They Actually Did It…

holy shit .. they actually.

i don’t even watch rick &&.
morty anymore , but justin
roiland was basically the
entire show of casts of

i wonder who will be
voicing rick &&. morty ??

— real collector 💫 (@ofsleepdemon) January 24, 2023

A lot of people can’t believe that a TV network actually cut a cash cow on principles. Different world now.


Just Cancel Rick and Morty

Honestly just cancel it and let the team make something new. Roiland is so entrenched in ‘Rick & Morty’ you’ll never get the stink of it.

— Dan Hacker (@danhacker) January 24, 2023

You know that it’s about to be hashtag. Just watch.


He’s Expendable

Why is everyone losing it that RiCk & MorTy won’t be the same without JuStink Roiland?? Mf does ONE voice for every character, that is so easily imitable…good impressionists are able emulate ENTIRE PEOPLE’S speech patterns please shut up 🤣🤣🤣

— meg (@bootlegmegz) January 20, 2023

Years of Rick and Morty impressionists posting their own YouTube videos make it seem at least plausible that you can replace Justin Roiland in the roles.


Won’t Be The Same…

Castellaneta is Homer. Henson is Kermit. Jon K is Ren. Rick & Morty minus Roiland is not Rick & Morty. That doesn’t mean it’s no longer good, it just no longer is what the name says it is.

— Ron Scalzo (@BaldFreakMusic) January 24, 2023

Close cousins to the “Cancel Rick and Morty” crowd are these somber souls. And who knows, by the end we all may be feeling just like them…


Good Call… Hope You Finish.

I don’t blame Adult Swim for their course of action regarding Roiland. Good call. I just don’t see how they can finish Rick & Morty without him.

— Alex Howe (@a_rodhowe) January 24, 2023

People are applauding Adult Swim‘s conviction – while openly wondering how they even go on without Rolan. Rock? Meet hard place.


Put Up, Or Shut Up

Whilst I agree with what they’ve done (domestic abusers should not have a platform) Roiland is Rick & Morty (literally, he voices them both), if they can’t find someone who can do both the voices correctly (not necessarily the same person for both) they should just kill the show

— Harley (@HarleyDavid98) January 24, 2023

It’s weird to see Adult Swim getting ultimatums in response to taking a moral stand… but the guy isn’t wrong though.


Still So Much Talent

Well this is honestly good news for me. My fiancé and I like Rick & Morty, but I felt that it would end since Justin Roiland is such a prick. But I’m glad to hear it’ll continue with the rest of the crew. Their talent is still apparent. Hopefully the new voices are good. 🙏

— ※🔥NeoPyre🔥※ (@NeoPyre) January 24, 2023

Some fans choose to take the hopeful outlook that the larger pool of talent behind Rick and Morty – plus some key new voices – can outweigh what is lost with Justin Roiland.


Rick and Morty’s Burgers

Replace Justin Roiland with H. Jon Benjamin on Rick & Morty. Never acknowledge it.

— Arndt You Writing? (@DanArndtWrites) January 24, 2023

If H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) simply took over another hit animated series role, would we really mind? Or even notice?


But What About The Gamers???

Damn😶 Never watched Rick & Morty, but it’s gonna be tough to have it go on when Justin Roiland voiced the main characters + others?

What Justin is being accused/sued for is horrible, domestic violence should never be accepted.

I’m just sad for Squanch Games/High On Life😭😢💔

— Canadian GAMEPASS Cowboy🤠💚🎮🇨🇦 (@Pokezard) January 24, 2023

Roiland started a gaming development studio in 2016 (Squanch Games) and they just put out a highly-anticipated third release (High on Life) in December, which was largely conceived by and starred Roiland. Yikes. All apologies to the team over there.


Fashion Faux Pas

Between Rick & Morty cutting ties with Justin Roiland and Panic At The Disco disbanding it must be a really bad day for dudes who wore Organization XIII coats to school

— Karn EX (@Karn_EX) January 24, 2023

That type is having a really bad time, lately, aren’t they?