you during that moment, were you:

    1. Happy?

    2. Excited?

    3. Loved?

    4. Spiteful?

    5. Distressed?

    6. Focussed?

    7. Buoyant?

    8. Angry?

    9. Relaxed?

    10. etc etc etc

    Once more, how you were at that moment would also affect whether or not you will remember something or not.

    If your emotions is in either on of the extremes of being too agressive or too passive you find it hard to remember something (excited, loved, spiteful, angry, distressed, angry, etc etc etc)

    So yeah, that’s pretty much the short version of it….its not short now is it???

    But if you don’t take my word for it, try and do this small test on yourself:

    1. What is your name?

    2. Where are you?

    3. How do you feel?

    4. What is the beyond your the closest door to you know?

    5. What is the name of any fives of your significants (friends, families, anything)?

    6. Do you own a phone? What is the name of your phone’s brand?

    7. What is the name of this site?

    8. Are you employed or studying or a freelancer?

    9. Are you wearing underwaer (don’t answer this if not comfortable)?

    10. What is the name of the person whose hand is now creeping over your shoulder trying to grab your finger scrolling through this answer?

    If you answered 7 out of 10 of those questions succesfully without cheating then you are fine…..If not, try getting an expert’s advice….If not go out on the street and shout

    “The World has ended because I have sent a stargate into our sun!!!”

    Happy reading

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