Was the Oak Island treasure already found?

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    The money pit initially included two caches of treasure– two chests at about 100 feet and another enclosed in “concrete” at 154 feet.

    According to its value specified at two million British Pounds, it would have been 1,387,500 troy ounces of gold, or a little less gold with some gems.

    It’s gone now. Robert Dunfield has already secretly recuperated and concealed it to avoid taxes and/or seizure by authorities.

    In 1965, he brought in 2 bulldozers and gotten rid of 12 feet of soil from the top of the money pit area and pushed it down toward the beach at Smith Cove. That decreased the top of the cash pit down to an elevation to just 14 feet–18 feet below its initial elevation of 32 feet.

    Then he constructed the causeway, brought in a 70 load digging crane, and dug a huge pit–100 feet large and 140 feet deep (an efficient depth of 158 feet into the cash pit). This was more than ample to reach both caches, consisting of the lower one enclosed in the “concrete.” The pit was quickly big enough to reach the ideal place. The treasure is gone with him.

    What did he make with it? He undoubtedly hid it, but where? A most likely possibility would have been a secret Swiss checking account. Back in 1965, these accounts were untouchable by authorities and any others who would attempt to access or take it.

    Robert Dunfield is long gone, however someone has actually undoubtedly acquired it– member of the family, or picked friends. Has anybody considered tracking them down?

    See my other post on How do we know Robert Dunfield didn’t discover treasure when he excavated and destroyed the cash pit area, at Oak Island?

    Straight off the coasts of Nova Scotia, there are over 300 islands sprayed around the Atlantic coast of Canada. One amongst them, nevertheless, has actually captured the world creativity for centuries with such gusto that it’s led some to fascination or perhaps death. The small 140- acre landmass is none other than Oak Island which has actually become the host of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in contemporary history. Oak Island’s very first treasure hunters. The world’s fascination with Oak Island dates all the way back to 1795 when a teenage boy named Daniel McGinnis observed some strange lights out on Oaks Island. So, just as any adventurously minded kid would do, young Daniel went on over to examine things out. While checking out the island, he encountered a strange anxiety in the island’s surface area where a group of large trees looked to have actually been gotten rid of. The large circular depression seemed about 13 feet in circumference and, according to legend, had a block and tackle hanging over a tree limb directly over the sunken earth. Convinced he may have stumbled onto an intriguing find, Daniel went back home and got his 2 friends, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan, to come back out to the website with him the next day. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was most likely going on in the 3 boys’ minds. Given that the golden era of piracy had happened in between 1640 and 1730, whose very first thought would not have been that the unusual depression might mark the website of buried treasure? Not to discuss that the islands had actually been a popular stop for pirates back in the day, considered that they were far enough out from civilization to supply plenty of privacy. The guys started to dig. It wasn’t long prior to they were rewarded with proof that the hole was no natural phenomenon. Simply 2 feet below the surface, they discovered a layer of rock which they excitedly eliminated. A little much deeper down, they found what were plainly the marks from old pickaxes along the walls of clay that appeared to form an underground tunnel. It wasn’t until they got to ten feet deep that the aggravation started to set in. There they discovered a layer of wood beams lodged into the sides of the tunnel that formed a sort of wooden platform. Amazing! Must be treasure best beneath, right? Wrongo. Underneath that, they found nothing but more dirt. They dug another 10 feet, just to discover another wood platform beneath which there was more dirt. Well, this could only go on for so long prior to the treasure hunters were required to confess that they were kids who lived in the 1700 s and that they might not have the resources available to deal with such a tricky secret. None the less, the legend of the Oak Island money pit was born. The experience continues through the centuries. This triggered actually centuries worth of treasure hunters who have attempted to discover the treasure that’s still believed to lie at the bottom of the money pit. Along the method, several interesting hints have actually been uncovered. In 1804, a group of men called The Oslow Company headed over to the island to attempt their luck with the mysterious hole. Picking up where the boys had left off, they validated the pattern that every 10 feet down or two, there was another wooden platform. When they got down to 60 feet, however, they did find something rather curious. The platform they discovered there was lined with coconut shell fibers, which was considerable due to the fact that coconuts are not native to the location. That gave them hope that whoever had actually built the tunnel had most likely brought over coconuts from the Caribbean. Thanks to Johnny Depp, we all understand that the Caribbean was a favorite hangout of pirates. They kept on digging as platform after platform exposed itself. At 90 feet, they discovered a mysterious stone marked with odd carvings. It wasn’t until nearly half a century later that somebody would propose to have actually deciphered the strange message carved into the heavy stone that the treasure hunters brought house. In 1860, a language professor named James Leitchi used a cipher which he declared exposed the covert message. Apparently, the stone read, “Forty Feet Below, 2 Million Pounds Are Buried.”

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    The team did discover a 13 th century cross that the Knights Templar used to smuggle gold and a brooch containing a 500- year-old faceted red gems

    Assuming there was treasure in the very first location, it’s most likely long gone as it believes been discovered, moved, used or even concealed somewhere else. My problem is that the stories of the kids: Daniel McInnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn were produced by adults and if that is true, then the story of Anthony Graves is simply that. A story, as the home is ultimately handed to Graves in which the stories are connected together. So if the initial story is a fabrication so is the outcome when it comes to Graves.

