How painful is it to die from sepsis?

  • How unpleasant is it to pass away from sepsis?

    I think it differs from person to person. When brother had sepsis, he had a high fever, and felt sick at first, however not in excellent discomfort. With him, it seemed to actually cause delirium extremely early on. Cognitively he had no concept what was going on. He just wanted to sleep it off, and had no intent of going to the hospital about it at all. He reached a point where he didn’t understand where he was, who we were, or what was occurring, and was very confused, and appeared depressed, however overall, didn’t seem to care about anything. We called 911 and they rushed him to the healthcare facility. The doctors there informed us if we had not gotten him to the medical facility as soon as we did, he might have passed away from sepsis. In his case, there wasn’t much discomfort involved. Just a great deal of confusion and mental issues. He had sepsis two times up until now, in less than a year, and now it has been nearly a year because his last bout with sepsis. So, perhaps it is over with for him. He still has some cognitive deficits that are glaringly apparent. He is most likely never going to go back to where he was before all this occurred to him.

    I had sepsis in2015 I was in a coma for 12 days and in the medical facility for 23 days. While in the coma the medical professionals informed my better half to be prepared for the worst.

    It started with a little scrape on my arm that got infected. The infection quickly took control of my entire body. My other half took me to the ER with influenza like signs. That’s the last thing I keep in mind till awakening 12 days later.

    Whatever about it was/still is painful. Every cell in my body hurt. They offered me morphine which helped a bit. Remaining in a coma for 12 days, plus the sepsis itself, ruined my body. I had to relearn how to stroll. To this day, 2.5 years later I have no stamina. Strolling to the mailbox wears me out. I literally could not run for my life if I needed to. I can’t work anymore.

    After I got home, I needed to continue heavy doses of intravenous antibiotics 3 times a day for a month.

    Sepsis draws.

    When I was a kid my grandfather on my mom’s side died of Sepsis. He had actually had actually a leg amputated after he developed an infection in his knee and established gangrene in the leg stump. He had a second amputation higher up but it failed to stop the infection in his leg due to learning that he had contracted TB of the bones. He was moved to an Insane asylum, west of Orlando, FL, which were healthcare facilities that dealt with infectious diseases like TB, where he died. As a child I was not told much about what was going on, but from the grief and distress of my mother and grandmother I understood something awful was taking place. Later on I needed to piece things together however it appeared he was delirious in the days before his death. It was the just open coffin funeral service I ever attended. I keep in mind reaching over and touching his nose and noticing how waxy it felt. I enjoyed my grandfather and was sad he had actually died. This was in 1947.

    My partner passed away from sepsis contracted from surgical implantation of a medical gadget planned to slow his Parkinson’s trembling. In the healthcare facility, throughout his last 2 weeks of his life, he was exceptionally agitated, thrashing about, but I didn’t observe any expressions of pain. His cosmetic surgeon required hospice intervention. He was taken to a hospice home where he was offered “a mixed drink of morphine and other pain relievers.” I believe that until that point, it hurt for him to begin dying from sepsis. If anybody reading this wonders why, on various events, I have actually pointed out 3 different factors for “my other half’s” death, it is because all 3 of my partners have predeceased me; one at 35, one at 84 and one at 76.

    You may be unconscious if you’re fortunate, but you might be awake throughout the entire experience. My case of sepsis, driven by enormous inflammation, seemed like my body was on fire, burning from the within out. 2 rounds of morphine did nothing. Relief came when the antibiotics embeded in, ending about 10 hours of godawful discomfort. I’m grateful that ER nurses, laboratory techs, and doctors recognized the cause and proper treatment. Sepsis, like cancer, never ever actually goes away. It conceals. It tried to kill me when, and I think that it would like to try again.


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    I got peritonitis and then Sepsis after bowel surgical treatment. I was in a coma for a month so missed most of the pain part but the after-effects was awful was on a respirator and that was a significant bitch learning to breath on my own once again seemed like they were trying to suffocate you it was effort. The worst 10 minutes of my life are when I tried to sit up in a chair for the very first time after waking from the coma it was tiring I felt a hundred years old. You never totally recuperate from Sepsis, 2/3 of those with Sepsis don’t endure so if your here to speak about it your among the lucky ones, even if a little damaged.

    Sepsis is a severe blood-borne infection that literally spreads out throughout the body. It is a lethal condition that is extremely major and requires immediate and extensive care. It is difficult to qualify what type of discomfort is related to sepsis because much depends upon the degree of the infection. Different organs in your body can become infected which brings greater consequence and signs. There is no simple blanket response for this question and it ought to be enough to say that the contaminated person will experience some degree of discomfort.


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    Sepsis is horrible. Fevers of up to 107 or down to80 the body does anything it can do to combat The infection however it remains in the blood stream so It goes all over. It will eventually get to the brain. You begin to loose your mind, that’s just a small ex,


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    Extremely! With sepsis, comes fever with chills. If the reason for the initial infection isn’t treated with suitable medication, the patient WILL pass away.


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