How to pass away without discomfort in 1 minute

  • How can I pass away without pain in 1 minute?


    There is Help

    Need Aid? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to get in touch with a suicide hotline.

    – Worldwide

    In general, if you’re outside the United States, numbers for your nation are here:
    Assist a buddy – Befrienders Worldwide You can likewise e-mail [email protected] to speak with someone or go to … to talk to someone.

    – United States

    Call the
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273- TALK (8255).

    Para español, llame al 1-888-628-9454

    – Canada

    Find a crisis centre in your area and at The Canadian Association for Suicide Avoidance (link to: …). For youth under 20, you can call the Children Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868

    – India

    AASRA or call their 24/ 7 helpline at 91-22-27546669 or 91-22-27546667 You can likewise e-mail [email protected]

    – UK 116 123 (to reach the Samaritans in the UK)

    – France (33) 01 46 21 46 46

    – Australia 13 11 14

    This is not Just to respond to but to get the attention of others who have answered. HOW do you understand that all the methods discussed are either pain-free, easy, etc etc??

    Has ANYBODY lived to inform that it was?

    However to the person who asked how to die in one minute? I have actually checked out stories composed by Nurses who worked in E.R’s experienced suicide victims who endured. They were Scary stories! There IS No Easy way to die. PLEASE CALL A SUICIDE HOTLINE! (If you are serious). They will point you in the best instructions to getting the assistance you require to truly wishing to live once again. Think that God enjoys you. You just can not feel it because of the depression. Take ONE day at a time. Sounds corny but it works. I endured the death’s of my beloved Mother & & fiance (suddenly) within a year a 1/2! Then the 3rd feline I had that I felt resembled a soulmate he was So incredibly Unique. One day just GONE! My life is all losses. My God Jesus saw me through all of it. Now I’m losing my house, but it’s alright since He is seeing me through! If you can – try to check out the book of John in the Bible (New Testimony). I’ll pray for you– God bless.

    About 40 years ago, I sat down with all my suicide props lined up in front of me, and contemplated the act. I had actually been deeply depressed for months. I didn’t want to go on. I sat down and looked inside my mind, my heart (what there was of it!) and I realised something …

    I saw that I was absolutely totally free. That I had one life, and it was full of unlimited possibilities. I recognised that the alternative to suicide was outright freedom. That all the things I believed were holding me back, constraining me from living the complete life a part of me yearned for … it was all ideas and absolutely nothing else. Immaterial.

    I saw that as an alternative to my death, anything was possible.

    Even my household and my ‘self respect’ all those things didn’t matter anymore when one contemplated the absolute finality of suicide. There is no going back. There is no option. There is no opportunity for a modification of mind, for repentance or forgiveness. It’s a total and utter dead-end blank.

    All the possibilities of a fully lived life are gone permanently.

    Your family, your associates, your friends, your loved-ones … they will forgive you for whatever you do as long as you do not pass away.

    Utter freedom to take the leap into life.

    I did. I might not be more grateful and pleased I made that choice.

    Auto-erotic style strangulation. You can stop if it harms however if you do it ideal you will simply lose conciseness and not awaken. Like Robin Williams. People will not even understand you devoted suicide unless you leave a note, they’ll just believe you ruined.

    Another method is to get a great deal of NO, fill a garbage bag with it, stick your head in and fall under it. Once again individuals will just believe you messed up. But this takes more planning and shopping around and, possibly some proficiency.


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    They state if you leap off from a cliff or high enough building you’ll die without feeling any pain cuz, you’ll pass away instantly. Its rather a gamble. even once in a millenium you really endured the fall your life would be hell … Either you’ll feel the pain of your life time or you will pass away practically quickly …

    perhaps if somebody decapitate you in a flinch of a 2nd you could die with no pain. You cant behead yourself so this wont do well.


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    eliminating oneself is an overall waste anyway, and no assurance you are going to go to a much better place, and possibly there is no death after all. have some white wine everyday, attempt to compose poetry bitching at the world, get a sport or painting. simply do not do soemething stupid. death will come ultimately, as a release.


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    I invested a lot of time investigating this and getting ready for it. The answer is an inert gas (helium, argon, or nitrogen), and an “exit bag”, which is nothing more than a plastic bag with properly regulated pressure from the tank. There’s lots of info on the web about this. Effectively done, you will be unconscious in under 5 seconds and totally gone shortly afterwards. There is no panic reaction of any kind due to the fact that of the inert gas; your body just goes into panic when it can not expel CO2.

    This will be my approach in 2 days.


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    you might breathe in some pure nitrogen and a few breaths later you will pass out.

    continue inhaling nitrogen and you will be dead with no discomfort.


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    There is no pain-free method to pass away. Because when you leave the world, you leave your loved ones with a sea of grief. Instead, take a minute and think about the pleased times in life, and consider how tomorrow is a brand-new day, a new opportunity for you to discover happiness in the little joys of life. As tough as life might seem, there is constantly a ray of hope, you just require to have faith and for all you know, you’ll wake you to a better tomorrow.


