What are some good discussion questions for an anxiety and …

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    Any questions that may help increase motivation/compliance with treatment/good feelings in participants. In saying that, sometimes a bit of self-evaluation is beneficial in progressing through and treating a mental illness.

    A few ideas:

    • What things make you feel better when you feel depressed or anxious? (This helps suggest ideas to others of what can help when they’re flat)
    • What things make you feel worse when you feel depressed or anxious? (Helps with things or thoughts to steer clear of when feeling unwell)
    • Do you think your experiences have allowed you to feel empathetic/supportive of others in similar situations? (Showing them that their illness can allow them to help someone else — even within the support group)
    • Does anyone know of any tools or skills that are known for assisting with emotion disregulation/distress tolerance (DBT) and the empowerment behind utilising these (if unaware could provide tools and skills)
    • What physical feelings have they realised link with their emotional feelings and which comes first (the physical I.e increased heart rate, or emotional I.e becoming emotionally distressed and upset) and how this can assist to regulate their emotions
    • Avoiding the public discussion of people’s personal issues can be of benefit as this might be something more suitable to a personal session with a therapist — otherwise said stories can trigger others or bring up negative feelings within the group

    I am sure there are many other great discussion questions but these are just a few I’ve seen used in open forums with my patients.

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    A group discussion is a great way to feel supported and to learn from one another, very nice! I personally would ask questions like…

    1. can we take moment and be proud ourselves for showing up and supporting one-another?! This is great! So often those suffering with depression feel alone, but not today!
    2. What are you guys doing to calm down and relieve stress and anxiety lately?
    3. Do you know any foods that make anxiety worse? What foods do you avoid or maybe trigger your anxiety?
    4. How do I find peace and self-love when I’m in so much pain? What can I do in those situations?
    5. What hobbies or fun things do you guys do to distract your mind from being depressed?
    6. Did anyone have any success stories they want to share about a time this week when you felt low, but found a way to feel just a little bit better? What did you do?
    7. Has anyone read any books that helped them grow and feel more positive?

    Just a few ideas off the top of my head. I used to struggle greatly with depression and anxiety and having a support group would have helped me out a lot. I’m sending positive vibes to this one!

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    As a fellow sufferer, whose hamsters on the wheel in my mind never stop. My to do list has to do lists and my backup plans have backup plans. You get it. My answer to “what are some good discussion questions “ is: What if?

    Probably not a healthy question, but we’ll be so busy with the ‘what if’ question that we’ll be ok for quite awhile. So. Then we will be happy, and happiness is healthy. So. The hamsters and I have to go now. So many things to over think about.

    Try “ faulty right brain theory “ is most mental illness generated in the right brain, there is more than enough evidence for this now one can just type in the mental illness, right brain and FMRI.

    Print out some studies and discuss this, TMS is using magnets to increase left brain use and EGMi maximises left brain use it cured all my mental illness.

    , I am a LSW CCDCIII. Experience with Depression ADHD & FMCF

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