‘Morning Program’: Julianna Margulies on the Message Behind Her Jennifer Aniston Conflict in Season 2

‘Morning Program’: Julianna Margulies on the Message Behind Her Jennifer Aniston Conflict in Season 2

[This story contains spoilers for season two, episode nine of Apple’s The Morning Show, “Testimony.”]

In the penultimate episode of The Early Morning Program’ s 2nd season, Jennifer Aniston‘s Alex Levy approaches Julianna Margulies‘ Laura Peterson with a concern that has been plaguing her throughout the whole season: Why don’t you like me?

The inquiry generates a scoff from Margulies, whose veteran anchor character was generated to upset the balance between the starring anchors in season two. On the Apple TV early morning news drama, Laura’s success has made her an expert hazard to Aniston’s Alex. (Meanwhile, she has ended up being a love interest for Reese Witherspoon‘s Bradley Jackson, who has been having her own coming-out journey this season.)

As audiences have heard Laura inform it, she was outed as gay in the ’90 s and was subsequently fired from her task as a lead early morning reveal anchor. The source of the info, Laura has always thought, was Alex. Now, decades later, the existing Morning Show star takes ownership of her actions. After 2 seasons of facing her own complicity and complicated relationship with Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), a sexual predator, Alex pertains to Laura after being rocked by Mitch’s death in the episode prior And the conflict brings their long-dormant drama to the surface.

” It was gossip.

Margulies, who has safeguarded her casting and spoken out versus making presumptions about a star’s sexuality, notes here that the message behind this scene was an important one, which is why she states she approached the complexities of Laura with care and idea. “I’ve just seen it over and over again where individuals’ lives are truly reversed by somebody’s reckless little snippet of chatter,” she informs The Hollywood Press Reporter “You see this causal sequence and what it does, the damage it does to individuals’ lives, [you see] that it is up to them to decide whether they desire individuals to understand their sexuality.” Adding, “Let’s bear in mind how we deal with each other.”

In talking to THR ahead of the season, Margulies discussed that scene, in addition to Laura and Bradley and what their future might hold: “I actually enjoy their relationship and I believe that even the bit that you see [between them] will alter Bradley.” Read the chat, below.

What attracts you to the tv functions you handle at this point in your career, and what attracted you to Laura Peterson?

That’s a possibility in a lifetime to be on a show I was a huge fan of to begin. And then they used me the function of Laura Peterson and revealed me the outline of who she was. Kerry Ehrin, the showrunner, had actually done this amazing, huge, extensive background on who Laura Peterson is– which is extremely uncommon, especially in TV world; whatever is moving so fast and you do not get that.

When audiences first satisfy Laura, she’s introduced as a brand-new UBA anchor. Then, spoiler alert, she ends up being Bradley’s love interest and a big part of the season.

When I watched Bradley that very first season, she’s spiraling out of control. I felt like this character of Laura, who is so calm due to the fact that she’s so comfy in her own skin, comes in and enables the viewers to enjoy these characters that they’ve known for a season through her eyes and see the crazy. And Laura is able to be that lifeboat for Bradley while she’s going down, and for Bradley to sort of cling to her in that mentor way.

Also, I think Bradley is constantly looking for love because she didn’t have it from her mom and father. Although Bradley enjoys her brother, everybody is too preoccupied with themselves. And here is this female, Laura, who is so comfy and calm, that you desire Bradley to discover haven. It nearly felt more like a safe haven of a relationship. From Laura’s point of view, it’s a lot of fun. Laura’s not interested in mayhem and drama; she lived that already. She’s a truth-teller, and she says to Bradley, “I don’t live turmoil. Your life doesn’t need to be [chaos], you have choices.” And I think that’s sort of a revelation to Bradley. She doesn’t understand she has choices. This girl has not had the right mentorship and guidance.

The role progresses as audiences learn more about Laura’s experience of being outed previously in her profession and then enjoy her come back to early morning television just to have her relationship with Bradley then be outed What did you want to give playing her in terms of the intricacies and sensitivities of Laura’s history?

The crucial thing to me was that the lines I was stating rang real. And then that ripple effect, which ends up costing Laura her task and eventually forces her to reconstruct her life.

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Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) and Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) reuniting behind the Early Morning Program desk in “Statement.”
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It was also a really various time. I keep in mind believing how brave Ellen had been when she came out and what a substantial deal everyone was making about it.

I don’t walk around talking about my sexuality, and yet I’ll drop “my husband” and not even believe about it. For individuals to take responsibility for their actions and to be conscious, I believe, is a truly essential message.

In this episode, Bradley takes to heart Laura’s suggestions about putting herself first with her household and her sibling’s dependency concerns. How do you see Laura’s effect on Bradley heading into the finale?

I do not believe Laura thought the relationship with Bradley was going to go much further after[their first kiss] That it does is a bonus offer. But I think, as it goes further, it ends up being much more intellectually intimate because Bradley begins to show all her wounds. She’s a wounded animal, and I think Laura is great at licking those wounds since she is a caretaker. She’s also very great at understanding limits. So it’s a truly gentle sort of dance that she does with Bradley. I love their relationship, I truly do. I do not understand where it’s going to go [beyond season two], however I actually love their relationship and I think that even the bit that you saw will alter Bradley, whether Bradley is with her or not.

Interview has been modified for clarity.

The very first 9 episodes of season two of Apple’s The Early Morning Program are now streaming.

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