How to get rid of stress, anxiety and depression forever …

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    I’m one of the lucky ones being able to successfully fight off depression by learning my patterns and behaviours triggering depression. I started with meditation which disclosed or highlight my childhood learned depression. Meditation continued and I started what turned out to be 10 years of therapy. In my case no tricks simply hard work learning myself from the inside.

    One tool I did learn and have told many times here on Quora – Just Watch. You can do a search for a more detailed description but fundamental very careful observation of identified behaviours. This is where the therapist was required. He would point out something I was doing and I would watch it.

    Mindfulness is another name but at the time my instructions where Just Watch. The importance aspect is Just Watch over time alters behaviours as the behaviour is disclosed fully and completely. It’s a dynamic process as change is slow but continuous.

    On a completely different note something else has come forth for me.

    We have words to describe emotions implying definitive concepts such as happy, content, anxious, fear, worry, but in reality emotions are a dynamic range of feelings without clear definitive boundaries. We are humans and no matter, what we will experience these emotions. As a matter of fact without emotions life becomes less interesting and boring maybe even meaningless. So the excitement of an upcoming event being looked forward to is in fact the mild experience of anxiety.

    So how is one going to be without anxiety forever?

    CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) seems to be having success with a lot of people but I believe it goes as far as only covering a limited range of personalities.

    In my opinion, having tried it myself, I find that the method can come across slightly condescending to individuals who are highly sensitive and set in their ways. This approach can be especially terrifying to depressed newcomers.

    Patients are made to feel like ‘disoriented children’ whose supposedly wrong and pessimistic interpretation of events is the reason why they are in a rut—this is victim blaming to say the least and leaving them in a vulnerable state of mind.

    CBT does not work for everyone and I PERSONALLY would not endorse it. This is the extent of my criticism in terms of application; my experience with it made me realise how weak this method is against global depression.

    CBT is just sugarcoating for habitual negative thinking and rumination.

    There is a stronger candidate as a psychological weapon against depression and I’ll explain why it holds more promise as a way out of this affliction; it’s MINDFULNESS.

    Start by downloading the HeadSpace App, seriously, it will provide you with a much needed sanctuary of introspection, living in the present moment, and even realising that who we think we are is a fiction.

    We are merely AWARENESS. That’s all. We don’t have to identify with thoughts.

    Mindfulness can also extend into your dreams in the form of lucidity, a state of mind known as ‘lucid dreaming’—where one practically feels awake and aware of dreaming. This one is great fun!

    Start with HeadSpace. Look up Joseph Goldstein or even ‘10% Happier’ by Dan Harris, the anchorman who had a nervous breakdown live and told his tale of battling depression, drug addiction and improving his mental well-being by deciding to try mindfulness meditation.

    Scientifically proven to be more powerful and psychologically penetrating.

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    Depression is the only one most of us can get rid of forever it is usually an escape from anxiety of course some do not realise they have anxiety and only recognise the depression , we can reduce anxiety get rid of it completely for long periods , stress will always be there to some degree it can be internal like an illness , external like work , mental or physical , anxiety is the one to beat then we do not react to stress as much and we do not need to escape to depression , anxiety is mostly just relieved rather than reduced with most people , we self treat from an early age so often change self treatment without realising its for anxiety , anxiety can be reduced several ways that are really the same , increasing goodness , moving thought away from old animal fear centres in the brain , both these are the same as increasing energy efficiency , mindfulness is a good start to using energy more efficiently .

    If you have clinical conditions of stress, anxiety or depression, or if it’s somehow genetic- then unfortunately there is no cure. In that case you can only try your best to live with it and make the most of life.

    Otherwise, if it is just momentary, then you may be able to get rid of it by taking steps towards a more healthy lifestyle or try something new- you never know you might find something your actually really passionate or good at. Take a look around and think of the people that you associate yourself with- are they good company? Do they encourage/have a positive air/attitude to life? Or are they negative and toxic? If the later, I would suggest you make an effort to change your group of friends to a more positive, refreshing circle.

    Lastly, relax- don’t worry, I personally suffer from my fair share of depression and anxiety (genetic~meh) and am generally a person who freaks out and stresses easily but I have to remind myself in such moments:

    “Stressing won’t do shit”

    It’s true- whatever you are experiencing in life, stress will not change it or make it better. I mean when has anyone ever heard ;

    Oh yaay! I passed all my exams because I was stressing out constantly for the past few months!

    Oh- thanks to my constant feeling of stress, I am now a successful entrepreneur/doctor/teacher etc.

    Oh thanks to stress I found the love of my life and am having a great family life!

    Yeah NEVER.

    So just relax and take things at your pace- stress will only strain your body and you need your body so why make it go through all that?

    Sometimes I do deep breathing exercises when I’m struggling with anxiety. I like to do yoga, too. It’s very calming and helps me center my thoughts on something besides my anxiety. I often use short YouTube videos for my yoga exercises.

    When I’m stressed, I try to get alone, even just for a few minutes and do something that might take my mind off the situation. Sometimes I’ll listen to music, read a book, scroll through my Pinterest, or just enjoy the sunshine. This usually helps me to calm down and then I can see whatever stress I’m dealing with in a new way.

