What is considered a very high level of alkaline phosphatase?

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    Q. What is considered a very high level of alkaline phosphatase?

    Alkaline phosphatase = ALP

    A. You have alkaline phosphatase throughout your body. If you show signs of liver disease or a bone disorder, your doctor may order an alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test to measure the amount of the enzyme in your blood and help in diagnosing the problem. Sometimes it’s part of a broader group of tests called a routine liver or hepatic panel, which checks how your liver is working.

    If your liver isn’t working right, the amount of ALP in your blood may be high. Doctors often use the test to look for blocked bile ducts. Other conditions that can cause problems with your liver include, but not limited to, cirrhosis of the liver. liver cancer, and bone disorders.

    The normal range of ALP varies from person to person and depends on your age, blood type, gender, and whether you’re pregnant. The normal range for serum ALP level is 20 – 140 IU/L , but this can vary from laboratory to laboratory. The normal range runs higher in children and decreases with age.

    Most probably your liver function abnormal

    Contact doctor immediately….

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    It’s always necessary to use the reference ranges provided by the lab doing the tests. This is particularly important with alkaline phosphatase since there are two methods commonly in use and one of these has a reference range almost twice as high as the other. Contact the lab.

    Some common causes of elevated alkaline phosphatase (ALP) include:

    Liver disease (hepatitis, gallstones, cirrhosis, liver cancer…)

    Bone disease (Paget’s disease, bone cancer…)

    Obesity (why this happens is still unknown and is being researched)

    Tumors (Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer…)

    Pregnancy (not a cause for concern as this is normal in the third trimester, absent other health problems)

    Chronic kidney disease (also with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, which all affect the kidneys)

    Certain medications (birth control, steroids, other hormonal medications, anti-inflammatories, narcotics, antidepressants, anti-epileptics, anticonvulsants)

    To know the cause of YOUR elevated ALP, you need to speak to your physician.

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    These are your blood stream’s serum level of liver enzymes the indicate it is NOT doing well. Jaundiced by NOW certainly.

    According to Google: “AST elevation generally indicates liver damage if ALT, bilirubin, and ALP are also elevated. – Very high AST levels (1000 units/L) are most commonly due to viral hepatitis, ischemic hepatitis or liver injury due to drug or toxin.

    Isolated AST elevation (without ALT elevation) may indicate cardiac or muscle disease”.

    Don’t worry about. Diagnostic use of enzymes depends on the death and lysis of cells in the tissues which contain them. Cells die and release their contents. The increased levels of enzymes correlate to specific tissues and indicate damage to that tissue. As tissue damage resolves the enzymes level go down to normal levels.

    Low AlkPhos is nothing to worry about.

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    Hi, liver profile tests are usually conducted to detect if there be any inflammation in the liver . The various Liver enzymes that are tested is SGOT, SGPT , Alkaline phosphatse . Abnormal levels of these enzymes in the blood is indicative of a serious liver damage/ inflammation and would require intervention and diagnosis of the same .

    The normal levels of SGOT is usually considered to be below 37 U/L . If your levels are above this you may need to visit your Doctor and can also get in touch with our team of Nutritionist at QUA NUTRITION so that we could go through your blood reports in detail to understand if there be any other underlying cause for the same and help you manage the same by adding some detox foods in your diet like lemons, mint, cucumber etc that will helps you clear your body of any toxins and also at the same time bring down these parameters back to normal levels

    My SGPT is 83, my SGOT is 49, and I’m alcoholic.

    What can I do?

    Address your alcohol dependency.

    Is it dangerous?

    Alcohol dependency is dangerous, whether or not your blood tests are abnormal.

    There are two sources

    liver and bone

    they can be differentiated in lab usual tests picks up both

    most common source in liver blockage of bile drainage like gallstones blocking also liver inflamations like different hepatitis

    bone normal in kids since they are growing also overactive parathyroids whether tumor or associated with kidney diseases

    an old and very useful lab test

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