What are the health effects, if any, of ceasing to …

  • What are the health effects, if any, of ceasing to masturbate?

    Are there any real benefits for not masturbating?

    No. The only loss is the time it takes to masturbate. Of course sex with a partner is 1,000 times better than masturbating. But between having sex with a partner masturbate if you feel the urge to masturbate then do it as often as you want.


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    I am a person who had quit masturbation for 140 days on a single stretch. During the first twenty something days it was really very hard to carry on the streak. As the question indicates, the body will be itching for it and you would not be able to sit comfortably in your free time without thinking about doing it.

    So, the first thing was to identify the time of the day during which I usually did it. It was the free time after the class in the evening, when my roommates were outside playing, I would sit down scrolling down the facebook and internet and the process will culminate after having it. So thought of some way to free myself from this free time .Hence to engage myself in some activities than sitting idle and watching this shit, I decided to join a gym. And around the same time I developed a passion for long distance running .I ran for around 30minutes at varying speed almost covering 3.5-4 km, five days a week. This made my daily routine tiresome and exhausting. I slept early in the night and woke up with the sun. I felt afresh and energized every single day.

    After following this routine for initial 3-4 weeks, continuing without masturbation was just normal course of the day. I didn’t get frequent arousals and can say that literally I was in a world devoid of sexual/ masturbating thoughts. Contrary to what other answers point out, neither did I have many wet dreams during this period nor did I become a beast. I also stopped staring/stalking girls. It was like experiencing childhood days once again. I was full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. This increased my concentration level too.

    Back to answering your question:

    According to my experience quitting masturbation is not bad to the body physically. Truth is perhaps that it will revive you mentally and help you control your emotions. I am no expert to comment on the physiological changes to the body. Today almost half a year later after the streak was broken I am still as healthy as I was before. I didn’t have any problems pertaining to this reason.

    My opinion is that it was the energy release by hitting at the gym and also running that helped me continue without masturbation for this long a period. So you need to find some method to release the energy from the body.

    Our body is full of energy. One of the energy is sexual energy which is in largest amount. When you masturbate, it does not create any side effect and it boosts testosterone temporarily. It drains some of the body energy for some time and you feel weak for few minutes.when you dont masturbate, the following things will happen tp your body:

    1. You will start having nightfall.
    2. You will feel attracted towards opposite gender.
    3. Your concentration will start getting worse.
    4. Your sexual urge will start increasing.


    According to science, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another. So you can preserve it. Remember the time when you didn’t masturbate and still had good focus. After 6 months or around that time period of no fap your focus will start increasing drastically and you would have no nightfall.

    You can convert this energy into strength or creativity.

    Pros of no fap:

    1. You will feel more alive.
    2. You will feel more energetic.
    3. You will start inmproving in sports.

    If you have the question that how to do it then I would give you an example:

    Wake up early at around 4 am and start exercising intensely. Work out hard until you get cramps. It is scientific fact that sperms are made up proteins. When you will not ejaculate these proteins will be reabsorbed by the body.

    Don’t follow anyone blindly. Try by yourself. Do the 6 months challenge and thank me later. But one thing that you have to do anythin positive like working out or if you are interested in art then you can create some stuff.

    Comment only if you complete the 6 months challenge. You can do pranayama for best results.

    Let’s look at the actual biology and not the speculation or nonsense:

    The average adult male produces about 290 million sperm cells a day. For men older than 50 years, sperm production is about 130 million pserday. It takes sperm about 10 weeks to mature inside the male body. After the sperm has matured, they remain viable for 4-5 days. If they are not excreted in this period of time, they usually “die” and are reabsorbed.

    So, let’s say you sign on to this new movement that suggests masturbating creates an encylopedia of psychological and physical problems. Let’s also assume you’re married, don’t masturbate, and want to impregnate your wife.

    Researchers from the University of Texas designed an elegant experiment. They collected the “flow over” from a woman’s vagina after having sex with a man and analyzed the sperm. Contrary to what the “nofap” community would have you think, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant was better if her guy had a tug two or three days before they had sex. Why? It seems masturbation cleared out dead, dying, or sperm that were incapable of fertilizing an ovum and the semen sample indicated she retained more healthy sperm.

