What are some out of favor opinions you have about BTS?

  • I’m hella tardy to this celebration, however let’s take another whack at it. Put on your kettles dear children, we’re having tea.

    There ought to be less Bangtan Bombs. Many of them are redundant and dumb. No, we don’t require a 2 minute video of the young boys eating chicken, total with inexplicable close ups (which were gross and invasive, do you think they appreciated that?), nor videos of them eating pizza/reading/on their phones backstage. I realize they’re BH’s precious cash cow, and hence will be mercilessly overexposed, however surely there are times when they look up, see an employee with a cam, and think “Oh God, here we go.”

    Whenever I view some of these, I feel sorry for them- they seriously have those cameras pushed in their face all the damn time- and like a barking seal, they’re anticipated to liven up and perform, to do something amusing or charming, due to the fact that it’s for ARMY. Don’t you dare disappoint ARMY. Make ARMY delighted and do something entertaining … and GO! Save them for real occasions, or something halfway considerable. And no, your precious bias being in a chair texting and not speaking, possibly intentionally so the cam will leave him alone, doesn’t count. There’s no reprieve from the video cameras due to the fact that nearly everything they do has a reliable staffer along to film. There must be so much unreleased video. Speaking of material …

    RUN BTS needs to end. I know why the program began, and it was fun in the beginning, but I practically feel embarrassed seeing it. “Our young boys” are grown males multi-millionaires who are tired and strained (however for COVID loosening their schedules). Do you think they genuinely provide a shit about the coupon or bag of chips they’re “completing” for, or whatever childish race/contest/game they have to do? RUN BTS is childish and unnecessary, and feels like a wild-goose chase. These guys are in their mid 20 s and they’re being made to goof off like kids, catering fans still young sufficient to think their responses are authentic. Do not you think there are other things they ‘d rather be doing?

    Stop taking all the bullshit. This is more about BigHit. The continuous story BTS provides is one of love to ARMY, but it’s emboldening hazardous delulus/solo stans/shippers/antis by enabling a sense of privilege and ownership over the members. ARMY is totally out of control, and the young boys are probably ready to snap. I don’t need to discuss all the ways this fandom is developing into a shitshow, because we all understand.

    BigHit is partially to blame for letting things get this bad. Apart from taking legal action against a couple of despiteful miscreants on twitter, what have they done (seriously- if there’s more, let me understand)? They hardly stand up for BTS, even though the whole damn company was constructed on their success. It’s due to the fact that they have actually backed themselves into a corner with the “ARMY is our everything!” message; if they make public declarations (like knocking the toxic shipping which makes the boys exceptionally unpleasant) they ‘d be buried under an avalanche of hate from entitled kids who have actually taken BH’s previous silence as confirmation of their misconceptions. Very same if they publicly protected JK’s MARRIED tattoo artist buddy, who was terrorized to hell and back. He even apologized for it, due to the fact that he ‘d “upset” ARMY. That’s because “fans” know they can step all over the young boys and get away with it. They’re out-of-control children who require to be disciplined It’s either that, or things will continue to worsen.

    They will not share their future lives with us, and you can thank ARMY. See above. This is more a difficult fact than undesirable viewpoint. ARMY have shown over and over they can’t handle a female in the member’s vicinity. It’s either death threats/hate or vicious shipping that makes it too uneasy to talk to that person again. It’s a pity, due to the fact that so many fans would be thrilled to see the members with somebody who makes them delighted. But thanks to a distressing sector, here’s my prediction:

    If they wed a non-celeb, we’ll never ever understand her name or have a picture. If a superstar, we’ll get her name only for public record, and she better have thick AF skin. We’ll never ever find out how they fell in love or see gorgeous wedding photos.

    We’ll never ever understand their children’s names, or see photos. They might not even verify the births.

    We’ll never get to see how happy they are as other halves and dads.

