My tongue hurts from eating too much salty foods, how long …

  • My tongue hurts from eating too much salty foods, how long will it take to heal?

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    Tongues are actually one of the fastest healing spots on the body. I bet you feel better by tomorrow. Be sure to drink lots of water however and try not to eat so much salt. You do more harm to the rest of your body than your tongue, which is trying to communicate that to you.


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    As long as you are breathing through your nose, it should only take a few days. Mouth breathing will dry out your tongue which could extend the time for it to recover from the excess salt.

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    There might be appearance of little bumps or in actual terms inflammation in the papila of the tongue. Papila are like outgrowths on the tongue were the taste buds are present. Cutting off of the papila causes the tongue to bleed in this case. It is called transient lingual papillitis (TLP). TLP is the inflammation of mushroom shaped or fungiform papila in the tongue after eating sugary foods. The cause of TLP is unknown. but it’s safe to say it’s not dangerous. The inflammation disappears after a couple of days. Sometimes washing with salt water also helps. Maintaining a good oral hygiene never hurts. TLP doesn’t appear just for sweet sugary foods it can also appear for sour foods too.

    Many people feel like a rash is induced on their tongue, which it’s not a rash, when they eat specific foods, in which one of them include of are pineapples. Even though pineapples have citric acid, the also have bromelain, an enzyme that digests proteins. Bromelain digests the tender skin inside the mouth. Pineapples are the only known food to have bromelain but there are other possible foods that could have it. To avoid this, you can cook pineapples and it’ll taste the same but without the bromelain. The heat denatures enzymes in the food.

    If you think that you have a mouth sore, which could be the case, avoid citrus fruits and juices, salty, spicy, and/or acidic foods. Do not drink carbonated or caffeinated drinks and refrain from any type of alcohol. Doing the above will prevent further damage and pain to your mouth.

    Hope this helped!

    -K. Truong

    If you’ve had this problem for years (as you have stated), you probably know by now to avoid these foods. That’s really the only answer – not eating them and then looking for a way to heal your tongue afterward.

    I have this problem with garlic and pineapple – the chemicals in them burn my tongue and cause it to swell or even blister. Once injured, the tongue seems to be more prone to future sensitivity and injury.

    I simply avoid them as much as possible. Easy to do when you cook your own food. In restaurants and at dinner parties, I inquire about ingredients and am careful.


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    Measures which may help to alleviate such a dry mouth include the following:

    Water may be the most readily available option and perhaps, the easiest. You could do this by taking in frequent sips of water from a bottle.

    Chewing sugar-free gum may help in stimulating salivary flow which could help in moistening the surfaces of the mouth. The sugar-free emphasis is to reduce the exposure to sugar.

    Avoiding alcohol may also be a good idea since alcohol is known to have a drying effect. This includes an alcohol-containing mouthwash.

    Caffeine could also contribute to dehydration. Therefore it may be best to stay away from tea, coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages when your mouth is already super dry.

    Smoking contributes to dryness of the mouth. And so a smoker experiencing dryness of the mouth may want to with-hold smoking at that time.

    “Salt suddenly burns the entire inside of my mouth, what could cause this?”

    If it burns the entire inside of your mouth, you may have developed a condition that affects the oral mucosa – there are many of them, oral candidiasis for example. Or you could have Burning Mouth Syndrome. Or you could have a vitamin deficiency. Or…

    You need to have the health of your mouth evaluated by a doctor or a dentist.


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    Since you didn’t say what weird feeling it was I assume you have almost a dull numbing feeling that is a lingering salty taste. Kinda turns towards a metal taste if not followed by water. The salt and vinegar acid drys the tongue out and leaves a slightly bad taste in your mouth. Salt/vinegar is a very strong taste but a satisfying compliment to most foods. It is an enhancement to flavor of meats, veggies, Potatoes, rice and many foods. You taste buds favor a salty taste or sweet taste, mine is salty. And leaves a slightly salty Tungue for a few minutes or till I drink.

    Care to explain your weird feeling

    Personally, I buy yogurt that has ACTIVE YEAST CULTURES eat a couple of them in a day and bumps are gone next day.

    If you are wondering how to cure lie bumps, then you should know that there is no foolproof cure for lie bumps. The remedies on how to get rid of lie bumps may work on some people and may not work on the others. Eating properly, however, may help prevent indigestion and digestive distress, therefore preventing the formation of lie bumps. Also, enhance the quality of your diet to keep your digestion healthy. You can do this by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Try and avoid refined foods, consuming whole grain foods instead. Further, since the deficiency of vitamin B has been associated with formation of lie bumps, the best home remedies for lie bumps are those that encourage the consumption of vitamin B. This increases the resistance to the formation of lie bumps in your mouth. Also try and avoid drinking any hot beverages when you are suffering from lie bumps and seeking measures on how to get rid of lie bumps on tongue because these can increase the inflammation of the bumps, leading to additional pain and discomfort.

    It never heals completely. The weak spot(s) do become less painful to unnoticeable but if you continue to over indulge in salt, the injury comes back full force in less and less time. Some injuries never completely heal and all major injuries do leave evidence even if it’s only detectable under a microscope.


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