Who are some people who have castrated themselves, and how did …

  • Who are some people who have castrated themselves, and how did they do it?

    First person is me. I used a elastrator we’ll my wife did we used the try hander bands they are flat and stronger than than the green or Orange one we put 2 bands on my balls. First I guess I should say we played with them for a couple months In castration play we put the band on and each time left it on longer getting me used to the pain I loved the feel of the band on my balls. Then my wife said she was done playing so she put 2 bands on my balls and wouldn’t cut them off with a bad shoulder and a big gut I couldn’t see to cut the band’s off so they stayed on. It did hurt for a hour or so that’s when I fell asleep when I woke the next morning they were dead so no need to worry about them at that point so after 2 days she cut the balls of below the bands it took about 2 to 3 weeks for the band’s fell of it was pretty much healed at that point. My wife likes the look with me not having those things hanging down there. I use testosterone cream every day. My PSA is at .001 that’s good for me so prostrate cancer don’t come back.

    I did it with 8 injections of each 2 ml Spirit of Melissa in last summer, than they were hard, numb and dead. went to ER and at 1. Dezembre the beasters were pulled and cut out, examinated and cut off with diagnose chronic inflammation. The next day i went home with two plasters as an happy Eunuch.

    I went to a urologist.

    It took me six tries before I found a Urologist who would perform my orchiectomy.

    I had it done as an outpatient in a hospital so my insurance would pay for it.

    I know quite a few people who have successfully castrated themselves.

    The easiest and most popular was is by testicular injections of either a sodium solution, a magnesium solution, or high proof clear alcohol such as everclear.

    I tried the alcohol injections but could not do it over once.

    People who I know that have used alcohol inject daily for three or four weeks until each testicle becomes numb, has no feelings, and becomes hard. It then takes a year or more for them to be completely absorbed by the body.

    I know two people who used to Burdizzo clamp device. The testicles should be numb, and then the pain is sudden, but goes away after fifteen minutes or so.

    The elastrator is the most painful way to castrate your self and you have to deal with probable gangrene and infection afterward.

    I will answer but not fully because some information is irresponsible shared outside of a professional consultation.

    Actual surgical removal of the testes (oriectomy) is unlikely by your own hand or someone else’s outside a surgical theatre—bleeding is profuse and the likelihood of infection almost absolute without the safeguards of sterile fields, gloves, etc.

    There are testosterone blockers (drugs). As well, none are permanent. It’s not as simple as ‘castration’—for biological males (more so than biological females) if sex hormone levels drop significantly he becomes first listless, then lethargic and ultimately suicidal. Hormones run us.

    Whether a sense of overwhelming dissatisfaction with self or trying to crush urges of some kind managing these treatments solo or with the help of an amateur is unlikely to be successful especially because a supplemental hormone has to be prescribed. An endocrinologist is the specialist best educated about hormone density to blood volume—they can then plug you in with a specialist IF your efforts together conclude a procedure is necessary; IF specialized psychiatric therapy is needed.

    Blood flow to this area is huge, biological sex (different from gender) makes us massively dependent on sex hormones: this is not a place to play ‘Operation’ without a huge likelihood of mortality.

    Sorry this likely wasn’t the easy answer you hoped for.

    A friend of mine got married and his wife nagged, whined and yelled at him to the point his just fell off. Another guy decided he wanted a divorce and his wife got his in the divorce settlement. They each made their decision on their own, marriage and divorce, I guess that would qualify as self castration.

    I had a vasectomy when I was nineteen which caused me twenty years of uncontrollable chronic testicular pain before I found a doctor to remove them.

    I had my orchiectomy thirty years ago.

    When I came home from the hospital I my sex drive was out of control.

    I masturbated constantly.

    I called up anyone who I thought would have sex with me.

    My sex drive tapered off until about two weeks after my surgery when it stopped. I forgot all about my penis and did not even realize that I was impotent at about six weeks post.

