Charities regulator '' absolutely worthless ' in face of ICHH chaos

Charities regulator '' absolutely worthless ' in face of ICHH chaos

The charities regulator needs to be handed powers to action in and safeguard charities when they are facing emergency situation scenarios, according to the previous chair of Central city Assisting Homeless.

On The Difficult Shoulder this night David Hall said the turmoil surrounding the Dublin homeless charity in recent weeks has highlighted how “entirely ineffective” Ireland’s charity regulatory system is.

It comes after it emerged the previous CEO of the charity Cllr Anthony Flynn was facing accusations of sexually attacking males he had protected accommodation for through the charity.

Mr Flynn took his own life in late August shortly after being suspended from his role with the charity.

Soon afterward, David Hall stepped down from his role as chair of the charity, informing personnel he was following the guidance of Gardaí following hazards to his individual safety.

Charity guideline system ‘entirely worthless’ in face of ICHH chaos – David Hall

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In his first interview because stepping down, he informed Kieran Cuddihy this night that he was left with no option.

” I stood down since I was having excellent trouble in relation to having the ability to go into the properties around the area,” he said.

” Stress were high, stress were increased. Individuals were very upset, understandably, after Anthony took his own life.

” Many individuals blamed me and Anthony, prior to his passing away, sort of blamed me for suspending him which regrettably, left a very tense and tight spot for me.”

” Extremely tough”

Mr Hall said the scenario was “really challenging for many people.”

” This was a very tight spot that occurred, a very unexpected circumstance that occurred and a very awful circumstance that arose in relation to Anthony,” he said.

” Anthony was a pal of mine. He was a good friend of many individuals who would have worked closely with him and would have had a great deal of time and a great deal of success in assisting homeless individuals.

” This was the most hard set of scenarios for anyone to be involved in. Both me personally and for any of the personnel, volunteers and fans it was an incredibly tough time.”

He said he had to step aside as stress rose.

” I had no option however to protect myself and my household and in a tense circumstance, step back and attempt where I can to assist in scenarios outside the organisation,” he said.

” But as I say the whole generality of this requires security. Trustees in my scenarios and others require aid and help and assistance in those circumstances– none of which is offered from the regulator.”

” Entirely ineffective”

He said the charities regulator system was “absolutely useless” in securing the staff at ICHH and the fantastic work they do every night.

” In scenarios where you have susceptible individuals – adults and kids – and frontline services being supplied by charities – and charities of such big importance from a poverty viewpoint that individuals count on them every day – there needs to be a far more faster procedure to step in, step up and protect everybody included,” he stated.

He stated lots of people misinterpret how restricted the charity regulator’s powers are.

” The speed at which they take place is a snail’s location,” he stated.

” These are extremely important charities; really important service being provided and have great goodwill from the general public but as controversies drag out these excellent charities constantly get mired in bad public self-confidence.”


Mr Hall stated ICHH has l apply to the High Court for the visit of an inspector to examine and examine the affairs of the charity and make recommendations on its future.

Members have actually been told the application will be made in 2 weeks’ time.

” There is a duty that everybody has to take and has to look back in relation to time and how they performed themselves,” he said.

” I more than happy with my actions and the protections put in place for as many individuals as I humanly might however again, the overarching element that is missing is regulatory structure and assistance and crisis management structure that can assist organisations in those situations into the future.”

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Charity guideline system ‘utterly useless’ in face of ICHH turmoil – David Hall

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