Is it possible to imagine physical pain?

  • Is it possible to imagine physical pain?

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    Absolutely. Pain is complicated, and it can have a multitude of causes at the same time. It’s well known that, other than the traditional nocioceptive and neuropathic pains, a third, unclassified category exists. It’s not imaginary pain. The pain is very real, but we just don’t know what causes it.

    It’s important to remember that. Your pain is one hundred percent real, even if you don’t have a gaping wound to “prove” it. You don’t have to live in pain. If this is a chronic condition, you should be getting proper treatment for it. In my (limited) experience, this type of pain is most often treated with low doses of antidepressants or anticonvulsants, but you should talk to your doctor about it. If they don’t/can’t help, consider seeing a pain management specialist.

    Yes, very much. If we always think that we are having this decease or pain in this part of my body, gradually we may feel it as good as we may develope the decease too. This is psychology problems. Sometimes there may be no decease or pain but still you may feel it. Not only pain, the problems we go through in life also can be caused by our imagination.

    When my daughter was in school she did not want to study. She developed pain in her right hand. Doctor said actually she did not have any physical problem, the problem was in her mind. As she did not want to do homework she had developed pain in her right hand and though it was imaginary she was getting the pain actually. This is the power of imagination. So, imagine everything positively and the result also will be positive.

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    Define “imagine.”

    It’s 100% documented, possible, and not even particularly uncommon to experience pain that is psychological in origin, rather than due to physical damage to the body (which is the “normal” cause of pain).

    Stress, anxiety and depression are all common psychological issues known to manifest themselves as physical pain, such as back, muscle or joint pain.

    The question is, if you feel pain, does it make it “less real” if it’s psychological in origin?

    Yes, you can. Phantom-pain is regularly felt by amputees, as an example.

    Here is a simple trick to demonstrate how you can easily trick your body into feeling something that is not real: Imagine a lemon. A yellow, normal lemon. Now imagine that you peel it, so in your hand you now have an imaginary peeled lemon. Now imagine that you eat the whole thing, in large chunks. Feel it?


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    If you are referring to thinking you are in pain and having all the feelings of pain when there’s no actual pain then the answer is yes. Cases like this have been documented.

    If I didn’t understand your question correctly, please let me know what you meant and I will try to answer again.

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    Yes… I actually almost passed out in English class today because we were watching the movie about the guy who got stuck in the canyon and had to snap his arm off to survive.

    Before it even got to the bit where he snapped his arm off I almost passed out because I could just feel it I could feel my arm snapping off as if it were his.

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