What are the benefits of joining TCS?

  • What are the benefits of joining TCS?

    As an employee you are entitled to some basic benefits like leaves, insurance etc that any other employee enjoys. Plus, there are some added benefits exclusive to TCS employees.

    1. Leaves. It looks like one of the most important thing to check while joining an organization. All employees are entitled to 7 Casual Leaves, 10 Sick Leaves, 2 Flexi Leaves (to be taken during festivals) and 16 Earned Leaves every year. Also, women employees receive three months of maternity leave twice.

    2. Insurance. Probably the most important of all. You are entitled to receive upto 6,000 rupees for medical bills nad up to 2,00,000 rupees for hospitalization.

    3. Job Security. The job security stands out ot be one of the best in the IT industry which attracts many senior employees to join TCS. Firing is very rare and your job is almost stable unless you violate any HR or company policy.

    4. Onsite Opportunities. If your luck is good and the project is free of politics, you might get a chance to go onsite and stay there for a while. It is considered to be one of the perks working in service companies like TCS.

    5. Guaranteed Salary. I realized the importance of this more during Covid times. TCS always pay its employees duly on the last working day of the month. Many companies are struggling to pay its employees right now but TCS is always punctual with the payment.

    6. Learning Oportunities. Recently TCS has collaborated with Udemy and LinkedIn. So most of their courses can be taken by employees free of cost. This is one of the things I am going to miss when I leave TCS. You can really utilize Udemy to learn and grow during your spare time and skill-up.

    7. Brand Image. TCS is recognized by the society. People treat you with respect when they hear you work at TCS and for Tata.

    8. Corporate Discounts. Another cool perk for TCS employees is the multiple discounts they enjoy since TATA brand is spread across all sectors. You get discounts on medicines, Starbucks coffee, hotels, restaurants, flight tickets, electronic items, air conditioners, and while purchasing cars.

    9. Library. If you wish to study some books or if you are in bench and wish to study anything related to IT or maybe prepare for your higher studies, you can come to the library and study.

    10. Subsidized food rates. TCS canteens are not free of cost but the food rates are extremely subsidized and quite affordable.

    11. Holiday Homes. TCS has tie up with hotels all over the country at popular tourist spots like Lonavala, Puri, Goa, Panchgani, Munnar etc. Employee and their famly members can avail completely free stay (except for food) at any of these holiday homes.

    12. Support for Higher Education. TCS encourages its employees to pursue Masters at colleges that have tie up with TCS. On completion of their degree, they can resume working at TCS in a revised role that fits appropriately for the employee.

    The perks that I felt in TCS are :

    • The most important thing is mostly they won’t ask you to leave the job until unless you have done any violation. Many people used to say like TCS job is almost like a government job.
    • You don’t feel heavy burden of work as they give us the work what we can handle .
    • You have an health insurance scheme in which you can add your parents, spouse, children .
    • Within TCS we have a platform named as Ievolve, is an excellent platform which you can learn technologies and things 24×7 .
    • On the basis of the leaves , if you are pregnant women , then you can get a one year of leave period without pay. Apart from that we can have a sufficient leaves per annum.
    • If you are interested in social service then there is a good platform called as Purpose4Life , which you can do service in fields of education , environment and health. Many CSR activities are going in TCS and you can participate in all .
    • The pricelist of food in the canteens is low compared to the outside pricelist.
    • Within TCS we have many competitions like singing, dancing , sports, acting, photography,cooking, rangoli, traditional dress , …… everything .
    • If you did any external certifications in any technology , TCS will reimburse your amount that you paid for that certification exam .
    • If you are working in shifts , TCS provides a cab service. If any lady associate is working in night shift then she has to be escorted by another gent associate to her staying place . As part of security TCS follows this system.
    • Many technical competitions are also going in the TCS which helps you to explore your technical knowledge.
    • If you have any achievements regarding the project TCS will appreciate you in terms of GEMS , which you can use the gems to buy things online .
    • Internally TCS has a Soft Mart where you can buy or sell anything like bikes, furniture, houses, etc.
    • Many internal sites are there where you can have fun and post interesting topics.
    • As TCS has many branches you can get transfer easily if you have a valid reason to be transferred like marriage or health issues.
    • TCS takes many safety measures in order to avoid fire accidents or any other emergency situations. In fact, they will give you virtual training on how to tackle any emergency situation.

    Many more things are there and the list goes on …..

