What causes a jugulodigastric lymph node to be swollen?

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    A soft tissue perspective: A head forward posture can/will exacerbate tension in the SCM muscle (Sternocleidomastoid). A MTrP (Myofascial Trigger point) will lock the pattern in place. The JD node is essentially deep to this muscle and is responsive to tension levels in the soft tissue. As the JD node becomes swollen/irritated it will transfer that tension to the fascia and back to the SCM creating a circular effect. Tension in SCM will translate to the node(s) down line to the JD node, blocking the whole line. Blockage at this point will “backup drainage” from the lymph system up line. Thus it will necessitate rerouting to secondary lines of drainage ie the throat.By passing this portion of the immune system with potential irritants and pathogens. The most common example of this is a chronic sore throat, or a prewarning of a cold.

    Jugulo-digastric lymph nodes are in deep cervical group of lymph nodes (Level 1B), lying behind mandible and below posterior belly of digastric muscle. It will be swollen in any pathology regarding the area it drains.

    • Tonsillitis
    • tonsillar absecess
    • infections of cheek, lateral parts of lips
    • infections of lips, teeth and gums.
    • infections of pharynx- adenoids, pharyngitis, absecess
    • infections of submandibular and sublingual salivary glands
    • cervical absecess
    • Carcinoma of nasopharynx
    • Lymphoma

    any head neck thorax malignancy or sub clinical or mild infections of head neck, tonsils or nasal cavity may cause swollen jugulodigastric lymph nodes.

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    Could be normal (not noticed previously)

    However, if it was previously normal, then the best case, infection. Worst case, it could be a malignancy.

    Please get it checked out.

    Strep throat and mononucleosis also commonly produce swollen nodes. Both bacterial and viral infections can cause lymph nodes to swell, and it doesn’t have to be an upper respiratory infection–ear infections, skin and wound infections, and tooth abscesses are all common infections leading to swollen lymph nodes.

    I’ll see your swollen lymph node and raise you two swollen….

    All I can offer is I had swollen lymph nodes on my neck for decades plus eventually a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis ( based on lymph biopsy), night sweats, all kinds of trouble, a blockage of my LAD,

    which caused a clot in my left ventricle which caused a stroke which made me study biochemistry and neurogenesis In order to grow back my damaged brain which i will say is going remarkably well.

    My point is, if I had a time machine, I’d go back and tell myself to go to a doctor and find out what was going on with those swollen lymph nodes to not take I don’t know for an answer, to get my high blood pressure under control, to take vitamin D3 and K2, and generally not quit until I got to the bottom of things.

    Don’t be like me trying to put a bunch of toothpaste back in the biochemical tube to grow a new brain after a stroke. A stitch in time really does save nine.

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    Jugulodigastric is a Superior deep cervical lymph node and it mainly drains oropharynx, cheek, part of lip.

    Jugulodigastric lymph now is located behind the angle of the mandible, where posterior belly of digastric muscle is crossed superficially by internal jugular vein.

    It can be swollen under following conditions –

    1) Infections – Tonsillitis, Tonsillar abscess, Adenoiditis, Pharyngitis, dental infections and other infections of lip, cheek. Rare conditions like in HIV, TB

    2) MalignancyHodgkins lymphoma

    3) Metastasis from other organs especially from Head and neck region

    Infections. Like tb. Syphilis or may be a tumor

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    Anxiety over our health status can certainly effect our bodies…our immune systems, digestive systems and more.

    And yes, people worry a lot about lymph nodes…even if they aren’t enlarged. Generally people worry about having cancer or HIV or other diseases if they think they have an enlarged lymph node.

    Feeling around your neck or armpits, feeling for lymph nodes can heighten anxiety…just thinking about it. Squeezing or constantly touching superficial lymph nodes…often…could make you think one or two were bigger than normal. Maybe they are…but lymph nodes are always collecting debris from our lymph systems…bacterial or viral debris…anything that has been filtered through our lymph system…this is the job of our lymph systems.

    We read about diseases, we watch advertising on TV about cancers or other diseases that may be caused by exposures to various chemicals and drugs…sign up with this attorney and join a class action suit. All of these things…and especially articles on the internet are going to plant a seed in the worry part of our brain. We then respond with anxiety wondering if we have this disease…feeling lymph nodes…self examining our bodies…this does create anxiety…and usually for no reason. Enlarged lymph nodes are more often benign, not harmful…are more often not indicative of a disease.

    We are all swamped with so much information that sometimes we feel physically ill.

    A few months ago I noticed a swollen Lymph node on my neck, and felt a bit sick. Went to the doctor and she had me do a scan on the neck and blood tests. The scan in the neck revealed a lot of swollen lymph nodes the biggest being 1.5cm , so the doctor told me even tho they are alot their size wasn’t particularly concerning. The number of them however was surprising to me because I only felt one that is visible and can be seen if I tilt my head all the way to the left. My blood results came back and turns out I had monoclueosis (sorry its probably bad written but as I am on the phone I cant check) infenction, so turns out it was solved. At that time I was really lazy and only picled up the blood test results about a month after Ive done them, and since I was feeling alright and no longer sick I never took anything for the mono as I believe my body just fought it naturally. Here’s the problem. It’s been arounf 4 months now, I’m feeling good but my swollen lymph node is exactly the same, it hasnt grown it hasnt shrinked, it just still is there. So I went to the doctor again to tell her it is still here and she said without paying too much attention about it (since she didnt even check) that sometimes lymph nodes just stay swollen permanently and its okay. That eased my mind but some things I read got me concerning. Even tho I do believe it probably just stayed this size like the doctor said, thia lil guy is Id say hard honestly, firm too, I cant really move him and always was like this. So that is what is worrying me, I get that it prob swollen due to the mono, and the reason its still here is probably the doctors saying, but everywhere I read firm and hard ones are indication that could be malign. So is it normal if it is the case that it just stayed like this permanently to just remain stiff and firm? Or in another way, is firm always malign?

    im writing this on the comments because im new here and have no idea how to place this on question info. Also im 22 yeara old

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