    If that study holds up, it blows up the theory that abstaining from masturbation is an absolute positive.

    If you have the habit of masturburating daily . STOP IT.

    Dont masturburate for 10 days and then see the magic.

    Its heaven

    Your penis starts erecting naturally. Girls will look more attractive to you than before. You can feel manliness every minute every second.

    You can feel the manliness of your penis.

    Its really awesome.

    At the end, if you feel like you no longer control it.



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    There will be no effects, if you stop masturbating. But remove those bad thoughts and make yourself busy in your works. According to myths and puranas, we should not masturbate. Semen is very valuable in our body next to blood. You can refer any books on masturbation written by various authors. fortunately, our myths and puranas has achieved this solution even longback. If u masturbate daily trust me your health condition will be worse. You will get weakened and itches will be on your body. If u masturbate weekly once , then you are in safe zone. If u don’t masturbate, then you will be richer in health. Semen is not only used for sexual activities, there are various functions for semen. You can search for books like “ why to stop masturbating” in any digital library. These books are written by various top most sexlogist and ayurvedic professionals. Atleast one read any digital books on this topic for clarification.

    You will be seeing many were saying that masturbation is good. But don’t believe them . They are half knowledge people. I have consulted many doctors, sexlogists and studied various books. Please take care of your valuable life.

    From your well wisher.

    Fap withdrawal effects completely depends upon the nature of addiction to the specific person.

    Masturbation is a technique where self stimulation of the genitals is involved resulting to a orgasm(sexual climax).

    It is a very normal behaviour despite marriage or having a partner.

    Normal number of times masturbation can be perfomed is : 1 time a day that counts 7 times a week.

    But when the time span increases day by day means 1 time a day becomes 3 times a day counting 21(3×7) times a weeks that leads to a disease named chronic masturbation.

    Now, chronic masturbation, alone is sufficient to kill your soul as well as marriage. Because you will get absolutely zero pleasure at your private times with your partner resulting a severe mental depression.

    Plus your intercourse ejaculation time will gradually decrease over time.

    So you become determined to quit this fucking habit.

    You finally quitted it.

    There after the effects/ health effects, of ceasing to masturbate are as follows:

    • First 2-3 days it shall be extremely normal. No odd feelings.
    • After 4-5 days the person shall feel extreme body tiredness followed by an indomitable urge to masturbate.
    • More days and more irritable symptoms like:
      • Feeling the urge to masturbate in the exact specific times of activities he/ she used to masturbate.i.e. at the time of using washroom, sleeping time.
      • A strange eerie sensation followed by an extremely odd feel.
      • Headache
      • Nausea
      • Sleepiness
      • Nightfall
      • Looking at the opposite sex in an urge to have sex.
      • Terribly impatient.
      • Lack of focus on work.
      • Forgetfulness.

    These are the most common symptoms included. But there are more.

    Now take a free advice.

    If you can successfully overcome all the withdrawal effects and do not masturbate for almost 2 months you will experience:

    1. A free life where masturbation is not your master. It simply cannot control you anymore.
    2. A new life.
    3. You are free, like a bird.
    4. You can focus more on your career.
    5. No more losing time as you needed to watch porn while masturbating.
    6. A stunning health.
    7. Your dead looking eye shall show full of life.
    8. Your looks shall be better.
    9. Your memory power shall be increased more and more.

    And many such advantages follows by if you quit masturbating.

    But if you do not want to quit it atleast try to have a limit over it.

    Don’t ejaculate twice in a week.

    Happy masturbating. But only after going through this link, Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Masturbating

    If you feel that quitting masturbation is seeming impossible for you then consulting a doctor is the best option followed by some medicines to heal your addiction.

    Anirban Chakraborty.

    In your details, you say:

    I usually masturbate once per day (sometimes up to 3 times a day) and I’m wondering if anything would happen if I decided to just stop masturbating completely for an entire year.

