Is 600 mg of THC a lot for an edible?

  • I’ve never ingested 80 mg of THC before (I don’t think I ever would), but I did ingest a little over half that once just to see what it would be like. Before I describe the experience, I should state that I basically have no tolerance. I don’t smoke weed at all and I eat edibles a couple times a year. About half a year ago, I went to a dispensary in Nevada and bought some gummies. Each gummy contained 10 mg of THC in them. I ate four and a half. Immediately after eating the handful of gummies, I felt pretty satisfied. The gummies tasted good. A blended mix of mango and pineapple, two of my favorite fruits. I sat down on the couch in my living room, turned on the TV, and put on some cartoons (I think it was an episode of Adventure Time). I started watching the cartoons and waited for the edibles to kick in. After about 45 minutes had passed, I started noticing some minor changes. I was much happier and more content with my life. The cartoon I was watching was starting to get funnier. I kept laughing at stupid jokes. I also started staring at various things around the room. I’d stare at a shirt on my couch or a poster on the wall and I really started looking at small details that would’ve been insignificant to me before. The lights in the room started getting brighter as well. Random thoughts began to pop into my head. After an hour had passed, these effects got a lot more intense. I started feeling slightly nauseous, but it wasn’t that bad. The cartoon I was watching was starting to get hilarious. I would howl with laughter at things that weren’t even intended to be funny. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I had waves of euphoria passing through my entire body, my arms and legs were tingling with feelings of what felt like electricity (not in a painful way – it felt extremely pleasurable), and I now had faint closed eye visuals. Mostly arrays of rotating shapes and spinning tunnels made of colorful fractals. Everything I was hearing was started to get slightly distorted. Music sounded better than usual, people’s voices sounded a little different, and I even started hearing things that weren’t there (footsteps of people that weren’t there, my fiancé calling my name, knocking on my front door, bathroom faucets running, etc.). After an hour and a half had passed, it was getting harder and harder to think rationally. I was still able to add single digit numbers together, but concentrating enough to solve an algebra problem was simply beyond me. Even walking to the kitchen took an insane amount of concentration. It was like I had to consciously think about and plan out every movement. My mouth started to get extremely dry, but I couldn’t focus enough to go get a glass of water. I somehow got to the kitchen, but I grabbed a dirty pot from the sink instead of a glass. I filled it up with water and drank from it anyway. I filled it up again and tried to bring it back to where I was sitting. I ended up tripping over my feet and I dropped it onto the floor. I howled like a hyena and fell back onto the couch laughing for a few minutes. My thought patterns were starting to get really weird. I started having delusional beliefs. At one point, I was convinced I was supposed to go to a party at a friend’s house (I didn’t have any plans that day). At another point, I thought I was a band playing music for a music video (I was all five members in the band at once). After about two hours had passed, I was higher than I had ever been. My brain felt like it was being roasted over a campfire (it felt good at the time). I noticed that I was seeing strong tracers when I moved my hands in front of my face. I also had vivid closed eye visuals. Like zoomed out LSD visuals. The colors were intense. It was beautiful to look at, so I put a blindfold on and watched them for awhile. It eventually began to feel like a weak acid trip (I’ve taken LSD before). I started having thought loops. I drank the same sip of water from a glass over and over again. I started having trouble remembering the order of events that were happening. I had an insane amount of time distortion. 1 minute would feel like hours had passed by. At one point, I thought something like six hours had gone by, but it had only been ten minutes. I had experienced this before with LSD, so it didn’t bother me that much. I kept thinking I was at the peak of the experience, but it just kept getting more intense. At some point, I stumbled into the bathroom giggling like Heath Ledger at the end of The Dark Knight and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My face was cycling through a bunch of different expressions (none of them were the one I was currently making). It looked like my reflection had a mind of its own. I looked at the shower curtain and it was flapping around like a flag in a hurricane. I looked at the bathroom tiles and began to see scenery slicing. I tried to use the toilet, but I couldn’t without falling onto the floor. My fiancé had to come in and help me. I managed to take a piss with her help and I stumbled back into the living room. I sat down on the floor and closed my eyes. The floor started to feel like Jello. I was bouncing up and down on it like a trampoline. Suddenly, I was on a ride at Hershey Park and I was going down this long tunnel. It was getting faster and faster and I was convinced I was actually there. I snapped out of it and opened my eyes. After three hours had passed, I began to have open eye visuals. Faintly colored shifting shapes and patterns were everywhere I looked. On the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling. Everywhere. The warning label on a laptop charger looked like a picture of a train. Objects would morph into faces if I looked at them closely. The blades of the ceiling fan in the living room drooped down like the tentacles of an octopus. I no longer had any form of rational thought. The floors and walls were wobbling like Jello, almost breathing. I could no longer concentrate enough to do things like open my mouth or close my eyes or move a finger. I started to think I was one of the floorboards. I just closed my eyes and started watching the closed eye visuals. They were so brightly colored and detailed that I sometimes forgot they weren’t real. I opened my eyes eventually and I reached the most intense part of the trip (about three and a half hours after I ingested the gummies). I could no longer think the same way I think normally. I had multiple thought streams and these changed every time my heart beat (which was now extremely rapid). At one point, I thought I was several different people at once (none of them were me). Each one of those people had a different thought stream. My fiance’s face was extremely distorted and I became horrified at one point looking at her. She seemed to have two smaller versions of her face on each of her cheeks and there were a couple eyes in her hair. She looked like the girl from The Grudge too. She got me to stop panicking and she brought me into the bedroom to have sex. It was absolutely incredible. I orgasmed harder than I ever had before. It felt like my entire body was electrocuted with lightning made of pure ecstacy for what felt like minutes. At this point, I felt like I had taken LSD and I even convinced myself that I had accidently ingested some and that the gummies were laced with it (obviously this was not possible because the gummies were from a dispensary). I started having conversations with inanimate objects. I think I talked to a sock about what I wanted for my birthday although I’m pretty sure my fiance said I wasn’t even speaking at this point (I was just babbling like a baby). The stars outside my window had rainbow halos around them and they seemed to be smiling at me. The peak lasted for a few hours and then gradually got less and less intense as time passed on. I woke up still high 14 hours after I had ingested the gummies. I felt completely normal 18 hours after ingesting the gummies. I have no idea why, but consuming cannabis edibles is quite a psychedelic experience for me. I know some people will say I’m lying, but I don’t really care. Hope this helps.

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