What are the actual benefits to NoFap?

  • 12 Life-Changing Benefits of NoFap

    NoFap is the practice of abstinence from porn and masturbation. It’s a lifestyle. People practising this lifestyle refrain from watching porn and masturbation.

    The NoFap movement has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially among young men, due to the various life-changing benefits of NoFap reported by its followers.

    If you’re wondering why would someone give up porn and masturbation, it’s because porn and masturbation have lots of harmful side-effects and it causes various psychological, mental and physical damages to your body.

    Porn and masturbation addiction causes social anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction(ED), lack of motivation and various other harmful things.

    I’ve been practising NoFap on and off for the past 4 years. Here are the benefits that I and many others like me have observed:-


    It has been reported by many PMO(Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) addicts that PMO addiction causes social anxiety. Individuals who indulge in excessive PMO don’t feel like socialising, talking to people and isolate themselves. They try to avoid social gatherings and find excuses to avoid every possible human contact. They are uncomfortable around people and they feel their heartbeat going up when around people.

    People who quit PMO and started practising NoFap reported a reduction in social anxiety and after a while felt that their social anxiety has completely gone.

    They started feeling comfortable around people and in social gatherings. They started enjoying talking to people and were able to form a genuine connection with people which improved their social life.


    PMO addicts often suffer from depression and depression symptoms. They have reported feeling sad, unmotivated and worthless all the time which are some of the symptoms of depression.

    When you watch porn and ejaculate, your brain thinks you just had sex with a real partner and passed on your genes, so it releases a “feel good” chemical known as dopamine to reward you as your brain can’t differentiate between having real sex with a partner and watching virtual sex(porn).

    As a result of a huge rush of dopamine, your dopamine receptors get desensitised and will now need a relatively more amount of dopamine to give you the same level of pleasure. As a result, activities which don’t give you that huge rush of dopamine, don’t excite you anymore and you don’t feel like doing them.

    Since, normal day to day activities can’t give you the same level of dopamine as porn, you don’t feel like doing them and keep going back to porn to satisfy your high level of dopamine need. As a result, you start losing interest in normal day-to-day activities and start feeling sad and unmotivated all the time, which is one of the symptoms of depression.

    When you practise NoFap, your brain starts rebooting and your dopamine receptors start becoming sensitive again.

    Members of the NoFap community have reported a reduction in depression and depression symptoms. They have reported that that they no longer feel sad and unmotivated, on the contrary, they started feeling happy and motivated all the time.

    In some cases, individuals addicted to PMO, who were taking medications for depression for many years without any success have reported that they no longer needed medication and felt that their depression went away after practising NoFap. They never realised that PMO could be the reason for their depression

    Of course, PMO is not the only reason for depression, but, it is one of the reasons.


    PMO addicts often reported having low self-esteem. They felt like they are not worthy of anything or anyone and had an inferiority complex.

    After quitting PMO and following NoFap, people have reported a higher self-esteem. They started feeling that they are worthy and could achieve anything they set their mind to.

    Their self-worth increased, they started realising their potential and felt like they are worthy of everything good that life has to offer.


    Porn and masturbation addicts have reported having low motivation. They have reported that they don’t feel motivated enough to study, work or workout.

    In some extreme cases, people have reported that they don’t even feel like taking a shower, brushing their teeth or combing their hair. Even basic day-to-day activity becomes hard to do. This a symptom of depression which could arise from excessive PMO, which I’ve personally experienced.

    After quitting PMO, people have reported having more motivation to do things which are necessary. They felt motivated to study, work and workout.

    After a while, their motivation went through the roof and they were always looking for trying something new. As a result, they did better in academics and performed better at their work.


    People indulging in excessive PMO have reported that PMO changed their attitude towards women for the worst. They started seeing women as sex object rather than a human being which badly affected their relationship with women and their dating life.

    They have also reported that whenever they saw an attractive woman, they could only think about having sex with her. They were unable to hold eye contact or a conversation with women

    After refraining from PMO and practising NoFap, they reported that their perspective towards women changed and they started seeing women as a human being rather than a sex object. They were able to form a genuine connection with women which improved their dating life.

    practitioners of the NoFap have also reported that women started noticing them more and were attracted to them. Women started taking interest in them and even started approaching them. Some people claim that NoFap makes you a “chick magnet”.


    It has been proven that that excessive porn and masturbation causes erectile dysfunction. Porn induced erectile dysfunction(PIED) is a very real thing and the no. of people suffering from it has been on rice due to the easy availability of high speed internet porn.

    After abstaining from PMO, people have reported that their erectile dysfunction(ED) went away.

    Earlier, they were not able to get an erection or keep an erection while having sex with a partner, but after practising NoFap, they were able to get an erection as well as keep an erection.

    If you want to know more about porn-induced erectile dysfunction(PIED), there’s a youtube channel with the name of “Noah B.E. Church”, who makes videos about it and gives support to people suffering from it. Check out his channel by clicking here.


    People who watch excessive porn and masturbates often have reported having insomnia, getting lower quality sleep, screwed up sleeping schedule and various other sleeping problems.

    When they started NoFap, they reported that they no longer faced sleep issues and were able to get a good quality sleep and their sleeping schedule improved.


    Brain fog and a lack of concentration is one of the issues faced by PMO addicts. They have reported not being able to think clearly and having a hard time concentrating at the task-in-hand. They were not able to study or work with a good concentration level and often find themselves getting lost in totally unrelated and distracting thoughts.

    After following NoFap, they’ve reported that their brain fog went away and their concentration level improved. They were able to concentrate on a task for hours at a time. They were able concentrate while studying and working which improved their academic and professional life.


    Excessive masturbation causes hair loss and hair thinning.

    When you ejaculate, your body converts testosterone into DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) which causes hair loss and hair thinning.

    DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and disrupt the growth cycle of hair. This process is known as miniaturisation.

    Now, of course, masturbation is not the only reason of hair fall, there are various other reasons, but, it is one of the reasons.

    After giving up masturbation, people have reported reduction in hair fall, growth of new hair and having thicker hair and beard. They’ve also reported deeper voice.


    People indulging in excessive PMO have reported having lower back pain, knee pain and muscle pain.

    Your sperm is composed of many things, one of which is semen. This semen is made in your bone marrow (the material inside your bones, yes, your bones are not entirely solid.)

    So when you’re masturbating a lot, 2 things happen. If your bones are weak, or if you’re obese, you will have a lot of back and joints issue, because you’re wasting all your semen. At the age of 33, it will take another day or two to replenish itself. You will end up with osteoarthritis, which, if left untreated, will lead you to bone degeneration. This is a disease in which your bones become hollow and weak, and then start degenerating.

    After practising NoFap, people have reported having relief from muscle and joint pain.


    People on NoFap have reported that they started finding pleasure in little things like walking in a park, talking to people, being close to nature, dancing, sunset and sunrise etc.

    Earlier, when they were indulging in PMO, they were not able to enjoy even the most pleasurable things and did not find pleasure in most things, they even lost interest in their hobbies.

    But, after practising NoFap, they started enjoying little things, which made their life exciting and joyful.


    People on NoFap have reported that their performance in the gym has improved. They were motivated to go to the gym and lift heavier weights

    Studies have proved that refraining from ejaculating for 7 days increases testosterone level by 145%, which is the essential sex hormone for males.

    People reported that they broke all their PR’s and were able to exercise for hours at a time. They noticed an increase in stamina and felt like a beast in the gym.

    If you want to know more about NoFap, check out my website, where I write about porn addiction and NoFap- https://thealphaproject.in/category/nofap/

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