Can the food stamp program access my checking account?

  • Question: Can the DSS discover if you have cash in other bank accounts when getting BREEZE, TANF and other emergency situation cash advantages?

    DSS will validate all the details that you supply with your application for support. If you are not honest or hiding funds, at some time or another an occasion will take place showing you have unreported funds elsewhere and I would not eagerly anticipate that occurring despite how long I got away with it.

    DSS has a number of recognized methods in place for inspecting applicants including:

    • contacting an employer or a proprietor to confirm your house, lease, and who copes with you.
    • routinely examine what wages get reported to your social security number.
    • take a look at state and national computers that may have information about you or your family.
    • check to see if you are getting child assistance.
    • look for unreported bank accounts (most likely the very same approach debt collection agency use when asking for balances from several different banks).
    • your neighbors/ family/friends can also report you for scams if the have good reason to believe regret.

    When they discover unreported checking account or other properties you have, you will most likely be charged with scams. Unless you can show you “forgot” about those accounts they will take steps versus you.

    DSS will open an investigation to look at your claim in depth. Scams Early Detection( FRED) is an unique DSS system. They investigate when a DSS employee thinks you might not be informing the reality about your scenario.

    DSS may send a FRED detective to your house to interview you or your next-door neighbors. DSS uses the info they gather to:

    • end your cash/food stamps/medical advantages, or
    • develop an “overpayment” of past advantages you have actually gathered.

    If you have actually been accused of fraud you’ll need an attorney right now. Make sure to request a copy of your “FRED report.” Your lawyer ought to talk with the detective about what they’ve concluded and why. The investigator may have counted on false details from a third party. It might be a basic as the detective having drawn the wrong conclusion or more severe as they discovered your unreported bank air conditioning count or funds.

    Example: They see an unknown parking lot outside your home and conclude that individual is living with you. The cars and truck has broken down and you permitted the owner to leave it there up until the owner can fix it.

    Your Rights

    • You do not have to speak with a FRED investigator. Talk first to a legal representative. Ensure you present your case clearly.
    • You do not have to let the FRED private investigator into your home without a search warrant. Ask the detective to come back when your representative is there.
    • They should inform you these rights verbally and in writing, in your native language. They must offer this information to adult receivers, not children.
    • DSS can not reject you advantages just because you refuse to speak with the private investigator or let him into your house.
    • You can take a look at your file and get copies of anything in it.

    If DSS thinks it was your error, they will usually call it a “ family mistake” and ask you to pay it back. If they determine you provided all info correctly and they made the error, they call it an “ administrative” or “ agency” mistake. Then you’ll require to deal with them to fix any errors.


    They might refer you for criminal prosecution. The

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program( BREEZE): There need to first be an Administrative Disqualification Hearing.
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families( TANF) or Medical Assistance: They can send out a notification of deliberate overpayment without a hearing.

    You need find out why DSS has actually determined that this is scams. Tell your worker immediately you want an “administrative hearing” if you disagree.

    Get legal guidance prior to speaking to DSS about this. Otherwise, you may discover yourself owing DSS money and dealing with major criminal charges.

    If you believe DSS is counting income/resources they ought to not, contact a manager or legal services office for assistance. It is constantly best to report any funds you have or will get. Working with them honestly remains in your benefits and much easier to get the assistance you need rather than dealing with fraud charges.

    Report any fraud you believe. Fraud reports of any kind may be filed with the USDA Office of Inspector General. Call. (800) 424-9121

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