Is Microsoft Rewards a scam or is it a real opportunity?

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    It’s real. I have been earning gift card rewards through it every 10 days or so for many months. The rewards come through email the same day you request them. The only issue I’ve ever had is that a couple of their rewards-earning quizzes haven’t worked quite right, but those issues were cleared up within a day…

    On top of my mind, Google doesn’t have such thing, which is quite reasonable though. Google has had way too many people using their searching service already and would be less motivated to attract its users when Bing is relatively (far) behind in the competition. The results produced by Bing search are normally poorer and less accurate, according to my personal perspective.

    Anyway, I am currently an active fan of the Bing Rewards program and have found that we can get used to the way Bing returns its searching results. It feels more fun to gain something for every search you do. The way Microsoft constructs their Rewards program is quite comprehensive, too.

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    Doing MS rewards (formerly known as Bing Rewards) honestly (i.e. clicking the links and making decent searches, takes about 5 minutes on your computer and another 5–7 minutes on your cell phone or tablet. In return, you can amass points close to worth 30 cents US per day. Every 3 weeks, you can redeem a $5 amazon GC or a little more than that if you spend your points in the Microsoft store. Is it worth your time ? It is totally up to you. It is worth to me, because, I read news on Bing and my time is not wasted. If they give me back 30 cents for it, it is the gravy on top.

    I’ve been using Microsoft Rewards for 3 years now. Basically you accrue points through certain actions like making searches on Bing or buying things on the Microsoft Store. Once you accrue enough points you can exchange them for rewards like gift cards. I believe the only requirements are a Microsoft Live account and a valid phone number.

    Since I’ve started, I have gotten over $100 in Amazon gift cards simply by using Bing.

    Do you mean the Microsoft Rewards program points? The Rewards program is a contract between the user and Microsoft where Microsoft “pays” the user for useage data. They track your searches, and use that data to help them refine their ad algorithms, learn about user browsing habits (to better target content) and sell companies on advertising through their service.

    They offer incentives (such as online sales earning points) and the daily challenges (plus on-going bonuses) to keep people interested in providing the data. I’ve earned several hundred dollars (plus an assortment of bonus rewards like 6 months of free Gamepass) through the program over the years, and I’m certain that Microsoft’s managed to more than break even in the exchange.

    In 1968 I went to a semi-indoor firing range for pistol practice (it was dug into the side of a hill and had a roof but was open on two sides). I didn’t bring my shooter’s ear plugs but put cotton in my ears.

    Driving back I could hear nothing but a roaring n my ears. After about 2 weeks it had decreased to a background sound of high-pitched whining, like steam venting in an industrial plant.

    This tinnitus been going on for 52 years now – a bit of a bother but I can put up with it.

    Now the odd part – my older brother, who has never fired a weapon, commented to me recently that he had tinnitus. I told him about mine and asked what had set his off. He never gave me an answer – I suspect that it just grew on him and he couldn’t say when it started.

    So – was I destined to develop tinnitus anyway?

    At least I’ll know I’m dead when it stops.

    I’m not sure why it automatically installed, but it might have if you’re using Edge. Actually, it’s an awesome service where you can earn points every day for checking the news items on Bing or doing other searches. I used to work for Microsoft and we were “encouraged” to use Bing rather than Google. Ever since then I’ve been signed up for rewards.

    You earn a specific number of points on desktop and also on mobile every day. In addition, you earn extra points for quizzes and other special events. You can redeem these points for a variety of rewards that you choose (Amazon gift cards, XBox Gift Cards, Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, etc.)

    I’ve been sticking to Amazon Gift cards and average about 3 five dollar gift cards every six-seven weeks. In all I’ve earned close to $1,000 in gift cards.

    It’s a great way to earn money for doing searches online. I highly recommend it!

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    No Microsoft is not a scam but people scammers will contact you saying there a problem on you computer. Hang up never let a unknown connect to fix or check your computer.

    I was once told that if you hear ringing, you have hearing damage. One shot? Meh. You probably won’t notice what’s missing. You asked this question several days ago. I imagine your hearing is back to normal already.

    Frankly, I’m surprised your hearing was muffled after two hours, but it will likely depend upon just how loud the gun was. A .22 is annoying. A .44 magnum is much louder. A rifle with a muzzle brake? That’s going to really hurt.

    Still, you’re probably going to be just fine and have hopefully had a reminder about gun safety.

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    This will last until the inflammation from the noise damage wears off. But the noise damage stays, even though the brain adapts to the loss in sensory input and you feel you are hearing „properly“ again. Audiometry will show damage you are not aware of.

    I don’t use any brand of fabric softener.

    I don’t like the artificial, chemical-type of scent and it seems to leave a coating on the fabric that makes things like towels less absorbent.

    Bing Ads is ‘legit’ and operates rather similarly to Google Ads. The only reason why someone might think Bing Ads is a scam is because Google dominates the search market at 76% global market share – source. Coming in second is Baidu, and third and fourth is Bing and Yahoo! at a combined total of 6%:

    Image source

    Although reach is much smaller on the Bing Ads network, it still comprises of 140 million monthly users – which still proves a large audience to reach. If you’re able to run a test on Bing with adequate budget, there’s no reason not to try it out and see if results are favorable. There are way too many variables to completely rule out 140 million monthly users simply based on the fact that it reaches less people.

    I’ve had tinnitus for years, probably from having my ears 18 inches away from 200 watts of siren speaker during my early years on an ambulance. (Part of the reason you see siren speakers on the front bumper or under the hood of emergency vehicles now.) My tinnitus has never been a problem, except when I started developing symptoms of Meniere’s Disease. Increasingly louder ringing, with nausea and vertigo, and the feeling like someone had squeezed a tube of glue into my ear canal. I had to take myself out of service on morning when the vertigo almost caused me to have several crashes. I was down for the count for almost four weeks before I could return to active duty.

    It hasn’t been a problem for over 20 years, only the occasional minor flare up. But it never interfered with my job performance.

    But it’s really an individual thing. If your hearing is compromised you may not be able to pass a department physical exam.

    Best of luck to you.

    No. Bing rewards is not a scam.

    I have redeemed the Microsoft rewards points to gift cards more than once.

    In my, Bing rewards is the easiest option to earn $5 to $10 every month to use the Bing search engine for few minutes everyday.

    However, it is not available worldwide. Currently, Microsoft Bing Rewards is available only in the following countries.

    • Australia
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Hong Kong
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Singapore
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Taiwan

    If you are residing in any other country, then you won’t receive any rewards and think it is a spam.

    In the beginning of the last rinse cycle.

    Or put some softener on a wet washcloth and toss in the dryer with the wet clothes. No dryer sheet to throw away.

    I use cider vinegar in the last rinse, it reduces the soap, leaves clothes whiter, fresh and sort of static free.

    Or dryer balls which absorb water, help to fluff clothes and leave them soft. Better for the environment.

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