    Congratulations harmful ARMYs, there’s an exceptional opportunity you’ve ruined it for everyone else. Why the hell would they share their personal joy with us, when some individuals make a sport of tearing them down? Honestly, by the time somebody reveals their engagement, they might already be wed for a couple of years. It’s much safer that method. Mentioning ladies …

    You still believe they aren’t dating?! I’ve checked out some well-written, really thoughtful responses here safeguarding the “they’re too hectic to date” and “yes other groups discovered time, however BTS are busier/more tired/travel more than those groups” arguments. Even if they aren’t seriously dating (true, idol relationships hardly ever last) there’s no chance they haven’t been delicately dating or having flings all these years. You believe they sit in the house every night?

    You think Worldwide Handsome does not go out ?! You think Tae just cuddles with Yeotan ?? Who do you think softie-romantic Namjoon is kissing? The crabs ??

    I recognize lots of ARMYs are school-age, so here’s a secret about adult guys, from an adult lady:

    No male on this Earth is “too busy” to get laid. Not one.

    There’s a lot sex in the entertainment industry it ‘d make your head spin. I’m not suggesting they’re Sinatra-level playboys, due to the fact that I do not believe they are, however let’s be reasonable. Now with COVID, their tour is delayed and they’re remaining in Korea. That’s a great deal of additional time …

    But if you want to believe the “idols don’t date” lie (it’s the most significant lie in kpop), go stan a novice group who purvey that dream because they have a fandom to construct. Senior groups are fed up with all this pandering crap.

    A Few Of them are likely looking forward to enlistment. I understand they adore performing, however it’s obvious they’re tired of idol life and all its bullshit. Enlistment means a break from the catastrophe of their job. 2 years of a set schedule, a personal work environment, and expectations to act like the severe guys they in fact are. These aspects are probably very appealing to them, even if they’re not delighted with getting itself. When Jin enlists, I make sure he’ll do his public goodbye with some genuine declaration of eternal love for ARMY. Privately, he’ll be believing “I’m lastly getting a break from this.”

    Unneeded censorship causes hyper-sexualizing. Again, I’m griping with BigHit. I understand most ARMYs are young, but it is essential to censor Tae’s shoulders? Their stomachs? Namjoon running shirtless on a treadmill? Jin’s chest due to the fact that his shirt is unbuttoned? By doing this, they’ve made already-hormonal fans hyper-sensitive to the tiniest thing. When we see a glance of JK’s waist because his t-shirt lifted up, fans go feral online. Even if their revealing skin was normalized fans would still freak, but it would not be this bad If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to open evictions of hell that is stan twitter. I’ve warned you.

    BTS aren’t the Kings of Kpop, and they don’t need to win everything They’re the most prolifically well-known and effective kpop group of all time, and no one will come close for a long time, if ever. They’ve even left Western artists in the dust. Babe, they’ve currently won the whole video game. That’s inadequate for you? At this moment, they could never win another award again and still have more than whole companies. Whatever they do till enlistment is simply another victory lap. Stop disliking on other groups who may win over them, and resist the bait to eliminate with other fandoms ( ahemmm hazardous blinks when BP won the PCA for Best Trip, I love the girls but YG pulled some shady-ass strings.)

    Do not be arrogant, however be content in the understanding the boys do not require to win every little award. In the future after their enlistment and after they have actually succumbed to the kpop life cycle (yes, it will eventually take place), no one will keep in mind those awards, unless it’s a Grammy. You’ll remember their unprecedented reach of influence, the history-making record-breaking, and offering out the world’s greatest arenas. No one will keep in mind or truthfully care the number of VMAs they won in2020 I’m not discouraging ballot, however maybe relax a little and give another group an opportunity. Consider how disheartening it must to be to go against BTS for a fan-voted award, understanding you’ll be squashed in votes and will lose, while they win another award like sweet.

    Finally, and at the risk of sounding contradictory, do not call them the Kings of Kpop. As long as BigBang is even technically active, that title isn’t up for grabs. Have some regard for the group who developed this industry for the worldwide stage. BTS took what they built and just broadened it. BigBang were the very first group, not BTS, to win a Western award (2011 Euro VMA for Finest Worldwide Act).

    I know it’s amazing being a BTS fan, with constant successes to celebrate, but they’re not the end-all-be-all of kpop. This industry existed long before them, and it will exist long after them.

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