My chest injures sometimes when drinking water. Why is this …

  • Ok. So this is my story about something similar.first of all I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IN ANY WAY, KIND, SHAPE, OR IDEAS. I’m just informing what occurred to me given that to many people this will appear like a foolish concern.

    Ok so there I was at work sanding the ceiling of a bathroom for two hours directly, all plaster joints by hand. Lunchtime rolls around. I’m sweating like a swine and decide to stop to go sit in the van and have my lunch, mashed egg, beetroot, lettuce, and ham sandwiches together with a huge bottle of water.

    Mmmm mm sandwich was tasty. Time for a drink of water, dried from sweating so much in the middle of summer season gulp down goes a litre of water (1 quart)

    No quicker than I ‘d reduced my bottle BOOOOM !! it felt as if someone had stack drived a 4×4 post into my chest. And right out my back. Fark it was sore. Instantly I stressed and believed SHHIIT IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!!! AAAAAAGHH the pain was extreme ~ 9.5/10 I climb up out of the van and sit on a tree stump out on the front lawn while sounding 111 the ambulance girl was talking to me asking me concerns while the ambulance was on the way … I was panicking freaking out thinking.why why now what the fuck is going on.

    The ambulance turns up, they quickly come by to me ask me a couple of questions and put me in the ambulance. They rapidly hooked me as much as some makers and looked extremely calm about the circumstance. After a fast check over they proceeded to repel with me to the hospital. The motorist asked 2 or 3? Medic states 3 so I stated what’s that mean? He said if it was a 1 we ‘d have Sirens going and lights on and speed to the hospital.if 2 we ‘d just have the lights on and rush. 3 means we’re simply gon na Cruise back great and calm.

    So we get to middlemore health center where there is normally a 6 hour wait on non immediate cases. I go directly into E.D they hook me up to great deals of makers check me for great deals of stuff, take xrays, ECG me about 5 or 6 times. Blood pressure.pulse, troponin, wells score the entire 9 backyards.

    After 6 hours they say your as healthy as can be, no lung scarring, heart is not over size organs are I the right places no “swellings” noticeable anywhere. Blood tests are all normal. Over all results “UN REMARKABLE” they called everything. No concerns, released. No medical diagnosis.

    So I capture the train home my van is on the opposite of the city and its supper time. I get to my suburban area, leave the train and wonder if I need to get a taxi.then decide nah its only a 3.5 km walk (2.25 miles) I get home sit down to supper and the very first mouthful of food (broccoli) BOOOM it hits once again. Faaaaaark I thought, I’m driving myself there this time, returned to the healthcare facility. Ran through the very same tests once again, what a nightmare.

    So it’s midnight I’m lying there half sleeping with a needle in my hand and wires stuck all over me. And 2! Doctors come in to see me. They were a bit baffled as to how that much discomfort could reveal ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on any of their tests. Thanks to their questioning they both came to the conclusion from me telling them initially it was water when i was thirsty and then food after.

    They both concurred that level of thirst and absence of electrolytes might cause cramping. They could not identify this unless I had an ultrasound imaging gadget on Me WHILE it was taking place. But stated it was “esophageal spasms” causing the pain.

    explained in this link Michigan Medicine

    It happened ONCE AGAIN, in a different city where I was living.And as soon as again it confused the shit out of the doctors once again.

    Now this story is completely genuine and all occasions are truthful. If this pain you had is moderate and less agonizing than my episodes. Still get it had a look at. Strong or mild chest pain must always get taken a look at. Do not just assume you have what I had. It might be or it might not be.sounds like what took place to me. So I simply wanted to let you understand and everyone. It happens.

    Thanks for checking out if you made it this far through my novel. I’ll take it to the publishers tomorrow.

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