What would an IQ of 500 or 1000 look like?

  • Well, after having actually checked out all the answers offered til now, trigger I didn’t want to bore somebody duplicating problems, here’s my tuppence of ideas, remarks and remarks:

    Not just wishing to avoid redundancy in reading all previous responses, but studying them. My hypothesis is, that every one people has the ability as a human to be as intelligent as an IQ test outcome of 500 would recommend. So, why are we not all geniuses? Due to the fact that we were taught to be relatively dumb.

    The human brain has more power than all extremely computers we have created til now in terms of hardware. It is the software application which is vital. You could utilize every super computer system to configure a pacman game and be content playing pacman. Or, more advanced, make it a very first person shooter with incredibly high resolution and thousands of opponents, precise in every detail. It is still just a primitive game, based on your response time and ability to deal with the game controller. Add a small part of tactics and a really little bit of method, which’s it.

    Ok, that is not the common vein of thought as because quote ‚ we are just using 10%of our brain’. This is an urban myth. It stems afaik from the neurological understanding of the fifties of the twentieth century. At that time, just about 10%of the human brain was „ understood”, that is, neurologists could imagine what those neuronal modules do. Hearing, ing, moving, sensory understanding, language areas, feelings. That kind of granularity of understanding equates to the understanding you acquire from opening a laptop computer and a technician discussing to you what parts there are. You will not pass a computer technology test after that, much less comprehend how a computer works and what you can do with it.

    By now we have had some advances in neuroscience ever since. From envisioning what the brain does to imaging with practical magnetic resonance imaging. I have worked in that location. However it is not a real understanding. It is more similar to applying an infrared electronic camera to the open laptop or a high resolution infrared video camera to an open processor. You see what areas of the brain are currently using much oxygen. Those remain in a really unrefined understanding the areas which are „ more active” than in the control condition. But that does not suggest they have any significant contribution to the job ahead, just that „ something” is happening there, perhaps some not extremely elegantly made piece of code. Think about among those common jobs, a word fluency task. Create as many different animal names as you can within one minute. That seems to be a simple job. And the center that was most active throughout that task should be the language generation center. However that is a wrong conclusion. Since that task requires large quantities of working memory. You discover one animal. Ok, then the second. It is various from the. Then the 3rd, which has to be inspected against the first two ones and so on. So you have O( n ^ 2). Since our brain has a quite little working memory, the task overwhelms the working memory and it begins to radiance in the fmri. Getting words is among the easiest jobs for the brain, no special activity is required. Instead of finding the center for language generation we have discovered the working memory. In terms of computer system anatomy, we simply confounded RAM and CPU.

    The answers supplied til now mirror more the unconsciously enforced self limitations on the minds of the people who responded to. I can read anxiety of solitude there rather commonly. Because I would feel lonely and I don’t like sensation lonely, I limit the exploration of my brainpowers. Or psychic illness. No one wishes to be psychologically ill, so much better not explore the dark areas of incredibly intelligence. I do not want to become depressed or outcast from society or end up being called a freak, shown and handed around in talk programs. So I better limit my brainpowers and conform to the crowd.

    All of it follows the line what you state about others is constantly to 100%true of yourself, but only to 0–100%true about those others. It is your vein of idea, so it is YOU. The very same is true on ideas about severe high intelligence having a knack to get psychopathic or sociopathic. Not that everybody who entertains those thoughts is what he believes, but he already senses that he has the prospective to become what he fears, disdains, condemns or dislikes.

    Or some responses imagined dullness. No, there is no dullness. Dullness is simply a significant bug in your software application, saying all is currently understood and checked out. There are no limitations …

    And of course, the other way around, its the very same with the direction of saving humanity, offering all treatments to all illness or superpowers. Wishing dreams, naturally, on the surface area, however in the much deeper understanding a capacity, too. We all have the capacity. Is that a dream of me, too? No, I am actively dealing with it and once again and once again overcoming those conditioned limitations of „ impossibilities”. Ok, time to put myself in the picture I am drawing here. I have actually operated in neuroscience and designed a test for identifying language conditions which has nearly best ratings of sensitivity snd specifity, much better than all existing tests in this area. Better is an understatement, because the distinctions of the qualities of the test are about as big as the distinction between IQ 100 and IQ 500.