    When it comes to depression, there are a few things. One, I have a couple people I know are encouraging and supportive when I have a season of depression. I tell one or all of them what’s going on. Two, I try to do something I really enjoy, even if it’s just binge watching a show on Netflix or hanging out with my dogs and cats. Three, I let myself have bad days. Trying to deny their existence just makes things worse. Acknowledging and permitting them helps me get better.

    Four, I try to go to God with it. I’m not always the most successful in this area, but I try to surrender to the Lord and ask for His help and strength to get through the depression.

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    Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders

    Often depression and an anxiety disorder can be treated similarly. In many cases, therapy can be tailored to an individual so that it works to reduce the symptoms of both disorders.

    Several forms of psychotherapy are effective. Of these, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) works to replace negative and unproductive thought patterns with more realistic and useful ones. These treatments focus on taking specific steps to overcome anxiety and depression. Treatment often involves facing one’s fears as part of the pathway to recovery. Interpersonal therapy and problem-solving therapy are also effective.

    Medications can also be useful. Symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders often occur together, and research shows that both respond to treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) medications.

    Other medications may be used if an SSRI or SNRI does not provide adequate improvement. For people with severe symptoms or functional limitations, psychotherapy and medication treatment may be combined.

    Depression is like a black hole and it seems impossible to come out of it. All there is, is hopelessness. It creeps in slowly and takes over all of your life. And along with it come anxiety and stress and other physical problems. So, asking for professional help would be the best for coming out of depression. But it can be really expensive and not everybody can afford it. I have gone through a similar situation and these two things have really helped me. The first one is talking and discussing the problem with a person you really trust. Talking about your problem instills some confidence in you that you can get out of this hopeless state. This is very important and can prove to be a first step you take out of this black hole. The second one is to EXERCISE. Physical activity always improves mood and makes one feel good. This wont cure depression or anxiety but will definitely help deal with it. It did help me and i hope it does for you too. Stay strong!

    Having struggled with anxiety and depression for 14 years (since I was 13), I am fairly convinced that there is no simple trick to overcoming it. Though I am a Christian by faith and have prayed for many years that I can be freed from depression, the reality is that it’s a genetic and emotional defect in my body. My faith certainly helps me cope and gives me hope for the life to come, but I have come to accept that my mind may never fully be free from my condition. However, I have come to know several things that help me the most:

    1) Having a support system – this can be your close family, close friends, or spouse, but can also include therapists, counselors, or pastors, who you may need to try out before finding the right one for you and your needs. You need people to vent to and people who understand you.

    2) Exercising – it really can invigorate the body and mind, I try to do it early in the morning and maybe again later on if my body is feeling heavy again.

    3) Taking time out for personal enjoyment – this one is very important for me, just trying to find at least one time period each day where I can do something creative, enjoy a show or book I like, or play a fun game.

    4) Setting goals and accomplishing them – whether big or small, personal creative projects or life goals (or even chores), this helps me to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in my everyday life.

    5) Medication – Medication takes some trial and error to find the type that works best for you, kind of like counselors, but it definitely has helped balance my emotions in the past. Sometimes you might need to switch it up, but it can certainly be worth the effort.

    I hope this helps in some way! Keep persevering!



    To overcome stress, anxiety and depression you can locate a Psychotherapist near you, who is trained in CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and start taking talking therapy sessions with him/her.

    Along with the above you can also :

    # get adequate sleep every day

    # wake up every day at the same timing

    # exercise regularly

    # have breakfast high in protein

    # meditate two times a day

    # learn time management and apply it to your daily life and work

    # take breaks during and from work

    # spend more time with your loved ones

    # adopt relaxation techniques like listening to music, reading, watching good shows on TV, pursueing a hobby, playing and taking care of your pet, going out with your friends, etc

    # from Amazon purchase the self-help book titled “Feeling Good – The New Mood Therapy” by Dr David D Burns, M.D. This book teaches the readers how to modify their negative thoughts into positive thoughts and get rid of depression and anxiety. This book is based on CBT.

    All the best.

    There are many ways to get out of Depression anxiety stress and all the other attacks, but the only thing that you always need to have in your mind is you always have to think positively may what happens. Relax your mind. Learn to control your mind as someone has already said that control your mind or else your mind will control you.

    The Best Way to get out of your depression, anxiety, stress, etc. are as follows:

    • Relax
    • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Stop doing things that are good for you
    • Pills can be good, and also bad
    • Listen to what people think about you and stop caring what people think about you.
    • Don’t fall in love with your depression
    • Plan to be spontaneous
    • Face your fear if you can
    • Know yourself
    • Exercise
    • Healthy eating
    • Avoid alcohol, or drink in moderation
    • Complementary therapies

    You can also avoid the following things…

    If the above tips did not help Go run and get the help you don’t have to suicide. How do I get help?

    • Talking therapies
    • Medication
    • Support groups

    Sometimes anxiety and depression has a situational component. When the situation passes, anxiety and depression more or less return to normal.

    However, there are simply certain people who are more hard wired to be anxious and/or depressed. It could be genes. It could be genes plus the environment. It could also be simply that some people had their autonomic nervous system over stimulated as a young child and have a sort of “learned helplessness.”

    I count myself as one of those in the latter group. I seem to always have had struggles with anxiety and depression. When my situational factors got bad recently, the anxiety and depression became unmanageable without outside help.

    So, I don’t know there is a trick. Life is difficult. There’s no way out of that reality. If you’re prone to anxiety and depression, you will likely always have problems during those difficult situations.

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