What are the differences in CBD oil strengths?

  • What are the differences in CBD oil strengths?

    If you’re talking about CBD oil drops, they are usually labeled with the total amount of CBD in the bottle.

    So, if the label says 500 mg CBD, that means that there should be 500 mg in the whole bottle, not per serving.

    But to determine how potent the oil is, you have to look at the size of the bottle. Most brands use 30 mL bottles, but 15 mL and 60 mL sizes are also common.

    To determine how strong the oil is, divide the milligrams of CBD by the size of the bottle.

    For example, let’s say you’re comparing the following products:

    1. A 60 mL bottle with 3,000 mg CBD
    2. A 30 mL bottle with 1,500 mg CBD
    3. A 15 mL bottle with 750 mg CBD

    When you do the math, each of these contains 50 mg/mL, so they are all the same strength in terms of CBD potency.

    It depends on the carrier format (e.g. Tincture, Liposome, Gummy Bear, Vape Oil).

    These are all available in many concentrations. Its important not to focus on the strength of the CBD as labeled on the product, but to discover:

    How much CBD you think you need for your application – for pain it might be more than for someone with a problem with digestion?

    How fast do I need to get CBD into my system?

    Does the product I choose absorb fully into the system?

    When you answer these and get a dosage and suitable format, you can calculate how much CBD you need in a single purchase and choose a product which offers the best solution.

    The blunt answer is that when you look into many CBD products there is a huge variety of CBD strengths declared on the product details. Always look for Certificates of Analysis to ensure you are getting what you think you are getting if for no other reason than to ensure you are taking the amount you should be taking.

    I am not a doctor or chemist but I have seen plenty of CBD products and they do vary considerably in quality and CBD concentration.

    Going Anon – despite the official legalization of Cannabis today here in Canada there is still a stigma around this – and not the least of which is the efforts of the US government to ban people for using medication…

    Anyhow – your question. The products available medicinally here in Canada are labeled in ratios, typically milligrams per milliliter. For example, 1: 25 THC to CBD yields 25mg of CBD and 1mg of THC per ml. I’ve seen ratios as high as 1: 200. So the differences are primarily the amount of CBD per milliliter.


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    A commonly overlooked factor in CBD potency is the delivery system. Here’s why- A basic CBD tincture or oil is only absorbed at 3–8% by the body. A water soluble formula (liposome technology) will allow for much higher absorption, around 90%. This makes a big difference as far as potency goes because a water soluble formula wouldn’t need to get any higher than 500mg per bottle. The daily recommended dose for a 150lb person is 20mg. If you assume that only 3–8% is absorbed, one would require a much higher dose.


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    no cbd oil without thc will work as well for pain as cbd with thc. I don’t care what the people pushing the hemp cbd say.

    we need to dispel the myth that thc is habit forming. is aspirin habit forming because people always go to the medicine chest and take an aspirin for a headache? or is it that they use it because it works! for other uses other.

    people are wasting time convincing people to try the plain cbd when they should be fighting to get the good stuff legal so we who are in serious pain all the time can have a non addictive method of pain relief!


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    The difference in CBD oil concentration tells you how many milligrams of CBD oil there are per drop of the product. A higher strength will have a higher concentration meaning that you can take less of the product for the same effects. Obviously, a higher concentration will be more expensive but you can save more money in the long run this way as the price goes down per milligram of CBD the more of it you buy at once.

    Oil’s in range from 300 mg to 5000 mg. I personally would not recommend a tincture that is lower than 500 mg for efficacy. If you find that you are sensitive and require less then take smaller doses. Many low milligram CBD products are expensive. You should be able to find a premium, top-tier quality 500mg CBD tincture for $45.00.

    Also,Pure hemp oil should be the base carrier oil.

    Hope this helps! Have a great day!!


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