    That was quite great, the small disadvantage is that there is no nobel reward dedicated to scientific neuropsychology (joking, simply to explain). The major downside is that an accurate medical diagnosis does not make a remedy. Some years ago I went into psychiatric therapy and found some ways to cure the allegedly uncurable psychological illness, still exploring that.

    Some responses regarding the testability of IQ because height. Surely it is „ somehow” testable, you simply have to design a test for it. And naturally, it helps if you are at least as intelligent as the subjects you wish to evaluate …

    As an off spin, my sweet little test for aphasia proved to be a very precise test for basic mental expertise too, in the regular to significantly disabled scale (severe dementia), linearly in one scale, and modification delicate. So I had the ways to check mental abilities approximately over 30 basic discrepancies listed below the typical brain function. It was not built as an IQ test for very intelligence. I devised another one, this one for extremely intelligence. Crossvalidated with IQ tests and found a direct function for that, too. Since I could validate just approximately about IQ 190 with the other tests, I can state it is valid as much as that region. I took it myself, and my rating was a bit higher …

    In basic tests of IQ I typically break the scale, because I am faster than the provided time frame and have all answers properly. There is no real estimate for my IQ. Mentioning time limits. That is a limitation which stops working to catch certain aspects of extremely high intelligence. A legitimate test for super intelligence requires to have no time at all limits. The questions are so hard, you are good if you come up with the right response at all. Apropos correctness. Another constraint due to standardization. Super high intelligence supplies multiple answers to questions, where regular and above normal people think there is only one solution.

    One of the personally most fulfilling areas of interest relating to intelligence has been and is still the concern of improving my intelligence. As implied from my preliminary declarations, our brains are malprogrammed from birth and previously. So discovering the bugs and the dumb software application and changing it with something much more functional has actually constantly been my preferred pass time. To be knowledgeable about your thought processes and question the structures in which they stand and extending them. That started as a plot. I attempted to avoid saying „ I don’t know” or „ how need to I know” or „ nobody knows”, due to the fact that those are some hard self enforced limitations on my own idea processes. I don’t know? Much better maybe „ I don’t understand yet.” Now improve the last one. „ I am not aware of it” or afaik. „ I am atm not rather familiar with it …” etc. Those thoughts suggest there are uncharted lands. And my subconscious believed processes delight with the idea of uncharted lands and wish to explore them. And they do. Often the doors took years to open, but they opened.

    On speed. Its not everything about speed in intelligence. Faster quicker faster. However there are breakthrough, nonlinear points, weird attractors and so on. Even the fastest car can still not fly. Even if it might fly, it would need ways for maneuvering. Even if it can fly in the environment, it can not in space. Even if it can fly in space, ok thats no automobile any longer, consider it better as a space craft, you need to look after black holes. And so on.

    Some declarations were that the human brain would require far more energy to work at IQ 500, therefore it is impossible. That is not the point. Even the hardware of 20 freely programmable private cores as in innovative workstations gets impressive computations done. Now think about a 10 billions core computer system, running with turn on molecular level.

    Oh, I stated we would have a limited working memory. However! That applies only on „ regular level of consciousness”. I as soon as made a break through in working memory. Previously hearing music and being able to trace the tune line. Then having the ability to trace the various instruments. Then hearing all instruments at the same time and tracing them all at the same time purposely. Thats where incredibly intelligence starts to set in.

    An extremely intelligent being would construct a „ very language”, some stated. No, far better than that. That language already exists. And all the existing languages are all a small mirror image of it. However some to a bigger, some to a smaller extent.

    Enough ramblings from a crazy female. ♀

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