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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    Perks that i felt :

    1. The best one is Job security as compared to other IT industries. I haven’t heard of any case in TCS where employees is asked to resign on the basis of so called cost cutting and poor performance.
    2. In TCS no one will track your actual work hour as in the swipe in and swipe out timing of your ID card like for many other companies track your swipe in and swipe out and if it falls short of the required hours the salary gets automatically deducted or you are asked to apply leave for that day.
    3. If you are on bench in TCS, you need not come to office everyday. You will just have to report to the RMG once a week for an hour and go back home. Also there is a internal site name KNOME( TCS internal Facebook :P), here you can post what kind of project you are looking for and people with suitable openings in their project with contact you.
    4. Leaves – You have around 33 days leaves(Other than the public and National holidays) which is better than the leaves offered by other IT industries.
    5. Extra curricular activities – I worked in Hinjewadi phase 3 Pune Campus which has one of the best Infrastructural facilities along with Volley ball court, Basket ball court, Table tennis , Badminton, Gym(with good intructors), Yoga and Dance room etc. TCS also has frequent events held. So its not just about work all the time in TCS.
    6. TCS employees mostly get 5 to 10% discount on other Tata products. I have got discount on Fastrack watch and in Croma stores.
    7. Extended Maternity leaves for women other than the mentioned 6 month paid maternity leave for 6 month. I remember my colleague came back to office almost after 1.5 years after her maternity leaves ended.
    8. Long non paid leaves(Like sabbatical) One of my colleagues applied for Long leave and went to UK with her husband who got onsite for a year, she came back after a year and joined the same team.
    9. IRC – Information resource Centre which is nothing but a library available in TCS Campus. I have had a very good experience with IRC because even if the Book you are looking for is not available at the moment, the IRC staff will locate it from other nearby TCS IRC’s and make it available for you in next 3 working days and also inform you about its availability. Also TCS employees have access to Safari Books website which is extremely helpful to find the soft copy of the book. And there are thousands of good books available in it.
    10. Learning opportunities : TCS provides immense free learning using internal websites like ievolve, there are good informative videos available in TCS videos site. You will constantly get the different webinars and sessions List that is getting conducted across TCS location. You just have to enroll for it and join the webex or attend the class room training to attend these sessions. Also if you give any external certification, and clear the exam, the project you work for will Reimburse the amount you paid for Certification exam.
    11. TCS e commerce site like Soft Mart (Like quikr), Emart(Like flipkart, mazon)etc

    As a TCS employee, we can enjoy many benefits provided by the company.

    First of all, I want to clear one thing that many people say about Job Security in TCS.

    Yes, it is true that as compared to other IT companies Job Security is best in TCS but it doesn’t mean that company will keep you there for nothing if you are not performing well.

    In that case, TCS will move you out of the project and put you on Bench State (where you will have no work to do, just report to Resource Management Group daily and wait for new project interviews – don’t worry you will get your salary in this period but won’t get any increment or promotion)

    At least you won’t get fired out of the company unless you do any critical violation.

    Now coming to other benefits, we TCSers can avail discounts on many Tata Brands and Products like:


    Around 7% discount on making charges for plain gold jewellry on Tanishq products.

    Around 2.5% discount on making charges for diamond jewellery on Tanishq products.

    West Side:

    Around 5% on any product of West Side

    Credit Card:

    We can get the Tata Credit Card & enjoy the 5% cashback

    Landmark Store:

    We can buy 3 books by paying for only 2 books

    Tata Motors:

    We can get a discount of Rs 10000 – Rs 40000 for various models of the Tata car.

    Tata Sky:

    We can get a number of discounts on various Tata Sky connections.

    Housing ( Real Estate):

    We can get a flat discount of around 2% on the value of property

    Croma Store:

    Around 2.5% on all products in Croma Store.

    We can book Holiday Homes in places like Goa, Uttranchal, etc. to spend some holidays with our family (free of cost stay).

    There are other perks too like Cab Facilities, Health Insurance and many more, I certainly cannot name them all but yes me as a TCS employee enjoy many of these benefits 😃.

    Below are the benefits which I felt worth sharing:

    • Skill upgrade

    TCS gives you free access to many learning platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn learning and it has its own learning platform Fresco Play.

    • Leave without pay (LWP)

    TCS allows employees to take leave for 730 days(2years) in form of maternity leave for women or for higher studies (Sabbatical) for the employees who are interested.

    During this period employee can still avail benefits of health insurance.

    • Sabbatical

    TCS allows employees to take leave for their higher studies and also supports financially if employee wishes to take any form of loan.

    • Job security

    Till now I never heard TCS firing employees on the name of cost cutting or lack of projects. TCS is very loyal to its employees.

    • Offers on Tata products

    TCS provides offers platform/stores in Tata cliq, Croma, Titan eye plus.

    Employees can also avail discounts in Starbucks by providing employee id.

