Summary for 04-23-2021 what we need to understand prior to the market opens DD

Summary for 04-23-2021 what we need to understand prior to the market opens DD

Excellent morning San Diago,

I am Rensole,

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so yesterday the whole market appear to tank around midday, as far as the news went the official factor is due to the fact that the U.S.A. president Biden has upped the federal gains tax to about 43%

Now would this rationally speaking have an effect on the market? yes of course.

Could it be that since SEC rule 15 c3-3 went into effect? yes absolutely.

it could be a mix of both of these things which can tank an entire market, namely the statement being Why, and the Sec rule the how.

as the new Sec rule implies that they require more collateral for their positions, they might have needed to sell off huge chunks in order to fulfill that requirement.

What was likewise unusual yesterday is that all of a sudden a lot of crypto got pumped into the high paradises, this is a theory we have seen since early February that they would pump crypto to make lots off gains there, or use it as a safe haven for their money in case of the business folding.

At this point it’s prematurely to tell why, but it’s good to keep an eye on it. wu61 jpg?width=-LRB- & format=pjpg & automobile=webp & s=e5ee64 d5569 ab01653 d348 b1c4c06 f2949 c02 c10

Something that has actually captured my eye as well is the unexpected “surge” of interest in user “ratioblessings”, I have actually frequently informed them over at r/gme that they are trying to emit the air of being an expert however a couple of things to bear in mind.

A) if they are one they stand to gain millions by whistleblowing

B) they would provide answers, refrain from doing an interactive puzzle hunt

C) how to keep individuals hectic with “busywork” and base whatever off of guesswork and unique “emoji’s” because those emoji’s mean something.

So ffs please chill men, I understand you men desire an expert to come help us, but the chances people in fact seeing an actual insider here are slim to none. jpg?width=-LRB- & format=pjpg & automobile=webp & s=9e3d7e7eb658 f139055 f2f6f523 b28558 f2a58 cf

Ok so yesterday ya boi GME launched their proxy statements and oof let’s go through them for a bit as there is a lot to unpack.

Type 14 A: html

Supplemental proxy material (incl how to vote): html

Ok first of all lets take a look at the big one (and one of the concerns I’ve seen the most here), it’s now set in stone that the annual shareholders conference is on 6/9

it stated that you require to be an investor by the 15 th of April.

Does this imply the shares needed to be remembered by the 15 th of April? No.

This suggests that you require to have purchased your shares before the 15 th to be able to vote, the shares can be recalled up until 10 days prior to the meeting, implying at the most recent we’ll see the organizations remember their shares as much as 29 th of May (t 2).

So putting this beside the Iborrowdesk site’s info on the expense %of in 2015 and knowing this it’s fair to make the conclusion that they have not yet started the recall, but will start doing so in the next couple of weeks if they want to do so, and I believe they do.

We likewise learned from them straight that the offered float is only about 26.7 million.

What we also found out is the overall of institutional ownership which depends on date (at least I believe so) and they own33333438(58,5%)

This nevertheless does not include the amount of shares held by institutions bellow the 5%reporting limit.

We discovered the total shares on the inside is 11,674,085(165%)

This means that 75%of the total shares are secured or45008523 shares in total.

Implying that 26.7 is the float (give or take).

( fun truth DFV owns approximately over 1.25%of that openly readily available float)

Ever leveled a character to max stats? Rc did

Now they brought in an external celebration to summary who would be best placed where, and who would be the best at particular positions.

What did caught my eye was page 47 and page 48.

Real and Expected Executive Separations.
When it comes to Messrs. Homeister and Sherman,.
the table below presents an updated quote of their anticipated severance.
rights, with stock worths based on the closing price of our typical stock.
on April 15, 2021 ($15644). This is extra information and.
is supplied to provide more present price quotes of these executives' severance.
rights due to their approaching departures based upon upgraded stock.
rates, updated share quantities and,.
when it comes to Mr. Sherman, revised severance terms.

