How to see how I’m connected to 2nd and 3rd degree connections …

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    UPDATED: Points 8–10 were added 2 weeks after original answer.

    1. Go to your LinkedIn account home page.
    2. Type in the persons name into the Search box.
    3. Find the right person’s profile as there may be multiple results, or if you are looking at a list of names click on the persons profile.
    4. To the right of their name will be one a number.
    5. 1st means they are a direct connection.
    6. 2nd means you have a mutual connection on LinkedIn and you can usually reach out to connect with them.
    7. 3rd means you know someone who knows someone who knows them.
    8. On the right hand side of their profile look for the ‘Visit Connections’ right above their Contact info and click on it.

    9. A box will appear with Shared and All. Depending on the persons own setting you may be able to see All their connections but usually most people have that option switched off.

    10. Click on Shared and you will see the 2nd Connections you share. You can then see if there is anyone you an reach out to to ask for an introduction or if it’s ok to use their name in sending an invitation to connect.

    Thanks to Harrison Bolin for requesting my answer.

    Thanks to Ted Herzog for requsting the extra explanation needed in points 8–10

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    If you use Linkedin Sales Navigator you can run a report really easily which outlines all your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. You can get hyper-targeted using the tool and it saves massive amounts of time when prospecting.


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    How do I find out who the connection is between myself and 2nd or 3rd degree connection on LinkedIn?

    One part of your question is answerable; the other is not.

    2nd degree

    Simply that person’s profile on LinkedIn and scroll down to the Highlights section. Any common connections (there can certainly be more than one) should be listed in that section.

    3rd degree

    LinkedIn does not allow you to pierce this veil of mystery any longer. This used to be possible but not anymore.

    By doing a search for people and using the filters 2nd and 3rd degree. Here are a couple screenshots for free/premium and sales navigator.


    Go to your connections listing page[LinkedIn], then enter his/her name on search input, see screenshot below:


    You can see your second connections of someone in your network, see screenshot below:

    If you need to extract your first connections with email address, please drop me a message here:


    What can 3rd degree connections on my LinkedIn profile?

    By default, a 3rd degree connected on LinkedIn can only your public profile. This is a redacted version that normally does not include recommendations, education, skills, or a profile photo. It normally does include name, location, summary, and work experience.

    That said: a given user can choose to redact more of the foregoing, or show more of the information such that the public profile is identical to the full profile. This can be changed from the following link:

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    When you are connected to someone on LinkedIn, it will show up as a 1st degree connection. To see this, do a search on the person and their profile. If there is a 1st next to their name, it means you are connected to them directly (1st degree connection),

    The search filters should allow that most of the time.

    However, whening the profiles of some of your connections, you may not see anyone who is a 2nd-degree to you. This means that the owner of the profile elected to show only those connections that the two of you share.

    Only when they have a paying account

    You can’t. You can only see your shared connections, if you have any.

    Level two – 2nd degree connections

    2nd degree connections are the people your level one connections are connected to (their network), or if you like “friends of your friends”. You will be able to see their full profile, but not their email address or phone number, and you will only be able to see their public activity.

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