    I had been spending All of my extra time chasing women at bars and masturbating at home was like wasted time.

    I now do not know what to do with all my free time.

    I have became calmer and easier going.

    I can comfortably cross my legs.

    Today I am a different person.

    I still like women but as friends.

    You’d are initially the same as before the surgery except you will be sterile once you ejaculate the semen stored in the prostate and tubes.

    There is an anxiety afterwards that you will not be able to have an erection so you mastrabate more frequently at first.

    After 6 to 12 weeks you forget all about mastrabation. You no longer have erections and do not touch your penis except to urinate. You have no sexual urges and wonder what all the fuss was about. You stop having night erections,

    About 4 to 6 months after castration you start having hot flashes and night sweats. You have trouble sleeping. You have extreme exhaustion no matter how much sleep you get. You lose upper body strength. Depression is common.

    After about one year it is obvious that your penis has started to shrink. Erectile tissue is replaced by fibris tissue and you lose most of your penile sensation.

    By two to 5 years your penis is the size of a prepubescent male and may begin to turtle at times, causing you to sit to urinate to keep from making yourself a mess.

    The boys choirs in the Roman Catholic Church were castrated by the priests to keep their voices high 400 years ago. Hmmm. The male caregivers are castrated in Arabic harams. Transgenders get castrated by their doctors. Don’t know anyone that sick to do that themselves.

    I was chemically castrated for 6 months. Apart from still having non functional testicles in my scrotum, other effects were the same as if my testicles were gone. Essentially my testosterone levels dropped to castrate or prepubertal levels. 20ng/dL. My libido dropped as well. Like 10 fold. It did not disappear completely. Instead of masturbating 1–2 times a day, I masturbated only 1–2 times a month. Disappeareance of sexual urges felt like a relief. Along with that my ejaculations became almost dry. Which was also kind of positive, as there was no need to clear that spill up. Orgasms were less intense, and less concentrated around penis. My whole body felt to be in orgasm, despite it felt less intense. Also sexual thoughts that popped into my mind quite often, disappeared. Almost. My acne disappeared as well. And my body wasn’t as smelly as before. On the positive side I did not experience depression like many other eunuchs report. But there are negative effects. I got exhausted very easy. And that exhaustion feeling felt especially bad in the first 3 months. Also I developed insomnia, which seriously added to being exhausted. And I became physically noticeably weaker. So that I wasn’t able to run more than 100m. And I was completely out of breath. Even little more physical activity made me out of breath. I also had hot flashes and cold shivers. Generally my body temperature regulation seemed to be out of order. But that was tolerable side effect. Kind of funny even. But by 6th month all these negative side effects were more tolerable than at the beginning. And on positive side I did not gain any fat, as I was physically active against all odds and I my breast was only little tender but did not develope. I guess if I continued for much longer, negative effects became even less pronounced.

    I had my testicles removed twenty years ago mainly because I love sex and fear pregnancy. I’m now 75 and have very frequent sexual contacts due to regular hormone replacement therapy.

    I have three children and but for castration might have thirty. I know of no other 100 percent form of male contraception and don’t want the woman to be the only one responsible for contracdpcion.

    Remember the failure rate for condoms is 3 percent and Depo Provera 0. 3 percent. Do the math. I have had sex at least three times a week for twenty years. That’s 20 years times 52 times 3. That’s a lot of kids!

    There are many benefits to castration for example you will never again have unwanted erections as your libido will more or less be totally gone. I wanted to be castrated for a long time so for some like me I felt much calmer and more relaxed, a sense of great relief when I finally achieved my goal and did my castration i am so much happier now. of course you will not be able to have anymore children.

    Yes you can, I placed one around my sissy husband’s balls, they were dead around 6 hrs later, they fell off 2 weeks later. He gotten more submissive and enjoys anal and he is called Becky now because I put her on female hormones she getting a nice set female Breast.

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