    Employees can avail discounts on Tata motor vehicles.

    • Health insurance scheme

    Employees can reimburse doctor’s consultation fee upto 6000 rupees a year.

    And best part is, employees can go for cashless surgery treatment including hospital room charges upto 12 lakh rupees a year. Fill one related form and TCS takes care of it.

    • Easy transfer to home location

    As TCS have many branches PAN INDIA. We can request for a transfer to desired location and probability of RMG accepting the request is high.

    End of the day, it all depends on availability of projects in the locations.




    Thanks for reading and will add if I find any more. 😊

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    First of all, you will enjoy being tagged under the Brand name TATA :p Well jokes apart, let us get serious!

    1) The best thing that you would have is JOB SECURITY. You will never have to hunt for another job if you are satisfied with your job and if you are at least an average performer. Even if you are below average, there is hardly any chance that you will be fired.

    2) If you are lucky, you will have very friendly people to work with. You would enjoy your office hours and the team parties which you would be attending. ( I do not guarantee this one as it depends upon the people and projects that you get to work with but most of the times, this is true)

    3) Most of the TCS offices are posh green campuses with lots of gardens and and walking tracks. You would enjoy taking a stroll in the evening or just sitting idly near the gardens ( Yes you will have time to waste in gardens, it is fun :p )

    4) You can enjoy gym facilities and there is a well maintained sports arena in almost all of the campuses. You can enjoying playing whichever sport you like, eg: volleyball, badminton, basket ball, lawn tennis, carrom, table tennis etc.

    5) In most of the campuses, their cultural group known as TCS Maitree is very active.I can say this for the Pune location, here we have once in a week workshops for Dance, Synthesizer, Guitar, Yoga and what not. You will enjoy attending them.

    6) Outside TCS, you will enjoy availing discounts in TATA Stores like Westside, Fast Track, Titan Watches, Titan Eye Plus etc. You just need to produce your Identity Card and you will get at least 5% discount.

    7) You would enjoy your “no time limit” lunch break and taking little tea breaks whenever you wish to.

    I hope my answer helped :p

    Most of time Yes, Its really good for freshers to have great IT industry platform. There are few benefits listed below for joining TCS:

    1. Big Brand Name: Very big brand name in Indian IT industry.
    2. Long Stability Can Be Plan: It is individual choice with average career growth. But company has enough reserve money and long survival stability in tough market conditions also.
    3. Job Security: As past history company usually doesn’t do lay off at junior level.
    4. Exposure on large projects: You may get such exposure easily in TCS kind a company.
    5. Opportunity to work on multiple or niche technology: This depends on project & business need. Also depend on individual interest to learn new things.
    6. Opportunity to play multiple roles in single project: This depends on project & business need. Also depend on individual interest to take additional responsibility.
    7. Opportunity to work for globally spread clients: You may get such opportunity easily in TCS kind a company because they used to work on global delivery model.
    8. Good onsite opportunity: You may get onsite opportunity easily in TCS kind a company because they used to work on global delivery model with many foreign clients.
    9. Less work pressure: This depends on project & business need. Also depend on individual attitude and capabilities.
    10. Good training’s: TCS has in-house multiple training centers. If you have zeal to learn something new, you can plan (Training & Certificates) and do this without bearing cost.
    11. Average Career Growth: Being a large size company, growth would be average.
    12. Good Social Respect: Being a big brand name, you will get good respect in society and among friends.
    13. Salary as per market standards: Salaries are not very attractive but not below market standards. So can say you will get at par salary with multiple benefits.
    14. Many discount or offers with the name, tag of TCS like in Taj group, Big Hotels, Many restaurants etc
    15. … Many more

    Being a TCS employee has some advantages that I am compiling here :

    1. You get to learn the business processes, the work culture, politics that take place and way to deal, different roles that require success of a business unit or project, skills one possesses to perform these roles, etc. Where else will you get to know about these?
    2. You get to learn about the latest technologies that are actually being used for different type of projects. You can adjust and amend yourself into any/many of these, recognizing your areas of interest and/or strengths. There stand interminable opportunities!
    3. You get to see “bulk” of people:
      1. Who are of your level in terms of educational qualifications and experience. You can compare yourself and understand where exactly you stand amongst them. After all, improvements start from the base you have and upto the mark/level you want to!
      2. Who have migrated from other companies and can tell you exact scenario of other companies and how TCS is different!Isn’t it better to have first level of people than those collected from websites, blogs and sayings of others.
      3. Who have 5+ years of experience in your company and who stand out of that throng. Believe me, those will not be worthless and are capable enough of teaching “something” that will be useful for your career ahead. You have to go ahead and ahead and will need those skills.
    4. You get a brand value “TATA” attached with your occupation and believe me it is humbly respected.

