Which is better, CBD oil or CBD gummies?

  • I will preface this by openly stating that I sell CBD products at a brick and mortar store dedicated explicitly to CBD products. The company has a range of true broad and full spectrum products and all employees have direct access to our company chemist as well as the third party lab results for each product.

    I could go into the science of the ECS, or the need for more study, but I feel that these have been adequately explained by others.

    In our store, we sample fast acting and highly bioavailable, broad spectrum water soluble products, to any customer who comes in asking if they can try it.

    For 8 out of 10 people who try the pain cream or the ingestible water soluble, they feel a difference before I can even finish explaining the variety of our stores products.

    I have seen people hobble in, and walk out pain free. I have watched customers break down in tears at the relief they have experienced, and I have seen customers who didnt feel anything more than a slight relaxation. Ive watched ASD indivuduals whose stemming behaviors ceased while we talked and I have had repeat customers whose doctors cancelled upcoming surgeries that they already had on schedule, because after a month of use, their x-rays no longer showed need.

    All of that is anecdotal, but powerful to witness.

    As for myself… I have fibromyalgia, ASD, OCD, and a history of extensive injuries that left me in daily pain like a knife was twisted at the base of my spine for over 3 and a half years… Since starting on my CBD, I have gone off all my other medications and no longer live with daily pain or anxiety… but it didn’t happen after the first time I tried it.

    I started at 8mg of a full spectrum oil from another company… it didn’t noticeably help. I moved to 20mg of our own companies water soluble, and though it helped with my anxiety, my pain persisted… I almost became disillusioned, fearing that I would be one of the 2 out of 10.

    But then it happened. I upped my level one day, and my entire world changed. This is very individual, and only my personal experience, but that is why I am comfortable discussing it.

    Aside from my injuries sustained in the accident 4 years ago and the pain which they made a normal part of my life… I have had fibromyalgia for the entirety of life to which my memory extends. Life simply is pain… that was how I defined it. I’d never known any different.

    I’ve been told that what I rated as a 1 on my scale of pain, would be a 5 to an 8 for the average person… My baseline of normalcy, meant that I was unaware many a time that I had broken bones or severe injuries which should have been treated… I couldn’t differentiate those injuries from normalcy because that’s just how my bones felt all the time.

    CBD changed that for me. It didn’t do it right away…

    I took my regular dose of oil that morning, then some water soluble at work… but that day, someone had brought some chocolates for our business to sample and decide whether or not we would like to carry them… So late in my shift I ate a chunk of chocolate… on my drive home, it was the accumulated level of ALL of that which finally broke thru.

    I had inadvertantly found my level… but when I found my level, it was like someone had replaced my entire body with a properly working duplicate… and that night it happened over the course of approximately 2 hours as the chocolate took effect on top of my regular dosage.

    I did the math.

    The next day, I replicated that total dosage with my oil… it worked. I have maintained that daily since, and the pain hasn’t returned for coming up on 6 months now.

    By the time I found real pain relief, I discovered that my individual doses were approximately 35 to 40mg twice a day… and to be honest, if not for my employee discount, I would not be able to afford that regimen.

    I’m buying two bottles a month of the strongest full spectrum we sell…

    However it has been so entirely life changing for me, that I personally feel I would find a way to obtain it by whatever means neccesary, even if that meant taking the risk of growing and extracting it myself.

    Everyone’s levels seem to be incredibly individual, and yet for 2 out of 10 people… it still just doesn’t help.

    While I feel a sadness when it doesn’t work for someone… I am pleased that I get to be a part in helping so many others in some small capacity.

    What bothers me to my deepest levels, is the number of people who come into my doors, which have been conned out of money by inscrupulous companies that mislabel and obscure the contents of their products, making false claims or often enough using terminology that is intentionally misleading, so that they can make money off the legitimate needs of people who are desperate for help.

    There are good companies out there with honest people. There are also fly by night snake oil salesman that give the industry a bad name.

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