    Should you do that, the following things will likely happen:

    • Your risk of prostate cancer will increase by a tiny amount. Since you’re only 17, it’s negligible as it is, so this increased risk will be so tiny as to be imperceptible.
    • You will have more wet dreams.
    • You will likely find yourself preoccupied by sexual thoughts and feelings more often. Depending on your personality and how you process those thoughts and feelings, these may be distracting and cause you to be less productive, you may find ways to sublimate them into other tasks and become more productive, or you may not notice any change in your productivity (but you might spend more time fantasizing about sex).

    I was addicted to masturbation for 9 years when i was 12 untill 2 months ago.

    I lived all that anxiety and stress and weak social skills , i had some relationships, but never worked out well, always ended up so bad , i was so introvert, i wasn’t a big talker , i had a depression from 2018/2020 and it ended in July 2020, my hair turned so light and started losing it,

    I decided that i should change this because my blood pressure was on 16/17 all the time .

    I’ve beginned with reading a book about how to organize your life and i started quitting masturbation, i relapsed after 14 days the first time but i did it again and let me tell you guys , this isn’t any bullshit you’ve heard on YouTube,, this shit is real , I’m starting this new college year as a new guy ,i became so social and talking with any one no complications, i became famous among all the students in terminal year, the teachers too …

    I felt am an alpha male fore real, some girls and guys were calling me every morning to ask me if I’m coming, or where we’re hanging in the lunch, which is a thing never decided before,

    Guys stop masturbating this energy is real, the confidence, the balls, everything is so real

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    I am sharing my personal Experience.Ans i am not an medical student or expert.

    I have read lot of articles and watched many videos on ‘Does masturbations affect our health?’,mine answer is YES.I does affect not only your health it also damanges your thoughts and place dirty thoughts by good one.

    You will start feeling lazy,weak,do want to do anything,just lying down the bed watching more porn stuff.Your mind will become numb.Your remebrance power will become beak.

    And the most important will be always in a guilt,a constant guilt.

    Lets talk about your mental effect.

    1:your mind will constantly start looking for porn stuff alll the time.

    2:Your mind will develop a constant thinking about sex,about affairs with other gender,

    3:Your inner thoughts will get changed for the girls.

    4:The way you look at other gender get changed.

    Now come to solution:

    There is a concept of “MANN AND BUDHHI”.

    Our BUDHHI do want to that despite this we do this because of our MANN.

    According to “bhagwat geeta” our MANN is like a poisnous snake it will bite you again and again untill you get control over it.

    So start some meditation and try to keep yourself and mind in some activity to keep yourself busy.

    Read bhagwat geeta to control your MANN.

    Masturbation only negatively affects you, in any way, shape, or form, if you do it so often, that other things suffer from it. Or if you “jerk yourself raw.”

    So, if you miss meetings because you have to masturbate, or if you leave a date early to masturbate, if you find yourself planning your day around places to masturbate, or if you can’t sit still for 30 minutes without needing to masturbate, then … yes, totally, see a professional and cut back.

    Else? Don’t. Masturbate as much as you’d like/want. Masturbate when you feel like it, and it’s safe to do so.

    The benefits are there. Studies show, that people who masturbate often have a better sex life, a decreased risk of prostate cancer, and a more relaxed outlook on life. Your amygdala, nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area (VTA), cerebellum, and the pituitary gland get a decent wash of happy chemicals. We’ve only identified a few, so far, but among them is Anandamide, an endocannabinoid, which is responsible for better performance under stress, and less extreme reactions to it. There’s dopamine, which both moderates failure response and success memory, oxytocin, which assists in the complex functionality that manages empathy, bonding, and friendship, endorphin, which reduces pain (some of my patients with persistent, recurring, non-migranoid headaches swear by it as a means to relieve the pain), and GABA, which lowers anxiety impact onto the limbic system.

    Not to mention, there’s serotonin, which boosts your confidence.

    So, in short: masturbate as much as you can, but don’t overdo it to the point of injury or losing out socially or professionally.

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