    I will conclude with : “Learning and gaining is all about digging into deep in search of treasure while ignoring, cleaning and removing waste material that has protected the treasure in some manner.

    First thing is First – BRAND IMAGE (you’ll be respected among your friends and family).

    You will be provided with excellent training materials both in Technology and Process oriented.

    There’s a separate department called Training and Development, their main motive is to train people as much as they can. Each month the learning calendar has been broadcasted with the number of courses on-demand.

    You can complete any certification course and claim it back without any conditions.

    Your learning curve would be excellent if you choose the right materials.

    You will have the freedom to choose which technology you want to work in, ofcourse you may not have an option to choose at the time of joining if you’ve been hired for a specific project or a skill-set. You should work in a project atleast for 18 months to be appreciated as a good associate.

    You will have flexible policies to pursue your higher education if you need. If you want to pursue your higher education, you can have around 2 years of L.W.P (Leave without pay), complete your course and re-join TCS as an employee again. It’s kind of straightforward policy, you have to provide the required proof to get it approved.

    Good medical insurance cover for self and family.

    There is a dedicated course available to sharpen your leadership skills and if you’re eligible, you can become a TCS certified (internal) Manager.

    Salary advance, you can get upto 3 months(varies for different designation and subject to CTC limit) of salary advance in emergency situations, which will be debited by the subsequent pays without collapsing your current month pay.


    How was TCS?

    I think i can answer this as i am working TCS from past 1.3 years.

    Here we are….

    Tcs was best company for freshers,as it conducts only two rounds Aptitude and interview.If you are thinking to put some effort TCS is your’s.

    At first it will be having training for 1–2 months period from different training centers (Ahmadabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Trivandrum,Guwahati…etc).

    After joining the allocated training center they will conduct two tests. According to the results you will get allocated to certain technologies.This is what they say when you get allocated to unknown domain.

    Truth is they will randomly give the domains.But every Domain is good in it’s own way. So don’t get upset if u don’t get the domain you want. Just work hard on the technology you get.

    If you don’t perform well in the training,they will extend the training to another 10 days it’s called LAP program. After finishing the training You will get allocated to different cities once again don’t get upset if you don’t get the city you mentioned as option 1,2,3.

    Once you reach the allocated location you have to report to RMG until you get the project.Once you get the project then remaining is depend on you.If you get some tough project that has to finished early,work will be tough and hours will be hectic.

    There are so many possibilities that will you get work or not. It is entirely dependent on the project you get.

    If you want to go for higher studies it will be good if you join TCS. Because TCS will LWP (Leave Without Pay) after you work in TCS for two years.Even if you don’t get the job after higher studies you can come back to TCS. Job safety.

    There is another option too TCS will fund for your higher education if you are ready to join in TCS after completion of Higher studies.

    Another thing is salary you will get good package as a fresher compared to outside market.If you planning to continue in TCS for long time salary will be your main issue. As this is normal in any service based company salary growth will be less.

    You should consider TCS as your first step not as an life long step.

    As the entire scenario will be different to an experienced person who joins TCS as second or third or whatever the number is.

    There are pros and cons in every company.

    At last it’s your wish to join in TCS or not.

    Hope this information is useful.

    ADIOS (Bye) GUYS 🙂

    Everyone is talking about the reasons to join TCS I will tell you few reasons Why TCS is not the right place for the people who need growth in their career

    1. Never get hired in mass recruitments conducted by TCS:

    Every Year TCS conducts mass recruitment through online exams similar to TCS ninja they surely provide a good package for fresher but if you can see the big picture you don’t get to work throughout the year because many employees are made to sit on bench because they don’t have enough projects for all the employees through out the year,so you will probably have to sit on the bench for at least a month (You will surely get a salary though in this period)

    I had one of my friend working in TCS who is sitting on a bench though(sadly) he says the only job he does is, he just turns their server on and off as and when necessary or whenever told to do so.

    Impacts of sitting on a bench

    You are not meant to settle at one place, you would surely would like to switch your job and get a better experience and a better pay but …

    1. When you go for a new job you will be asked to tell about your experiences at TCS
    2. By sitting on a bench usually, you start losing grasp over your skills and abilities
    3. You don’t learn any new things nor get new experiences
    4. Less probability of getting a new job

    If you are a kind of guy who needs a good speed and growth in your careers then TCS isn’t just the right thing for you.

    Coming to the question about the benefits well there are quite a few

    1. Less workload compared to startups

    2. Timely Salary and other compensation benefits

    3. Access to Resources for self development

    Just my opinion no means to put TCS Down 🙂

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