    There might be some measure of reality to this person called Anthony Graves coming into some money, but I do not think it had anything to do with the ‘treasure’ found on the island, but it truly would be hard to prove either way.

    My birth family had moved there from Germany beginning in the late eighteenth century who lived and operated in, around and on the island together with other associated households as farmers and later as miners. No doubt the lots of individuals working on the island throughout the years might have come across something. The family I come from is the greatest one currently in Nova Scotia, specifically around that area and it’s a really closed knit neighborhood and hardly any wish to discuss Oak Island not to mention other things. It’s a touchy topic and not something they’re interested in speaking about. Still, I would think that my household in addition to others had actually long because checked out that island before Graves would make a supposed treasure discovery.

    So basically the story in which leads up to Tomb all of a sudden striking it rich is simply as a fabrication as the story of the 3 kids. The only common aspect in this and other stories was that crucial products (or treasure) had been discovered, utilized and eliminated. Last but not least, when it concerns the “7 must die” legend I have severe doubts particularly from the death late in 2015 of Matt Chisholm who was an associate producer of the program.

    There’s just a great deal of stories and folklore about this location which keeps people coming back and unless somebody proves they have actually found the Ark of the Covenant, they’ll keep searching for treasure.

    We all understand its there.

    Considering That 1856 individuals have actually been digging holes hundreds of feet deep on this small island and many lives have actually been lost in the search for the presumed treasure.

    Now you ‘d have to be a freaking moron to believe that there’s absolutely nothing down there which all of this work over the span of almost 180 years was for …… NOTHING!

    It’s going to take thousands of more man hours and billions of $$$ to get to the treasure out, but I guarantee you its worth it!

    After you get a number of thousands of kilometers in, you are going to find this –

    Do not be scared – listen to the huge tiger head talk and after that enter its mouth. Once inside you will discover a cavern of wonders.

    It will look like this;-LRB-

    Do you see the tall pillar simply to the right of the? You will need to climb that. On top you will find this wonderful looking light …

    By now the writing must be on the wall— YOU HAVE ACTUALLY JUST DISCOVERED ALADDIN’S LIGHT!!!

    Three wishes will now be granted to you by this guy –

    Hope you enjoyed.

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    Sure he could. Also I should mention that excellent historic relics like the lost Ark, while interesting, it appears most likely that if in truth it ever really existed, which is questionable, it definitely had been melted down aeons ago at some date, it’s gold potentially used to cast a commemorative bust of Marduk perhaps, I think the Babylonians might be the criminals of that particular item’s passage into myth and fog. And then likewise it prevails sense that really few if any “pirates” would be losing time burying treasure chests, on a beach much less hundreds of feet down under complicated booby trapped earthworks of apparently rather sound engineering most likely not possible at all for a ship or even a few ships’ teams of hooligan ne-er do-wells, sunburnt and eager to party down with all that gold. Burying it seems flatly dumb, not an extremely sensible order for the captain’s health and future at all. Upon peeling back it’s layers, the more peeled the more it simply stinks, … the pirate chest angle not the onion. Absolutely nothing is truly impossible then and I’m certain complete stranger things HAVE and SHALL take place. I want them luck and good luck

    Mud, rocks and the debris and detritus from digging in a hole that individuals have dug for the last 2 hundred odd years.

    Absolutely nothing substantial has actually been discovered. No proof of buried treasure. It’s probably a sinkhole. The rock they declared bore a coded inscription was examined at a later date and discovered to be simply a rock.

    Has the Oak Island treasure been found? That depends upon how you define treasure. For more than 200 years, treasure-seekers have actually flocked to this tiny island in Nova Scotia in hopes of digging up the legendary treasure stated to be buried there. Report states that the treasure could be pirate gold, Shakespeare’s original manuscripts, the Ark of the Covenant, or even the Holy Grail.

    To date, absolutely nothing like that has actually been found in or around Oak Island’s “Money Pit,” a mystical shaft very first found by a teen in 1795 where treasure hunters generally focus their search. However individuals have actually revealed a number of engaging objects for many years.

    Treasure hunters are often warded off by expected booby traps that flood the pit with water.

    To date, searchers have found old coins, bones, wood, and a 17 th-century ax. Expert treasure hunters Marty and Rick Lagina, whose program Menstruation of Oak Island airs on the History Channel, have actually even found a 500- year-old garnet brooch and a lead cross that was made in between 1200 and 1600 A.D.

    Finds like these keep people flocking to Oak Island. But treasure candidates need to remember– Oak Island’s treasure is allegedly cursed. 6 males have actually passed away while searching for the island’s hidden riches, due to causes like a blowing up boiler and hydrogen sulfide fumes. And legend states that the treasure will not be discovered till a seventh perishes.

    There is no treasure, it will be a huge surprise when they find the concealed, secured factor nobody must ever lay their hands on because it is exceptionally unsafe.

    Not yet, I believe there was simply another group of people digging however they ran out of funding, they had a television program but it’s pretty much a waste of time and they do not do anything on it, I dot remember the name but I make certain you ‘d find it by simply searching oak island tv show

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