The amount shown in the table represents the worth of 812,703 shares of.
time-vested restricted stock that are expected to vest on an accelerated.
basis in connection with Mr. Sherman's departure, based on the closing.
price of our common stock on April 15, 2021 ($15644).
This does not include 308,477 shares of time-vested restricted stock.
that are expected to vest in the normal course on June 9, 2021,.
prior to the currently expected date of Mr. Sherman's departure.


I make sure there is way more to unload in these documents but this is what I was able to find so far. png?width=-LRB- & format=png & auto=webp & s=db8cb67 d12 f8deb960 dbd007098 b7f73299825 de

Sadly I need to end on some bad news, I have actually been doing these posts for months now, day in day out, frequently resulting in workdays of 10 to 15 hours a day. and at this moment it has began taking its toll on me.

I’m just worn out guys, I’m so fucking exhausted.

Checking whatever, making dailies, moderating whatever has asked a severe amount of me, I’ve begun disregarding a great deal of parts of my life and the most important people to me. And now a time has come where I have to look after my own individual mental and physical health.

So where to from here?

I will be taking a break, I’m not sure for the length of time, this could be a few days, a week or possibly longer.

I will still be on the moderator team but I will be in a more “background” function encouraging and assisting the team whenever and any place I can, and I’m glad that the entire mod team has my back in this and being super supportive.

Will the dailies be over? Nope!

I had an excellent talk with the group and two mods will be taking control of for me.

Our very own u/Bye _ Triangle as Brick Tamland, and u/pinkcatsonacid as our Veronica Corningstone. they will be submitting in for me as I rest up. how they do so is completely as much as them.

If I can leave you with some suggestions for when I’m incorrect it would be this:

Prevent tin foil, even if it looks tempting.

Think critically about whatever, this includes your own viewpoint, be open to the idea of being incorrect with something, this leaves room to find out and alter what you think.

Constantly concern whatever, constantly.

Do not kneejerk respond, if you see something take an action back, review it and then return, rule your emotions prior to they rule you. and choices made on feelings are often tough to come back from.

And plan your exit strategy nz32 awu61 jpg?width=-LRB- & format=pjpg & vehicle=webp & s=-LRB- bb50 cb3c76 dcca5c7978 b0614 b073 ffd3f028 w1ngmyawu61 png?width=-LRB- & format=png & auto=webp & s=c9a5f529 c08461 f596 b1ecc90 bf9a83 a56 d500 fb

Be friendly, assist others!

as always we are here from all various walks of life and all various countries.

This does not matter as we are all apes in here, and apes are pals.

Does not matter if you’re a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We assist each other, we care for each other.

Ape don’t battle ape, apes assist other apes

this assists us weed out the shills actually fast, as if everybody is helpful, the ones who aren’t stick out.

remember the basics of this company are great, so for the love of god if someone starts with trying to spread FUD, advise yourself of the fundamentals.

There is no sense of seriousness, this will come when it comes, be a week, be it a month be it six.

We do not care, simply be good and lets make this community as Exceptional as we can!

Keep in mind one of the only ways to counter the Cointelpro we have actually seen is by being overly good, so treat all the other apes as if you’re dating and you wan na get to very first base. n2bwu61 png?width=-LRB- & format=png & auto=webp & s=9cd12 a73 advertisement693 c29 f8f94 cb3ad2ceadfa3b2b3ba

Keep in mind none of this is financial recommendations, I’m so retarded I’m not allowed to go to the zoo ’cause they’ll put me in the cage with the rest of my ape brothers.

If anything occurs throughout the day I will be including it here.


And I’ll be posting updates as they occur here:

This was Ren Burgundy, signing off … well in the meantime.

I love you men and like this neighborhood and I’ll hopefully be back soon with more energy and a more relaxed state, in the meantime take care of eachother ok? be exceptional to everybody.

See you soon