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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 7h ·

    What do you think about those refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine stating, “I trust my body immune system”?

    My sons caretaker offers this response to why she’s not getting covid vaccinated (it’s mandated now so today might be the time the special needs workers are stood down after being provided 2 weeks extension, to re-think), she states her body immune system is strong and she doesn’t require the vaccine. Her immune …

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 7h ·

    How can the UK honestly their health care as much better than that of the United States?

    in October 2017 there was a shooting event in Las Vegas (that’s an understatement) where 55 were eliminated and 422 were hurt by shooting.
    When I googled “las vegas shooting victims medical bills” I got the following as the very first 3 hits:
    1. pf/insurance/las-vegas-sho …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 8h ·

    As a nurse, have you ever had a patient who you believed was acting in a “suspicious” manner?

    Not truly as a nurse but as an intern posted in OBGYN. I don’t exactly keep in mind the age however I understand she was a small. She included her mom in OBGYN OPD for the cessation of her menses for 2 months. It was when I was an intern and didn’t know any better. During my history taking, she was sort of rud …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 8h ·

    As a surgeon, what are some unusual surgeries that you had to perform?

    It occurred in 1975 when I was a surgeon in the Thanjavur Medical College Health Center in South India. It was a case of indirect inguinal (groin) hernia in a lady aged sixteen. Groin hernias happen in women too. Though not common it is not unusual. A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of an organ from its conta …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 13 h ·

    As a nurse, which patient absolutely disgusted you?

    Last year, when covid19 finally hit my little city. It was impossible to not see our locations numbers going up. A well enjoyed, popular leader in the neighborhood passed away from it. His funeral was a well covered occasion. This couple, late 60’s, well to do, incredibly blessed financially but likewise extremely …

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 13 h ·

    When did people lose the capability to absorb raw meat?

    Never. Have not you ever had sushi? We’re completely efficient in digesting raw meat. However we hardly ever do so. Why? We can absorb it, however it’s nevertheless challenging for us to consume. Still, that’s more to do with our jaws and teeth than the rest of our digestive systems. Our teeth aren’t constructed for rippi …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 13 h ·

    Is the health care in the US actually that costly? Why are so many people against universal healthcare?

    I’m a recent immigrant to the US (in reality, I’m a couple weeks far from getting my green card.) This time in 2016 I was living in Canada. When I immigrated, my now-wife and 2 kids were on Medicaid. Her premiums were $16 a month. That’s $16 more than I paid in Canada. So initially her premiums were $…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 20 h ·

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    What trends do you think were ridiculous?

    Perineum sunning. Yeah, It’s exactly what it seems like. Image source: link I. I can’t even. I had to go and research study why individuals were … mooning the sun. Anyway, it ended up being something based on ancient Taoist practises (since of course, it is): Wellness patterns appear to leave as rapidly as the …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sun ·

    As a doctor or nurse, did you ever have a frightening gut feeling about a patient that ended up being real?

    One evening a young woman can be found in, name was Charlie, to the emergency situation department with her papa. I thought it weird as she was 24 however her papa can be found in with her. He did most of the speaking for her and as I listened to him I saw the appearance of scary on her face. She looked scared and was shivering. H.

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Have you ever been rushed to the emergency clinic, however the physicians could not determine what was wrong with you?

    Yep. One night when I was 12, I was playing Mario Kart with my brother or sisters when I suddenly got a tingling sensation from my elbows down; I needed to stop briefly the video game, and ultimately went and informed my parents., They had me go wash them completely, thinking that maybe I ‘d merely gotten something on them. It …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Have you ever been treated poorly in a medical facility emergency room?

    I was18 and had simply finished High school and moved in my older sibling. I was job searching however had not discovered a task yet. I wound up with the worst ear infection I’ve ever had in both ears both ear canals were nearly swollen shut I felt like shit. My sis took me to a doctor’s officein their little to …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    What goes on in the operating space when a client is under anesthesia that might shock many people?

    The cosmetic surgeon normally selects her music. When shit takes place everyone ends up being very quiet and requires everybody to give whatever details is required for the cosmetic surgeons to make the ideal move. Aggravation does happen at times. Young doctors meaning 5 hours and have to faint are treated with fantastic resp …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Does the doctor eliminate the gown before an operation?

    I simply had stomach surgery (umbilical hernia). I woke up in a various dress than what I had on before surgery. I’m going to go with yes I was entirely naked in front of a team of people. I am a female and I had heart monitoring pads on me when I woke up as well so I know my breasts were seen …

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    How do the surgeons maintain a patient’s dignity throughout surgical treatment?

    I recently had surgical treatment for some female difficulties, and in my pre-surgical consultation, my doctor divulged that I ‘d invest the majority of the time in a position that some might consider undignified. I chuckled. I had a similar treatment in 2006 and nobody believed to bring this up. I had already figured how they …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    What would cosmetic surgeons like to see their clients do?

    Follow the pre-op and discharge guidelines as directed. That normally indicates: 1) Cleaning with a special disinfectant soap the day previously and the early morning of surgical treatment. It minimizes the threat of post surgical infections. Not everyone adheres to this. 2.) No food or water after midnight the night in the past, e.

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