What is the worst mental disorder to have?

  • Cieo, that is paramount to a loaded question. It just raises a host of numerous questions. I would have to purview it from way too many perspectives. Even through my senses of logic, factor, reasoning, and sound judgment.

    I need to ask questions such as: “According to who professionally? A Psychiatrist or a Psychologist?” Now a Psychiatrist who obviously calls it from a medical viewpoint a health problem and as all diseases is a negative counterpoint to well being. Which truly puts them into question of them in fact being Mental Health experts. If one were to really consider it from a medical element. Mental Health would be without question, an oxymoron.

    A Psychologist on the other hand, not being of the medical point of really sees Mental Health for what it is. That is having individuals accept, comprehend, learn and find ways to be high working so they can blend back into society and a contributing member, not as a beast that is has a world of bias, bias and fearful preconception to handle.

    The next concern would be: “Dangerous to whom? Themselves or to others, and in what method?” It is impossible to tell anybody that unless I have all of the total information of the customer’s history, environment, childhood, social status, cultural standing, and different belief systems whether they be religious or secular. We are all guilty of growing up believing the strangest things, up until we find out much better. Come on, Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, were all typical childhood belief systems. Yes they were moderate short-lived ones, but the fatal ones were racism, anti religious cultism, homophobia, and numerous others. Faith is among the worst. You might be an Anglican, but you somehow hate Catholics, Mormons, and Jews, oh yeah toss in a few of those Jehovah Witnesses while you’re at it. Irish Catholics don’t like Italian Catholics, that one has actually been around for centuries. A great deal of atheists essentially dislike practically everything, however don’t call them socialist Communists or you will likely get killed by doing so. Well, unless they actually are socialist Communists. Point being, is you finest be definitely positive prior to you start slinging accusations around. Once upon a time there was this Republican Senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy who walked around and started implicating all sorts of folks of being Commie Pinko Socialists or at least Commie Pinko sympathizers, and after that kicked into and anti homosexual project. This man was way out in left field somewhere, because Soviet Communism was no fan of homosexuality. I have no hint how McCarthy connected the 2. Here is a clown who started as a Democrat and then flipped to being a Republican Politician, (Hey, similar to existing US President Donald Trump). He also skated through military by joining the marines, but squeaked through with a stateside desk task preventing release. Weasel in the making. Yet the male created a good deal of social havoc and discontent with his political rant. He heavily targeted the show business along with many American authors of literature, and poetry. He even went after a variety of expert athletes. He even created 32 aerial missions in order to be granted Distinguished Flying Cross. Okay for somebody who only piloted a desk. Now, considering that he was never ever approved to be detected by a Psychiatrist, or if he was, it was kept under wraps, he was still a public figure. Thus that makes him fair game for observational detect by any trained expert – non quid pro quo.

    McCarthy was plainly delusional in some way of a psychological health disorder. I would not associate him with Egotistical Character Disorder, but since of his patterns of a pathological liar which I see more of a trait than the real condition, I would need to consider he was either under the umbrella of Psychopathy (Psychopath or Sociopath) or maybe Schizophrenia. Yet I can not say for sure. The other option is the lazy catch all identify of Borderline Character Condition.

    Now, McCarthy was without a doubt a really unsafe individual. Yet the harm he triggered was more of a bullying personality which would only have actually triggered emotional trauma at the worst, and yes, for many that was the outcome. America did soldier through that era.

    Now, it is under the thumb of a male who is plainly a megalomaniac to the extreme who is a textbook case of being Narcissistic Character Disorder. Yet he has actually lived up to that track record because as much as he loves himself, and it is so painfully obvious that he does, he has a huge American audience who admires President Donald Trump. It is beyond all reasoning, factor, reasoning, and good sense. Yet it exists.

    So, who is to state what is the most unsafe Mental Health anomaly. As a Physician of Psychology, I can not bring myself to utilize the term health problem. Illness has too many implications of illness, disease, and ideas of contagions. We do NOT need that kind of preconception or idealism related to Mental Health.

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