How I aided Benue break-in kingpin, Gana, with appeals made from human parts– Chief priest

How I aided Benue break-in kingpin, Gana, with appeals made from human parts– Chief priest

By Linus Oota, Lafia

Well-known break-in kingpin and militia leader in Benue State, Terwaze Akwaza a.k.a. Gana fulfilled his unfortunate death on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, having been shot dead by soldiers in questionable circumstances. But the man thought to be the brains behind the acclaimed supernatural powers of the late Gana, Mr Ugbe Lorlumun, lives.

Lorlumun had inherited Gana’s gang after the latter’s death and had actually carried on as the leader until soldiers jailed him in Katsina Ala, the house town of the late dreaded militia leader, last month.

Reputed as the chief priest to the late Gana, Lorlumun stated he owned a shrine from where he prepared charms with human parts and also owned a human blood boiling pot from which he had the ability to see the enemies of the late Gana and target them from his shrine.

Lorlumun, the chief priest of the late Gana, was jailed by the 4 Special Forces Command of the Nigerian Army in Katsina Ala, following which he led soldiers to the shrine where he prepared powerful beauties for Gana to run easily in Benue State.

Talking to our correspondent in Tiv language at the Command Head Office in Doma Local Government Location of Nasarawa State where he is kept under watch, Lorlumun said he used his shrine to protect Gana from arrest by security representatives until he (Gana) voluntarily chose to come out from concealing just to meet his unfortunate death.

He stated: “My name is Ugbe Lorlumun. I am a harbalist and owner of an effective shrine in Katsina Ala.

” I used to prepare magical powers for the late Gana. Most of individuals he abducted were taken to the shrine where they were eliminated and their body parts utilize in preparing appeals for Gana and his gang members.

” Each time Gana young boys were going out for an operation, whether assassination, kidnapping, banditry or any other kind of criminal activity, they would pertain to me to assist prepare beauties that could make them disappear from risk spots to safe locations.

” I also have a blood-boiling pot in my shrine, which enabled me to see all the enemies of Gana and their plans for him, and that assisted him to release attacks on them.”

Our correspondent likewise collected that in between 2015 when the activities of Gana got to its peak and 2020, the chief priest utilizing his blood-boiling pot in the shrine supposedly assisted the late Gana in eliminating the District Head of Mbayongo, Chief Aloo Alvev, along with the District Head of Michihe, Chief Chiahemba Livinus Shom, both in Katsina Ala City Government Location.

It was apparently with the assistance of the shrine likewise that Gana was able to eliminate Chief Awua Alabar, the District Head of Kundav in Ukum City Government Location, who was gunned down in the existence of his member of the family.

Speaking even more, Lorlumun stated: “I am a herbalist from Katsina Ala LGA of Benue State. I used to prepare beauties for Gana and his kids. Just recently, 4 of his young boys came to me and I prepared beauties for them.

” Recently, they returned to me and asked me to prepare an appeal that might make them disappear in threat situations since I am a specialist in that. I can prepare an appeal that would make one disappear to a safe place when in threat.

” I informed them that they were too little to carry such charms, so I refused and they threatened to kill me. I was arrested by the military while I was trying to run for my life from the Gana boys.”

Lorlumum remembered that with the help of his shrine and the beauties, Gana constituted himself into an alternate government and took pleasure in the status of a maximum ruler in the jungle.

The chief priest said he protected Gana from arrest and the well-known criminal used his shrine to run a sophisticated network of bad guys in the Sankara geo-political axis of Benue State, comprising Katsina Ala, Logo Design and Ukum LGAs.

He admitted that from his shrine, Gana conducted his affairs in commando design and any obstacle to his authority was met with death as his blood-boiling pot would locate you.

He said: “We utilized to kidnap or assassinate people, eliminate them and use their human parts to prepare mystical powers, though part of his powers was also derived from his small daughter he buried alive.

” With my appeals, which enable one to disappear at will, he made life intolerable for the people and those who plied the federal highway between Katsina Ala-Takum and Katsina Ala Zaki-Biam– Wukari in Taraba State.

” When he was declared desired, I prepared a powerful appeal for him and no one was able to arrest him. He used to move freely in his base in Katsina Ala, Ukum and Logo design, and most times, he would remain in Gboko however those that were trying to find him will not see him.”

He pleaded with the military authorities not to kill him, saying that he had repented. He said he just used his shrine to prepare beauties for the late Gana and his young boys however never participated in their notorious activities.

In a discussion with our correspondent, the Leader of 4 Special Forces Command of the Nigerian Army, Major General Gadzama Ali, stated: “I wish to state that in the past now, it was abstruse that Gana’s name would be discussed among the Tiv, Jukun or Kuteb for worry that Gana, under the direction of his chief priest, would see you in the blood-boiling pot in his shrine and his gang members would pursue you.

” Today, I am happy to inform you that not just did the operation of SFs (Unique Forces) snatch the chief priest, I am happy to tell you that the dreaded shrine has actually been razed to dust.

” The chief priest has been accountable for preparing charms for the gang, utilizing parts of the bodies of abducted persons.”

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