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    I will suggest death from dry ice. However make certain you have a sealed sufficient place so that dry ice fumes don’t leak away out. It’s really pain-free think me.

    Though it’s lethal rate is really low.

    Chances of failure are high enough.


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    Death is a fantastic stunning thing.

    I cant wait on my own.

    The most uncomfortable way to pass away would be vivisection. Every piece of your body opened and gradually dissected while you are awake.

    The person doing it would go really gradually. Take pieces of you away throughout several days and weeks.

    You would be offered medication to keep your heart pumping and your mind alert.

    You would be kept alive, hardly hanging on as peices of your body are drawn from you and you feel every awful second of it.

    The person dissecting you would let you see as animals consume those pieces of you that were cut away away. The worst would be your genital areas.

    It would be a slow systemic breakdown of whatever your body is and ever was.

    You would beg for death and the individual doing it would toy with you. He makes you think the end is coming and you discover hope in death which assists you to hold on as a growing number of your body is removed from you.

    The person doing it wouldn’t eliminate you. Eventually the psychological and physical toll would cause your death.

    I compose body scary stories. Throughout the years I think I’ve actually mastered it. My body scary stories are entirely dreadful in the very best way possible.

    The least agonizing method of death would be barbituate overdose.

    You would simply fall asleep and within the hour you would stop breathing which it.

    It is. Hanging by suspension hurts.

    I have actually attempted to hang thrice up until now, I conceptualized and got ready for months. Selected a ceiling fan, scorched all my personal journals and notes, even selected a soft fabric to hang myself.

    So, made my mind up, and I did get the noose right, I actually practiced that a lot of times, and after having my head positioned, I tried to begin the stool I was basing on. I was so frightened, my body temperature level dropped, and I held noose tight on my neck while trying to let go off the chair I was standing. I did release, and the folds of the soft fabric started injuring my neck as it was tightening my throat which was unforeseen. I was having a hard time to breath, and I was making weird sounds and I could feel air being eliminated through my eyes and ears. My tongue was pressed out from my mouth. And my awareness started to disappear, I could not believe how my body began combating versus this procedure, i didn’t want to, however I did combat to live, and suddenly, Bang! The fan broke, I attached the cloth on one of the blades and the blade literally bent like an ‘L’. And unlike what we see on media, the range in between my foot and floor was just few inches, I didn’t compute the distance between my foot and floor after releasing the chair. And if I had tried hard, I might have touched the flooring with my fingers, anyway, I broke the fan!!!! I was terrified. And I didn’t understand how to address my parents. However, living after a failed suicide effort is still painful. Thinking how incapable, absurd and frightened I was to kill myself. Hating myself more.

    I think suicide is a basic human right, I can die with self-respect. We didn’t ask our moms and dads to give birth to us, and trust me, lots of parents should not have children. Either, the federal government ought to manage the people who want to have hhildren or let us die without pain. Dogs can end their anguish. Pass away in peace. A human do not. Think about a Cancer client who has no one to look after him and cash. How about a Kidney failure patient who does not wish to be a problem for his family?

    It was easier some decades earlier as they had access to morphines, you could gulp couple of tens of tablets and die in peace and now they are managed. Really strictly regulated. You can quickly lose 1000 s of $$ trying to procure them privately on Internet. Take care.

    I’ll address your concern below, to the very best of my capability. However I need to beginning this: Are you requesting for a writing task? For yourself? An opponent? A friend or loved one who has no access to euthanasia? Not my call. I doubt people writing on an online board desire to contribute to a complete stranger’s death, especially with so numerous painless paths though, given, death might take an additional 10 seconds. Dead is dead, and there’s no coming back from it.

    In theory (how else would I know?), a gunshot is the most likely prospect for triggering instantaneous death. There are two ways to perform this sort of gunshot. The very first is the shot to the back of the head, which is not as successful as the 2nd technique.

    The more effective shot pierces the soon-to-be-deceased at no higher than eye level, in what’s called the T-box, which is a little shorter than what’s called the T-zone in the charm biz– right in between the eyes or a little bit lower, indicating the sphenoid, ethnoid, or maxillary sinuses. This is supposed to be instantaneously lethal if fired correctly. The goal is to rip through the brain stem and anything in its course. Any quick, high-energy insult to the brain stem will cause immediate death.

    The shooter would, however, have just 2 choices for the T-box shot: (1) deal with the soon-to-be-deceased to guarantee the desired result, which would probably scar most people for life, or (2) utilize a high-powered rifle for a sniper-style long shot, which increases the probability of missing out on the target.

    I hope the above does not make you feel much better, and I hope you are only asking out of curiosity. Frankly, if you are only curious, you will never ever understand. And if you have an interest in dying instantly– you will have to begin with one of the theories used, and you might pick incorrectly.

    Be well, seriously.

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