If a human ate poop, what would actually happen?

  • First of all, you’d probably throw op.

    Afterwards you would sit down and contemplate on what good you are doing with your life, whilst drooling shit and shaking like a maniac.

    Well, I have to confess to having done this a number of times. How many times? I’m not sure, I’ve lost track but it has never, never, never made me sick nor have I ever had any ill effects from it whatsoever.

    But one thing has been lost in this discussion. Not all “turds” taste the same. Some softer, gooier turds taste so vile that I simply couldn’t swallow them without retching on it. I often had to spit it back out.

    But I’ve had other turds that taste quite a bit better. I’ll often take a swig or urine to wash them down.

    Obviously having a desire like this is not normal. If it were up to me, I wish I didn’t have it. I can trace this back to my earliest childhood. I have no idea what causes it nor does anybody else.

    But, if you do not have a fetish like this – consider yourself fortunate!

    Best Regards,

    A poop eater.

    I never tasted it myself, but a bully did.

    Back in about grade 5, a larger boy used to bully me and started to take things of mine. Such as my lunch or snacks.

    While cleaning out the kitty litter one evening, I noticed that the cat poop looked just like chocolate lady fingers covered in coconut. My Wheels were spinning now!

    My mom gave me a fancy chocolate box and I was so happy to clean out the kitty litter the day before going back to school.

    “Gift” in hand, I went to school. He didn’t bug me before school started. First recess, he threw me down a hill as the bell rang, so I got in late. And covered in snow.

    Lunch time arrived and with my lunch spread out on the table and candies to the side, I started to eat a sandwich.

    Bully shows up grabs the “chocolates” and I tell him to put them down. They were not for him. He would not like them.

    A challenge! He grabbed a handful and shoved the turds in his mouth and chewed with his mouth open so I could see he was eating my goodies!

    At that point, I grabbed my stuff and just ran! I knew the taste would kick in in a few seconds. I was just turning the first corner when I heard him bellow something, and then he start to throw up.

    He went home for the next couple of days and when he came back, me never bugged me again. Maybe he will see this question and tell us how it tasted.

    well I have to dissagree I have been eating my own poop since I was 10 reguarly everyday and I am now 48 yrs old and healther than most other people and I eat it 5 to 6 times daily

    30% of the feces mass is bacteria- good and bad. Remaining is undigested food particles consumed earlier mixed with bile giving the distinct color. So technically there is calorie in the feces. So go ahead, make your own buffet as long as you are alone in your festivity. Most other humans find the odor repulsive.

    I have read through the answers and many comments and am thoroughly disgusted.

    It isn’t poop, it is SHIT, is WASTE, it is EFFLUENT, it is NOT FOOD, it WAS FOOD. If you missed it then I reiterate it is SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.

    Why does is come out of your arse, behind you? So you can expel it, without have to examine it, and walk away.

    Eating it is disgusting and makes mockery of the lengths we go to in cleaning our villages, towns and cities of it. Look at the death toll from such as cholera in London because the SHIT was contaminating the drinking supply.

    Why do we go to such expense to have such sewage undertakings, it is because having SHIT around is deadly.

    Eating it is a dirty, disgusting, perverted habit.


    Like drinking your own pee, eating your own poop is perfectly safe. Unlike pee, your poo isn’t sterile, it’s full of bacteria. But the bacteria is all your own stuff. It lives inside your intestines and helps you digest your food. If you eat some of your own poo that is reasonably fresh, you’ll just bring the bacteria back where it came from.

    However, eating someone else’s poo or licking someone else’s butt can introduce new bacteria into your system. If the person is unhealthy, then eating their poo could transmit any bad bacteria into your intestines, or other things like various sorts of worms, and your health might become compromised as well.

    However, if the person has good bacteria in their intestines, there could be a health benefit to eating their poo. In fact, fecal transplants are a real thing, though when taken orally they are given in the form of a capsule rather than eating the poo directly.

    Coprophilia is also a thing – it’s a sexual fetish for poo. I’ve heard it more often called a ‘scat fetish’. Men seem to have this fetish more than women, but it does cross gender lines. As with most fetishes, the specifics vary from person to person. Some like to eat poo; others like to have it thrown at them; some like to play with it like clay; others like the smell; some like to lose control in embarrassing situations; others like to watch other people go to the bathroom; and so on. As with other fetishes, each variation is intensely personal, each element having its own profound significance, and often with an origin that is mysterious to the person themselves.

    Nothing much,I have seen people with mental health problems and dementia eating faeces,none of them had ill effects but it does have ill effects on the health professionals who see it, or who have to clean the excrement out of their mouths.I have seen 4/5 nurses and doctors all retching during this process,myself included! One man even enlightened us to the fact that his faeces,had crunchy bits! That revelation caused all of us to start retching and vomiting again! Nasty!

    If done consistently, you will become Vice President of a non-descript but large company or the personal assistant to the CEO of a “challenging” company

    While I think this is a disgusting thing to do…

    I want to add some Factual extra information:

    the article states that you will catch several sicknesses from eating your poop:

    • E. Coli
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis E
    • Viral Pneumonia
    • Polio
    • Influenza


    (to be technical), you will only catch these things if you already have them!!!

    if you eat bananas and vegetables and food all day long,,, you will poope the waste of this food. PLUS your dead blood cells, bile and other body waste products. but there is no virus or polio or hep.A or other bad diseases!!!!

    if the food you eat was infected with E.Coli and Hep. A and Polio, then you would have gotten sick from eating the food the 1st time around, (not from eating the poop).

    if you already have Hep A or Polio, then you would just be re-consuming the same virus that you already have.

    Seriously, eating poop is gross.. I dont really recommend it. Lol

    but the article above is VERY INCORRECT.

    if you do want something to worry about,, then you should consider Parasites!

    re-ingesting your own parasites (if you have any) would start their life-cycle over again (within you).

    if you attempt eating another persons poop, you could well be ingesting parasite eggs, thus giving yourself parasites. (hook-worms, pin-worms, round-worms etc)

    SO DONT DO IT !!!!

    If you are healthy, nothing will happen. I have eaten my own poop a few times just out of curiosity. I am perfectly fine. It actually doesn’t taste bad at all. You just have to get past the smell and you’re fine. Now if you’re talking about eating another persons poop, that might be a different story because you’re getting new bacteria introduced into your body. With your own poop it’s still just your own bacteria going back in. But if the person whose poop you’re eating is healthy then I don’t see the harm in it. I’d actually like to try someone else’s sometime. We could eat each other’s if you’re down. Anyway, if you eat healthy poop you’re fine regardless of if it’s yours or somebody else’s.

    I will have to disagree with Mr. Brown here, eating your own poo is not safe. Sure it is all your own bacteria, but when eating your own or anyone else’s poo you get the bactera from the colon into your stomach. That will and I say WILL lead to diseases like for example diarrhea or in many cases worse because of the E. Coli bacteria you bring to your stomach.

    You take bacteria from an entirely different “ecosystem”, the bacteria in the colon was never meant to be in your stomach.

    “Don’t eat poop” -Everyone Ever 😉

    Assuming the person it came from was healthy – not much. Coprophagia is common in many animal species and is one of the many less mainstream forms of human sexual activity but faeces is not, of itself, toxic or harmful.

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