Do you think Donald Trump is terrified of what’s about to …

  • President Trump is not afraid of anything.

    If he wants a second term, he can choose his VP easily. Hopefully it will be Ted Cruz, who has proven himself to be an advocate of conservatives, individuals, small business, and states’ rights, and the Constitution as written, which align with President Trump’s.

    Gaining control of both our Southern and Northern borders, which laws are being violated by the obviously mentally compromised geriatric puppet currently in office thanks to a fraudulent election, will be a priority. Anyone who has witnessed anyone they love in mental decline with any form of dementia knows exactly what is going on. Yet, no talk of removing the puppet because they know Obama is running the teleprompter, just like he said he would when he stated that is exactly what he would do behind the scenes, since he couldn’t have a third term. (Yep, just google the video. It’s all there, in plain.)

    The unchecked illegal flow of the invasion of illegals across our borders must be stopped. Ten percent of these are carrying Covid, yet most of the country is still shut down for church. Also, 31 percent of the women and young girls are raped along the way, or become another dead body found in the sagebrush. What kind of monster parent would send their daughter, at the cost of between $2,500 to $8,000 per head, to the fate of coyotes profiting due to the current president’s incompetence and refusal to follow federal law?

    The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

    Meanwhile, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are trying to push laws allowing illegal elections, or bailing out Blue States who crashed their economies in order to convince the electorate that “it was Trump’s fault”, when he was the one who enacted policies resulting in the most employed women and/or people of color in recorded history. Only nine percent of the Covid relief bill went to manage Covid! The rest went to Blue State Bailouts! Typical Democrat hypocrisy!

    So, after the election laws are fixed to prevent another stolen election, after the Republicans regain control of both houses thanks to President Trump’s campaigning, he will run. Again. And be elected. Again.

    The prophets had predicted he would have his second term. They also predicted his legacy would be election reform, so no Democrat would have the ability to steal another election. These things must be in place, first.

    And the election reforms will be made once the fraud of the election recounts happening now in Arizona prove the fact. Possibly Georgia, as well. Yes, the Democrats have tried to stop the audits, because they know the truth. This was done under the guise of millions of mail in ballots preprinted with only Biden checked on the ballot, no other candidates or questions, on ballots without watermarks, in unmarked vans carrying boxes and trash cans stuffed full after the polls were all mysteriously shut down in the battle ground states at 2 in the morning. Not coincidence. Videos of election workers changing ballots, and election watchers being stopped. Proof that election results were manipulated via the internet by foreign entities, and that such equipment was purposefully selected because it can be changed, and was, in other elections, by the powers who control it.

    This should have been done on January 6th, when coward Pence refused to stop certification and have it done then. Pence has no political future as a direct result, and all his credibility and hard work for President Trump and their team prior to that moment ended. The Supreme Court is equally culpable, as Al Gore was given his day in Court, but President Trump was not.

    The U.S. press is equally to blame, shamelessly shielding a stumbling geriatric through his falls on Air Force One, or while hiding in his basement throughout the campaign, or incredulously standing by as they softball him through those very rare pressers, fearing they will have to edit out those things for which he knows “he will get in trouble”.

    Now, since the throttling of Journalism after the removal of The Fairness Doctrine, to counter the obvious bias, one now has to watch Sky News Australia, OAN, Newsmax, Fox News, or videos from these outlets on You Tube, for free.

    Trump Cruz 2024

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