Does everybody have stress and anxiety?

  • No, There is seldom 100%of anything except the Universal Laws.

    Fortunately is healing any so-called disorder, medical diagnosis or symptom is possible.

    Contrary to popular U.S. belief the very best treatment for any stress and anxiety– severe, moderate or moderate is a healing procedure. The primary treatment of all mental/emotional and physical signs in many nations is healing the reason for the symptom vs treating the symptom.

    Discovering and recovering the reason for all symptoms is the most effective and reliable protocol to regain your life.

    When someone starts holistic healing protocols, no matter how dire their circumstance appears to be, there is clinical and customer reviews to validate if the individual is WILLING to do the mental/emotional discovery work; releasing and forgiving, anything can be healed. The word ‘incurable’ or ‘difficult’ just means that the specific condition, sign or medical diagnoses can not be ‘treated’ by ‘external’ approaches and that she/he needs to GO WITHIN to effect the healing. The condition, sign or medical diagnoses originated from mental/emotional distress and will return to absolutely nothing.

    When beliefs, ideas, sensations and behavior are accessed and attended to at the unconscious level, the ’cause’ of any and all signs and habits end up being crystal clear– it is mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma/distress manifesting in the behavior and signs you experience.

    A Healing process is a clear, succinct and direct technique of transforming the mental, emotional and physical signs that transcends conventional procedures while keeping an expert focus. Deep Healing prevents prescription and OTC drugs, body parts got rid of, synthetic hypnotic inductions and psychic interventions. The procedure incorporate directly with the experiences and requirements of the person. The process is down-to-earth, to-the-point, practical, fearless and with 30 years experience and centuries of holistic healthcare protocol success I know there is no doubt Deep Recovery works.

    • Get all your unnecessary psychological luggage transmuted at the unconscious level and quickly experience greater vibrations of love and peace.Discover how traumas and emotional wounds … even the smallest unfavorable experiences that you had ignored … are robbing you of your delighted, fulfilling future that you’re indicated to live. (You will not believe just how much power you’re handing out to these unnoticeable forces.)
    • Discover the reason( s) the conventional coping with traumas are not just bad however they’re unsafe (If you experience any kind of stress and anxiety, depression, PTSD issues recovery at the unconscious level is powerful and empowering. Afraid of your past? Discover ways to clear unpleasant memories without reliving it or informing anyone about it. (This is the wonder roadway to peace that your soul was longing for, for years.)
    • Clearing your injuries and psychological wounds at the unconscious level is the first step to finding the presents you’re meant to have in this life. (It resembles one of those small levers that swing open huge doors.) Health is the state of being completely alive with a sense of achievement; reacting appropriately instead of reacting to life and situations.

    Mental/Emotional and physical health and Health is the act of staying calm and focused while working things out with respect and unconditional intent to discover an option. Eventually your personal character; individual strength and courage will progress. To obtain health requires you to make healthy choices in nutrition, relationships, social contact, work and leisure activities.

    In case you didn’t know … A stunning and terrible look inside the world of “psychiatric medication” … like “going into HELL”– …

    Psychiatry Admits It’s Been Wrong in Huge Ways, But Can It Modification? Mar 5, 2014 – History shows that paradigms of psychiatric care can change, but, in a huge– image sense, I don’t understand how much is actually changing in the United States. I believe dissident mental health specialists likewise need to confront this question. Can they be confident that their occupations will change their methods, …

    SSRI Antidepressants Do More Damage than Excellent – Primum Non Nocere: An Evolutionary Analysis of Whether Antidepressants Do More Harm than Great an evolutionary analysis of whether antidepressants do more harm than excellent

    The Genuine Issues With Psychiatry – The Atlantic … May 2, 2013 – A psychotherapist contends that the DSM, psychiatry’s “bible” that specifies all mental disorder, is not scientific but a product of dishonest politics, pharmaceutical input and … what’s wrong with “drapetomania,” however it’s easier to see the balancing act involved in stating homosexuality is or isn’t a disease– USA tops charts for WORST health results of all industrialized countries with 70%of Americans taking experimental prescription drugs …

    Medical Holocaust Psych Drugs Have Actually Eliminated More Than 5 Million Individuals Over The Last 10 Years …

    Medical malpractice eliminates 500 times more Americans than accidental gun deaths … we need MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL control– … At least 15,549 people were eliminated by guns in 2017, omitting most suicides,.

    The US Ranks Last in Health Care System Performance Benjamin Radcliff Ph.D. The Economy of Joy coauthored with my colleague Professor Alexander Pacek, Texas A&M University

    In spite of a level of costs that overshadows the other countries in the research study, the U.S. can be found in dead last in 3 of the 5, and perhaps the most crucial three, of the five domains: health results, equity, and gain access to. We are connected for last on administrative effectiveness and about average on care process. The U.S. is also last in their summary indicator aggregating all 5 measurements.

    The bottom line, and the paper’s the majority of basic conclusion, is that “the efficiency of the U.S. health care system ranks last compared to other high-income countries.”

    The research study likewise discovers that the “U.S. has the highest rate of mortality open to healthcare.” More people die unnecessarily in the U.S. due to inadequate care, or the pure absence of care, than any in any of country in the study. The issue is not simply issues in the American life style, Americans die more than Europeans since of bad quality healthcare or lack of access to care. It is that basic.

    Another study– Death By Medicine, Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD Something is incorrect when regulatory firms pretend that vitamins threaten, yet neglect published data showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.

    I am here just to be genuinely practical. I use a FREE 20- minute, no obligation conversation to address your concerns and to describe how the healing process works. I work through phone. Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook vi.


    Deep Healing and Change, Hans Ten Dam A thorough textbook on transpersonal psychotherapy in the broadest sense of the word. Unabashedly spiritual, yet empirical, useful and down-to-earth. Used in training programs all over the world. The author founded EARTh, the worldwide professional association of regression therapists, and the World Congresses of Regression Therapy.

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